Time To Win

Last Update: December 26, 2019

It's Time to Win

My motto is : "The Time is Always Now".
Seriously I've been through so many storms that I woke up this morning kind of angry and feeling the needs to make some positive declarations over my life.
I'm not complaining because things could have been worse.
My wallet is empty but I'm really thankfull for my health and my family health.

Life is a fight. It's not, was not and will never be easy; I mean in everything.
Sometimes the lack of money is not the issue...something else is.
I cry sometimes (men cry behind "close door"),
I pray to God for strength
I stand up and continue to fight. It's not over yet.

The time to win is now!

  • I declare that I'm getting rid of any toxic that has been hindering my successes in every domain.
  • I declare that 2019 leaves with all its negative packages and drops them far away from me.
  • I declare that the year 2020 will come with all the greatness that life has to offer.

Staying hopeful!

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ExpatMark Premium
Thanks for sharing Jimmy and may you enjoy a prosperous new year.
yoseizi Premium
Thanks Mark. I wish you a prosperous new year also
JeffreyBrown Premium
Great motivational post, Jimmy! Best success to you in the New Year!

yoseizi Premium
Thanks Jeff!
Ahimbe Premium
2020 should be our year. It's a matter of planning the time wisely.
yoseizi Premium
Thanks Ahimbe!
gerryheb55 Premium
Great post...thank you! 👍🏻

yoseizi Premium
Thanks Gerry!
timstime20 Premium
Nice post
You have to have the right attitude to win
Your post does that well
yoseizi Premium
Thanks Tim! I need that.