Can someone help me please?

Last Update: January 11, 2019

I can not get indexed can someone please go in my site and help me fix it. I have been working really hard for 3 months with 16 post and i'm stuck.

Thank you


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JonLake Premium
What is your website and I will have a look for you
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Wayne
I see you have completed level1 in the training which is great and when you keep moving through each lesson you will learn about keyword research, Google Analytics and so much more so I suggest you keep working through each lesson to learn all there is to learn as this will help your indexing ranking and everything else you need to become successful online
I wish you all the best
JonLake Premium
Are you sure that you are not indexed yet?
Go to Google search and enter (obviously put your own domain in there!) If you are indexed your blog posts will show up.

Are you trying to get indexed (show up in Google) or ranked (show up on Page 1 of Google)?

If it is indexed follow this:

Go into the Google Search Console
If you have the new version, click on "Go to the old version" at the bottom left.
Go into the Crawl section on Left
Then go into Fetch as Google
Click the red Fetch button for both Desktop and Smartphone.
When it populates further don the page, click the Request Indexing buttons
After about 24/48 hours go back into to see if your are indexed.
Wmontanari Premium
I did 3 times it can not get in. I will pay to fix it you are the first person all week that is trying to help me thank you
Wmontanari Premium
yes I do
JonLake Premium
Hi Wayne, Do you have a Google Search Console account?
Wmontanari Premium
I have been trying everything reading all I can have a site map but nothing is working for me.
Thank you for replying WAYNE