My First Blog in WA

Last Update: December 13, 2013

Hi All, I am sure a lot of people still been struggling to get the first blog right.

Well, my first blog, I would like to reveal my experiences about depression.
I am not ashamed to tell it and I hope you all could read my story and offer any comment for improvement.

Pls goto visit this link

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skyhigh4 Premium
I feel really sorry for you because of what you have been through! And good on you for sharing your experience with everyone about your depression. May I suggest that you put your posts that you have created on your website, to get feedback from the community plus we need to reciprocate the feedback as well. Cheers :) Patti
skyhigh4 Premium
Forgot to give you the link to get feedback for your website and content. Here it is and all the very best.
yeohyc747 Premium
Thanks will do that.
zsavage03 Premium
Looks Great!!! Keep telling your story. You will help many!!!