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Last Update: November 05, 2020

Hey WA fam, I wanted to know if you all feel the same way!!

No movement on the platform, not as before!!

What do you think?

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BrightSales Premium
I don't know about that yet friend. But if you want to make some movements on the platform, just write, write, and write. This practice will lead you to something. That's my take. All the best!
philmedia Premium Plus
I think people are just getting their head around it which is natural although I also see people writing with purpose a bit more which is no bad thing at all. Afterall they are published and are your brand out there. I think some of the posts around change have been very helpful. Hope all good with you, Phil
AbieAJ Premium Plus
No on the contrary, you create movements.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Maybe, it depends on how you look at it!