Never Ever Give Up!

Last Update: May 27, 2019

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Back at the top 200 again! Now aiming for the top 100 ...


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Hi John.

I suppose I must be in the process of becoming notorious for playing the devil's advocate, but it's my nature, I suspect. May I ask you another question?

Did you join WA to climb up the rankings or to make some moola through affiliate marketing? If the latter, why are you so concerned (seemingly) about the former?

Yes, I'm in the top 200, but I'm not even sure how that has happened; certainly I never tried for it. In the morning, I time box an hour for going through WA blogs, looking for the many, many gems hidden away in these articles. During the rest of the day I respond to responses to my comments on an ad hoc basis, but I wouldn't have thought I spend another 30 minutes here.

Anyway, that's just my opinion, and I hope I have not caused any offence. I did not intend to do so, and I apologise if I have.


Hi Tayo,

I did join Wealthy Affiliate primarily to add another string to my income bow. The reason why I look concerned about having reached the top 200 (once more) and aiming for the top 100 is that anything and everything that you write here, be it a blog post, a training, a question, etc. can be found on the Internet with your WA ID number. And when someone finds it, they might be interested in joining WA, under you.

I see that you are very active here, this is why you quickly shot to the top 200, well done.

Okay, can I ask you a question now? I know by your name that you are Yoruba, because I lived and worked in Liberia for 25 years and 6 years in Nigeria, and was very much interested in the customs and history of the various tribes, so I am wondering if you are still living in Nigeria and where?

I look forward to seeing you succeed here at Wealthy Affiliate and if you have any questions or need any help, please do let me know.



Great Work keep it up! Cheers

Excellent work John, well done 👍

Congratulations, keep on, keeping on... yeah, it works! I wish you every success and happiness, Sue :)

Nice one John, never giving up is key.

Thank you for inspiring me.

Congrats John:)

Congratulations! You’ll get there!

Congratulations John.
Keep climbing and being awesome!

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