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Upgrade in jaaxy when the 30 searches used up?

Upgrade in jaaxy when the 30 searches used up?

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As a Premium member, must I upgrade my Jaaxy account once the 30 free searches are used up? Saving a few for when I can better navigate the site...

I used the keyword tool at WA recently. Seems to work great. My only complaint was that once you have a keyword saved on your keyword list, there is no way to delete just one keyword. At least not that I've found. I made a list of keywords and then decided I wanted to refine it a bit and go with fewer keywords. The only way I found to delete keywords was to check the ones you want to keep and save to a new list. I think this might be a helpful feature. I'm sure I will use Jaaxy in the future but I want to wait until I have some money coming in.

I agree, Thanks, too. I think my 30 will serve me well as I navigate all the new things I'm learning.

I use the keyword tool here on WA. I also think Google has one that you could use for free.

Thanks, Nichole, for the reminder of the WA version. I'll check it out when I get a moment and compare.

Upgrading to a paid Jaaxy account or not is entirely up to you.

Many of us just use the WA keyword Tool in the left column of the main WA page. Other members have found Jaaxy to be worth the cost.

Thanks, BB. I guess time will tell me when and if needs be...

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