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Last Update: July 04, 2019

Life is complicated enough.

With life being complicated enough with lots of training lots of research to try to find our niche and when we find it we build a website for for customers.

We build the best from the information we find. Competing with everyone else who use the same keywords. We try to find unique keywords to use. Do we consider that for those keywords to work someone has to use them in a search engine.

Stop Look Listen.

Having found your niche how do you promote something that has a narrow search band?

Now this is not to ridicule anything you do or anyone’s training because of all us work hard to achieve success. I’m just asking you to consider looking outside the box to ease frustrations. You can work hard all your life and get nothing but if you work smart you can achieve your dreams.

My niche

Take my business of essential oils. Beauty websites mention oils mention balms and body butters. Heath and mindful websites do the same. They use these keywords because they are popular with people to attract sales for their other products.

Fantastic. But that’s where it stops. There is just a hint of what oils are.

This works for me as more people get disappointed with these sites.

The other sites loose the opportunity to tell people how to mix oils properly as a DIY product. Yet it is the fastest growing growing niche in the beauty industry if you can get the right information.

So my niche was born by working smart and analysing other peoples websites in this industry.

How I improved my niche.

Now you can get this vital information and I have some amazed women and men. Who not only save money but create fantastic products they can make many times over and use themselves to the envy of their friends.. They can also make several products that do different things. Using the basics and then a primary oil to create a beauty product then a balm for cuts or a balm for colds and chest inflammation in summer or winter as an example.

The difference between us is that they are after a quick buck. They want to sell as quickly as they can and they are more interested in selling their primary products. There is nothing wrong with this they have cast their hook out but with limited bait. There is no thought in building wealth for themselves. No thought in providing quality for their customer.

So they create a one use site that may not be in use a year from and hardly something people will recommend to others or visit the site again. People want a trust worthy experience this is when you get your recommendations.

Out of the box.

So I found my niche by looking what others don’t provide. A comprehensive guide on how oils work. What they will do for you how they work. How to mix them. What to mix them with. Who can use them. Who cannot use them. Even how your pets can benefit from this use.

I wrote the procedures as simply as I could telling people what they do and how it benefits them. After all this is what they want to know and use not words that are as foreign to them as another language. Straight forward so they know what they are doing and can use the products they make with confidence.

They can find all the research and validations on the internet in a simple search where I provide a link if they want to read them.

Give the customer what they want.

An example

A search for sunglasses will give you sunglasses.

If you are selling a particular type E.G. For pilots then you can point this out in your website.

I know a little bit about this. Where green is a favourable lens for clarity the U.S. airforce issue grey lenses sunglasses for pilots. Black lens are popular but only in Hollywood. As a former soldier I can assure that dark lenses block out to much but apparently make you look tough and that’s about it. So by having a site like other sellers but innovating your site to sell your niche you may very well get sales of other items too. Your customer really likes that your niche is there because others do not do this and that’s what they are looking for.


People like well informed information pointing them to what they want. The internet can be too broad for your customer so how about a search term in your content that says “many niche products” or something similar? I checked out Jaxxy and it had hundreds of keywords that can be used. In my “niche” there were thousands I could use by specifying the product or helping to resolve an issue. This means when I write my content I have a never ending choice of keywords or being specific in my words for a blog thousands more.


Customers seek good information about a product and move to another site if they can’t find it. If this was not true then information websites would not exist e books would not exist even books would not exist.

We would not be able to educate ourselves without these products. So when you put in your key word try making it long tailed and start with “information on sunglasses” as an example.

The key words are “information on”. You can with your imagination use this in many guises by adding words like “looking for” or “looking to” or “find out”. People use these simple words not many are using complex words. These are the words that humanise your site.

This is from the teachings here at WA I have just extended them in my approach and how I have used the information and pushed the envelope that little bit further. Thank you if you are reading I hope that it helps just a little bit with your endeavours.


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CordeliaN Premium
I found this really interesting, it got me thinking and like Sue, I have bookmarked to come back to it. I have only been with WA for a 8 weeks and whilst I have nearly finished the training I am still a long way off being confident and am learning all the time.

The information within your post has been a real eye opener.

Thank you for sharing. I look forward to your next post. (So long as it’s not about football, lol, although I did enjoy watching the lionesses)
wildgeese Premium
No no football I'm a rugby man really lol
CordeliaN Premium
Ha ha, I only mentioned because I had read the blog Dave wrote about CFC and Frank Lampard 😁
wildgeese Premium
Hi Sue I'm very happy that this can be if value to you.
I was struggling until I looked between the lines myself and listened to training on this many times.
Good look with thoughts on added value maybe if you find something yourself you can share this
Calmkoala Premium
Hi Steve, thanks so much for this really concise explanation of how and why to expand your 'niche horizons'. This has set me to thinking how to 'move sideways' in my niche and keep giving my customers added value!

I have bookmarked your post to re-read and keep challenging myself to be innovative with my business. Keep up the good work, Sue :)
wildgeese Premium
Hi Sue please see my reply to you on the blog.
Sorry used the wrong options.
davehayes Premium
Well done and thank you for sharing a good story
JKulk1 Premium
Totally agree.
Fortunately for any astute affiliate marketer out there, there are still many websites trying to sell products from very mediocre sites that just don't provide enough information. Jim