Shock! 1K! Really! - You Guys Are Awesome! Thank you!

Last Update: Feb 4, 2019

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You snuck up on me!

Not sure if it was surprise or shocl but when I looked over at my Profile my Network was showing 1K!

That means that 1,000 of you super WA members are Followign me!

Other members have said it before, but it really is a privilege to be part of this wonderful, helpfu, sharingl and supportive community.

So Thank You Guys! - You All Rock!


Recent Comments


I'm glad to be one in a thousand!

You're one in a million, Steve :-)

My ex was won in a raffle... :-)

You rock too, Ian!
C & P


Thank you!


We all see the good in investing in you.

Ha! Ha!

A man after my own sense of humour :-)

Thank you!

Come on now. I know you have helped a lot of members, including myself. Gratitude is something I will never take for granted anymore. You are an asset to our community and I thank you.

I was loooking for the embarassed emoji but I'l just have to settle for

I love the Play It Forward ethos. If I can help someone, I get as much from it as they do - as do all the WA members who help out.


Way to go! Keep up the good work! It is great to have WA friends!

It is indeed :-) Thanks, Zed!

Hey Ian,
Congrats and so easy to do.

Tried and True


Thank you, Elaine

Hi Ian,
Congratulations on your 1000 followers! I'm proud do be a part of your group!


Awe, thank you, Donna :-)

Congrats with your first 1000 followers.
I hope to reach that milestone with my Instagram account this month
Have a great day

Thanks, Tommy. I'm sure you'll get there real soon!


We are following you to learn and draw from your experience.
The followers will keep growing so brace for that!

Ha! Ha!

I guess I know a little more than some but not half as much as most! :-)

But happy to pass on anything I think can be on use.

That sounds great, lots of people to connect with

Indeed! 1K, in fact :-)

Great job! Enjoy it. You deserve it!

Thank you, Jane, you're very kind.


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