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Hi I'm Wei 35 yrs old living in the Netherlands. This all starts at that big question: what's the meaning of life? Everyone has different answer to that but to me, it's about experience. I would like to maximize my life experience by traveling, meeting new people, learning new hobbies etc. I have been trying to do that all my life but with a regular job that occupies 50 hours a week of my time, I'm not growing as fast as I want. So I googled and youtubed and came across the concept of passive income, which then led to affiliate marketing. After reading some reviews, I decide to start working on it with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. Let's see how that goes...

PS. I'd like to thank Mike for his blog and review of Wealthy Affiliate. It's well written and has a lot of value.
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SuzaMarie Premium
Hey Wei!

Welcome to WA! Congrats on going premium!

So glad you made it here to Wealthy Affiliate! It's a great place to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing.

There's so much info here that it can feel like you're drinking from a fire hose! :) Learn at your pace. Please don't hesitate to ask for help. LiveChat is a great place to go for a quick answer. You'll find the community here at WA is very helpful and supportive.

Here's to great success with your WA journey and online endeavors!
MoneyMagnet3 Premium
Hi. Welcome to WA. My name is Shalisha. I'm here to help you in any way I can. I want you to know that you have help 24/7 from this community. If you ever need help, feel free to PM me! I highly suggest you start the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. Jump right in!
WendaSue Premium
Hello Friend.
I just wanted to drop by and wish you a hearty Congratulations on becoming a Premium Member. It's a great day for you and Wealthy Affiliate.
I have added you to my network and wish you the greatest happiness and success.
So... fasten your seatbelt and shoot for the moon and beyond.
Have an awesome ride.
All the best,
Wendi :)
fafala77 Premium

Congrats on going premium! You are now one step closer to make money online passively and part of the best affiliate community on the internet.

If you are stuck or need some help, feel free to get in touch with me. I'll gladly help if I can.

Good luck on your journey!

andresh Premium
Hello, and welcome to WA; congratulations on going Premium! You've made a great decision, and may awesome things await ahead of you!

There's always going to be a helping hand around here, Wealthy Affiliate's community is really incredible. Feel free to ask any question anytime.

My best wishes to you!

MikeC69 Premium
Congratulations on upgrading to premium !!!
If I can help in any way, just let me know.
Best of success!
onmyownterms Premium
Welcome to WA!

You may find this post helpful on your journey.
celiacman Premium
WWei Premium
Thank you all for your warm welcome. Really excited to be here. I'm currently following the training and most difficult I find is to write content. Haven't been writing that much since college. :)
Windykaisav Premium
Welcome to WA AND PREMIUM! You won't be sorry. These guys are great and it's a real family here. Follow me and if you ever need anything I'll do what I can to help or point you in the right direction! Welcome and good luck in all you're wanting to achieve!

Windy Kai
3tripleA Premium
Hi Wei, Welcome to the WA success spaceship. We are delighted to have you. Hope you are enjoying climbing your success steps (training). Looking forward to seeing you around the the community. Best wishes
Aditya92 Premium

Aditya here from India.

Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

I look forward to learning, sharing and serving with you, as we all move forward here.

Kindest regards,

mikehong69 Premium
thanks Wei!
David58 Premium
Welcome to WA.

WWei Premium
Thanks Dave, chewing through the training right now. Very exited.
AffTraining Premium
Hey Wei, welcome to Wealthy Affiliate! This is Mike Rogers from http://AffiliateMarketerTraining.com. Wealthy Affiliate is the absolute best place for new affiliate marketers to kick off their online business and even as a seasoned pro, I love spending time here chatting with people. Make sure you really spend time going through the training (don't just rush through it!) and if you do that, you'll be way ahead of 95% of anyone else trying to start an online business.

By the way, even though I'm usually busy running my own websites, I am very active here at Wealthy Affiliate as well, so if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to send me a private message.

Best of luck as you start your new business! All the best! :)

Mike Rogers