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So, I started with Wealthy Affiliate a few months ago, and started with a bang. I have learned a tremendous amount here. But I came close to hitting the "cancel membership button" today. Not because of anything wrong here at this wonderful community, but because of my own inability to keep momentum and my general feelings of being tired and discouraged by internet marketing. I could use some feedback and discussion as I try to move forward. I currently have a site in my main niche, piano: w
Hi everyone!Well, my first couple weeks as a premium member haven't gone exactly like I hoped, since my darling daughter went through some sleeping issues last week. I lost a lot of sleep and a lot of my morning focus... I did manage to put work in, but not the 2 hours daily I have been aiming for. This week is going very well, though, and I'm SUPER EXCITED about my progress!! First, I made some decisions about the direction of my online businesses. I decided to keep going with my or
So, I'm doing Level 2 of the Certification Courses about building traffic, and I'm trying to wrap my brain around building and managing social media because I'm already in 2 niches that have nothing to do with each other. My questions are on two levels:1.) From a standpoint of using social media across my niches... I guess I need to just bite the bullet and build social networks for each niche, sign up for FB/Twitter/Pinterest/Google + etc. for each niche? If anyone has tips about
The other day I was reading a mom blog. Being a parent is the hardest job there is: taking care of a little person, body, mind and spirit... and hopefully investing in them a love of life, a love of learning, gratitude and kindness. Sometimes, blogs seem to just be showcases of what is good in other people's lives, and they rarely show the real life, the mess, the times you feel like you're getting it all wrong. But this blog I was reading? It was all about realness. This mom decid
As I was going through the "Get Started Here" training during my first free week at Wealthy Affiliate, I came to the day where the action step was to write the first article for my new site. The training talked about the length of the article and of course using a good keyword (but not overusing any SEO) and pretty much left it at that -- go write an article!I left a comment that I was hoping to get more tips on actually writing articles and how to do it well and quickly in the training, that w
I got a HUGE surprise when I logged in to Wealthy Affiliate yesterday.My rank went from 82-thousand-something to 1124! That is a testimony to how amazing I think this community is -- I just jumped right in with both feet, and I've been here less than a week. This is nothing but added motivation to keep learning, growing, and finally achieving the success I've dreamed off for the past 10+ years I've been "dabbling" online. Every question I've had so far has been answered in mer
I just joined WA as a free member 2 days ago. I was really skeptical. I mean really. I thought it was just going to be another disappointing experience in my many years of trying to learn how to really build a successful online business. I know that my lack of success has to do with my own stumbling blocks... but I also know what it's like to try and learn and then be stuck because the training is incomplete, behind the times, or there's no one to answer questions.I couldn't real