December Wrap Up.

Last Update: December 01, 2017

Bumpy year 2017 ending with many significant changes for Texas. Rain in spring time and hurricane are causing floods, and property damages in south part of Texas. Many changes are influencing quality of life especially on south all along cost line with Gulf of Mexico.

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womo2015 Premium
If you remember, 15 or so years ego big attempt to reorganise taxes was quietly killed. So we all lost, except on top.
MKearns Premium
Let's hope in a year we aren't bemoaning significant changes in taxes!
womo2015 Premium
Hi, Mary
We are prepared for smoother flow of life in new Yearly Time Frame. Passing year left bad marks on quality of life in Texas.
Thank you for responding;
MozMary Premium Plus
hello Texas, yes you guys got hell of a ride this year, but here's hoping it will end a bit better and that 2018 will more than make up for it ;)