Less Than 2 Months at WA and I Earned $10!

Last Update: May 3, 2016


I haven't wrote a blog in over a week and that's because I've been super busy with a side project for a client. I just launched their website and there will be some tweaks and adjustments for the next two weeks before I can call the project complete.

Although I did shatter my two month goal as discussed in my previous post, I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't have much time to work on the Affiliate Bootcamp yet. I completed the Certification course and have my site up and running. It's pretty much complete and I just have to maintain it by making posts every few days which keeps me busy. I'm still on Course 1 of the Bootcamp but almost finished. Hopefully I blaze through and finish the Bootcamp by my 2 month mark (May 14) here at WA.

Anyway just wanted to update you guys that I just checked my Google Adsense account and I've made $10 so far! I posted that I made my first $0.08 from Adsense back in April 7, 2016 so it's hasn't even been an entire month yet and I already made $10.

This proves that it works! I've only been here for a month and a half but I'm not doing anything special. I'm just going through the courses, completing every task at the end of each lesson and just following through. That's what every single one of you should be doing if you haven't completed the courses yet. Once you have the foundation and your website setup you can go off and venture into other things like social media and guest posting to help boost traffic but you need to get the basics done first.

I hear a lot of people saying it's been months and they're not making money. Almost ALL of them haven't even finished the course yet! How can you expect to make money if you didn't even learn the basics? You need to first learn what to do, then you have to go apply it. So please, complete the course from front to back in its entirety. And make sure you put the work in to write blog posts every few days along with keyword research. If you don't put any effort into it, you're not going to get any results. Kyle teaches everything you need to know to get your success started in the courses so that is a MUST to complete. I'm already seeing results and you can too.

You can do this! You just have to follow through and do it. SO GO DO IT!

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Thank you, I so agree with you, just follow the signs and do the homework and at the same time I would like to go faster like putting adsense and affiliate links on my site. But I wait.... Marion

Yeah, I was so excited and eager to jump ahead and implement things that weren't yet covered but then turns out I would be doing it the wrong way so it's better to stick with the course. After you're completed then you'll know how to do things the right way.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You are on the right path. :) Congratulations.

Awesome quote. Thanks!

You are a great pace setter. Congrats and keep the good work up.

Thanks a lot. Hoping to continue the pace!

Nice work!

Thanks Robin!

Wow, that is very quick! Great job! :)

Thanks Michelle! Hopefully I can become an ambassador like you soon

Congratulation ...hve a great day

Thanks a lot! You have a great day as well

Awesome work!

Thanks Lynn!

Great post yakitori. Glad to see its still going well, I am moving but at a slower pace than you. But totally agree that you cant expect results with an unfinished product. Or unfinished foundation rather

Yup. That's why it's important to complete the courses

Way to go!

Thank you! Hope to continue the pace

Well done


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