Progress in Week 3 - I'm Excited!

Last Update: July 05, 2013
Hi everyone!

Well, my first couple weeks as a premium member haven't gone exactly like I hoped, since my darling daughter went through some sleeping issues last week. I lost a lot of sleep and a lot of my morning focus... I did manage to put work in, but not the 2 hours daily I have been aiming for. This week is going very well, though, and I'm SUPER EXCITED about my progress!!

First, I made some decisions about the direction of my online businesses. I decided to keep going with my original niche, and start engaging my audience more. To that end, I've written a few new articles, much more conversational in style, and finally got my Facebook page set up and active. I got on the ball and wrote out a month of posts, questions, and tweets in an excel spreadsheet so that I have a roadmap to follow with social media. I just can't think of things to post every day on the fly -- most of my attention goes to my daughter! And I'll add to that with anything interesting that pops up every day, too. Here's my FB page:

I also decided that I want all the advantages of WordPress on that site (which is built with SBI) so I'm going to add a blog and be posting most of my new content that way. For some reason, I just find writing a blog post less mentally intimidating than writing a page on a site -- I know it's all in my head since it's all just content, but there you go.

I decided to scrap my little scrapbooking test site here (LOL). Instead, I'm going to do a blog that just journals my IM experience, promotes WA, and builds community. I spent an hour doing keyword research yesterday and found some great ones, a little sub-niche in IM, so I'm excited about that. I registered and am impatiently waiting for the DNS to update so I can get building on that one.

AND -- I got my first article approved at Street! Woot! LOVE the profile over there, putting in links to my site and all kinds of little things to help us as marketers. Good stuff. Here's the article, would LOVE feedback.

And finally, a beach picture, because we are just loving living in Hawaii right now. :-) The M+K is "graffiti" my husband made for me. If you've never been here, people make graffiti on the black lava rocks with white coral pieces. It's one of those funky things about living on the Big Island.

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caylynn Premium
Willow KIm - A total inspiration this page is, along with your living the life on the Big Island making such dynamic progress! Delightful is your blog of all your thoughts, plans, endeavors and successes! Congrats on your first SA!.

With the community here responding to your writings, linking, helping, exchanging and supporting, I have added a day this week on my spreadsheet to visit and comment.
The IM experience is a daily lesson in patience and fortitude. The diversity of the WA community works when we follow to create our network and grow our businesses together.

Thank you for making this day a special one, my first day back at work after repairs in central air, computer and me, with a common purpose - getting goals done.
excaliba Premium
Fantastic! Sounds like things are starting to roll.

I like your idea of setting up a months worth of ideas and material in a spreadsheet so you have something to work to - and I assume as you come across new ideas you can just add them to the bottom of the list.

I'll go over to you Facebook group and share it as well. I learned piano as a kid and have encouraged two adults to take it up - both who enjoyed it immensely. I'll send them and others your way!

WillowKim Premium
Thank you SO much for liking and sharing my page - I'm SO grateful! My spreadsheet was just a couple hours of work and it just takes the load off. I'm free to use it or not -- post things on the fly -- share things from others -- but it gives me a foundation so I don't sit here staring at the wall and twiddling my thumbs to come up with something.

Your comment about adding things to the list made me think about actually adding to the spreadsheet what I share or post on the fly. Just as a record, and then I can see at a glance what I've done and not repeat themes or ideas too often.
dwdad99 Premium
Keep it up, your doing fine. That is more progress than most. Remember, it's not race. It will happen.
WillowKim Premium
Thank you very much for the encouragement! I definitely agree, I rest when I need to but I've been dabbling for so long in IM I'm ready to work hard!
divazona Premium
Good for you!! It sounds like FANTASTIC progress!

Your niche fits perfectly with mine so how about helping each other? I will join your Facebook account and share your articles and perhaps you could reciprocate. Also, when you are ready to join Twitter, you can follow me and hook up with the various teachers and musicians that I have and again I will be happy to share your articles.

AND if you ever want to write an article on my site, I'd love to have you and you can include a link to your site. And perhaps you could link to mine. What do you think?

My site:

Yay for the WA community!
WillowKim Premium
Hi Regina!

What a wonderful idea to work together and help each other! I love it, and would be honored. I'm on Twitter too. I was just checking out your FB page and it inspired me to finally figure out how to "like" things as YouCanPlayPiano! Hooray! I liked you as myself too so I'll see your articles on both my feeds.

I would love to write for your site and have you write for mine. What an amazing career and depth of knowledge you have. I already have some ideas about things you could write about for my demographic (mostly older adult beginners). I have a mountain of things to do this morning but will sit down and private message you sometime this weekend.

My Twitter is:

I'm so looking forward to our collaboration and getting to know you!!!
divazona Premium
This is great! I just followed you on Twitter! You let me know what you would like me to write and when you are ready to write an article for my site, let me know and I will make you a contributor to the site.