A Important Date with my Awesome Friends at WA

Last Update: March 23, 2013
Ok I am on the couch working away at my website, I get a news flash on my computer.

My heart jumps with just a little panic, It was my important reminder that my webinar was going to start, you see I was right in the middle of something, wasn't sure what would happen if I left it. I am really anxious because I don't want to miss this webinar ( "I know it is taped") but really, I didn't think of that. My only thought was, I don't want to miss this.

Reluctantly I stop what I am doing .I start the process to watch the up coming training on Links

This is only my second webinar, I Know NEWBIE... I asked a question I hear: Kymee has asked; then he repeats my question, what a trip to hear your own name coming from your computer, Then WOW! I got and answer, for others you understand that is POWER. you can now move to the other millions of questions you have LOL.

Loved the webinar and our teacher. Learned a whole bunch of pertinent stuff about links, If you missed it. He has it taped and in his archives of many great ones. Not sure what happened to his cat at the beginning But he came back and did an awesome job. I know I enjoyed it. Thanks Jay!!

Then my heart started racing again, I was very excited with what was next, you see during the webinar Jay announced that Labman was going to do a Google+ hang out.

Great!!! This is my chance to verbally ask questions meet my fellow WA friends live, and learn to use more techno stuff. I hate typing; (especially when you write a question, and the answer is WHAT!!! lol) This is my chance to ask with out typing.

Did the steps and POW!, there I was and there is my name again. I could see and hear everyone. I was so excited but to my dismay, they could not hear me. I was back to typing my questions again, UGGG!!! I hate this,
Then I had I an idea, (you see the light bulb) I think I have all the techno on my laptop that will change this.

So went to my laptop signed up for google+ on my laptop, went to the link that Labman gave us in live chat. Again I could see and speak to my friends, Yeah!!! they say hi Kymee; we see you. but we can't hear you UGGG!! again back to typing, I start pushing buttons and WAA..LA AA.!!! because I still I am so new to this, I had not pressed the button that allowed me to talk, found that and WOW!!!

I was now spending time, with my friends just chatting, asking the many questions that I had written down.
I was also learning about some really neat people, who the are and what they are all about.

If you are new and have not used these resources before, I would strongly suggest you do.
It is a great way to have many of your questions answered, which I really do believes gives your power to move forward,
And it is a great way to meet the people who we interact with daily at WA

I live in San Diego and I was Chatting with friends in; New York, Canada, Mexico, I think El Salvador, and Nevada. How cool is that, technology is great.

Thanks my friends... you know who you are, I had a great time. ;O)

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wtbee2013 Premium
hope we don't miss you next time. there is one on friday again
kerry Premium
you sound so much like me ...lol ... yep I missed because of job ////ugg
Labman Premium Plus
Yeah it was fun, now we just have to figure out why you kept dropping signal and we will be all set. Glad you were able join us, and join us, and join us.....
wtbee2013 Premium
LOL LOL, LOl you are so funny
Totally Awesome, Kymee. I have been so wrapped up in off-line Life I haven't been keeping up with on-line Life. Thanks for sharing! Sherry
wtbee2013 Premium
Needs so more girls represented there LOL know you will love it.
moonvine Premium
oh wow! I did get into the webinar this time, after a complete failure last time! I had to leave early but will watch the video and join the chat next time. that's a good goal! see ya there!
wtbee2013 Premium
Look forward to meet more people see you there ;O)