Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed 20 July 1969

Last Update: July 20, 2019

The first words from Neil Armstrong as he stepped onto the moon. One of the first men to have landed safely on the moon.

So is this blog about the moon landings? Well no its about your moon landing.

For one minute consider this. For me to pass information to you about anything I need to talk to you about it and you need to listen.

A bold statement?

You may think that this is arrogant. What do you think this national goal proposed in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy: "before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth."Was this arrogant or was he punching hard to get people to realize their dreams that anything was possible with the right approaches the right skills the right applications.

Kennedy challenged not only the world and its technological knowhow he challenged people. Not just Americans but the whole human race. He said that "if you want something that bad if you can taste it then don’t stop trying to attain it. If you don’t it will just be another broken dream". He continued “challenge yourselves become that person” If you want to be the one to fire up the Quattro lets actually reach the goal we are aiming for lets reach out to the stars. You might not get this if you are not English its from a TV show.

Search for the hero inside yourself

This whole event changed the people on this planet its attitude and its lifestyle. Everybody and their uncle wanted a piece of the action. Suddenly there were flags medals plates cups hats T-shirts everything was printed with the moon landing its iconic phrases and pictures. Even today these are still big sellers on the Internet. Why?

It captured people’s imagination. What we can do if we want to. It ignited that entrepreneurial spirit inside ourselves. To seek our own way of life what we want from it how we can take control of it. How we can nurture it? Howto go your own way.

“Entrepreneurs are not born they are made”.

A famous sculptor was once commented on about his work how fantastic it was. He replied that he didn’t sculpt anything he just chipped away the pieces to reveal the sculpture. That sounds beautiful doesn’t it? Think outside the box for a minute…what if he had chipped away the wrong pieces? Now that makes you think a little more doesn’t it?

This immodest declaration reveals a person who is sure of his skills and makes others believe the same.

WA makes you believe in your skills. The more you study the better you become. The study gives you education. Education gives you the means. The means moves you towards your desire. Desire motivates you to success,. Success is your arrival point.

So are you up to the challenge? Are you prepared to change?

So are you prepared for your “Eagle” to land? Are you willing to invest a small amount of time to find out what to do when you land?

You see NASA knew it could get a man to the moon that was not the issue this was the easy part.

The issue was could they return them?

They only had one chance.

Collins orbiting above the moon was more concerned of this failing than capturing the lunar module once it had launched.

The fear was that the rocket to fire the lunar module was solid fuel. Once activated there was no second chance no support system it was a one time event.

Even President Richard Nixon had a document ready to read to the world if this event failed.


We know the rest is history. It was a great success.

So its time to take off (the opportunity) time to land (time to look around and discover) time to leave your comfort zone (to learn and apply) and time to reap (the rewards).

We all get stuck sometimes lost or if we are honest just a little lazy. In a word tomorrow never comes because as soon as it is tomorrow it is today.

I wish all your tomorrows are today.


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ShaunnaLynne Premium
What an awesome way to get the day rolling!!
wildgeese Premium
Thank you very much
JohaneG Premium
Good post
LauraFuller Premium
This is an incredibly inspirational post. Thank you.

My favorite part is “Entrepreneurs are not born they are made”. So many think one has to be born an entrepreneur to make it. Not true. We all have the trait in us we have to make it happen.

wildgeese Premium
Thank you i also believe this everyone should know this so that everyone can believe in themselves
LauraFuller Premium
Absolutely. I agree 100%

OSegun Premium
Hi Steve,
Thank you for this beautiful piece.

You challenged the giant inside of me. I must cut down on my self indulgence.

There are indices around showing how successful this venture can be, if only, the right things are done. I hope to do more of the right things.

I wish you success also.

wildgeese Premium
I am very humbled by your response
JKulk1 Premium
Fantastic Analogy Steve. The only way to make a dream come true is to work at it. Jim
wildgeese Premium
Thank you I hope othes follow your lead