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Last Update: September 09, 2016

My Granddaughter asked for a Razor E100 Electric Scooter for her Birthday today.

So I decided to do my research before spending my money.

On the first page of Google Search Results I found this:

I absolutely had to click it to make sure this scooter was safe for my Granddaughter. The link led to the following YouTube video.

This video was made by a younger person who did an excellent job of selling me on buying this Scooter. Such an attention grabber title!

  • Notice the Click here to buy on Amazon in the info area below the video.
  • The video has had 120,047 views.

The lesson I learned today is that if a child can create this amazing review that I can too.

What holiday items could you review for the upcoming gift buying season?

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JIllW Premium
Congratulations this is going well for you.
JudeP Premium
Wow, great idea ;)
MPollock Premium
Nice work
Kyle Premium Plus
Success comes in all shapes and size and the one person that controls this is the person that works towards it.

There has never been a time where a kid can be just as successful as an adult, and a regular person off the street can create a very successful business online the same as an enterprise can.

It's a beautiful thing and seeing this should give you nothing but more confidence in what you are doing.
yessharon Premium
It has inspired me to do more YouTube Review Videos. Especially using that title.
onmyownterms Premium
Great post, thanks for sharing!
yessharon Premium
True Story - Just Happened Today.