Indexed Already?!

Last Update: October 04, 2018

Indexed on Google and I haven't even posted one article yet? How does that even happen? Oh, well, my audience awaits. This was a shock to see as tonight I was determined to type something before the 30th anniversary of a family funeral ended, as a commemorative effort, since I had not posted in more than a week. Taking this as a nudge from God to hang in there and tell my story. Plan to write, post or research at least six days per week, as previously stated in my goals; add correct keyboarding skills, which you cannot tell are missing because I do tend to proofread and am really good at backspacing ( as I look at the backspace key to see whether it is one word or two).

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smartketeer Premium
Congrats Yolande!

Your journey has just begun!

MCyr Premium
I had the same surprise and I was wondering but JKulk1 clarified why. Thanks for sharing!! :)
JKulk1 Premium
Google will also index the 'about me' page and/or your Domain name

MCyr Premium
Thanks for clarifying because I had the same surprise and I was wondering. :)
Kyle Premium Plus
Google finds WA based websites quickly, and as you start creating content on your website and gaining authority, you are going to see that not only get indexed, but start to get ranked as well!
Vickic3 Premium
Awesome Yolande
Keep on moving through the training and you will see a lot more of this
All the best