Spoof Emails. Can this happen here at WA.?

Last Update: March 16, 2016

What is a spoof email?

This happens when a spammer alters the header of an email they are about to send out, to thousands or more on their lists..? it shows the FROM email address as coming from your domain..! This is not good and will lead to your good domain been black listed..!

My question is, as we have our websites hosted here at WA, is this situation taken care off, for us by default..? So that all our websites are in safe hands?

If not what can be done to protect us from Spoof Email Spammers?

Are there any settings that we need to enable to save our websites from this happening to our good domains?

Nobody likes to be Black Listed through no fault of their own..!

If we have fallen foul of spammers on our websites is there any way we can find out ? other than seeing our inboxes full of spam emails?

This is how they look...

Christian? Single? Get Connected!

Christian Singles <wordpress@nettalkmatters.com>

From: Christian Singles <noreply-cs2016@qmail.com>

Subject: Christian? Single? Get Connected!

Message Body:



This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Setting up an Online Business, Not Impossible! (http://nettalkmatters.com)

I have not sent this one out or any others like this one...?

What do I need to do to protect my good website before it's to late..?

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HelenpDoyle Premium
Thanks Pat and have bookmarked for future use.
Terry661 Premium
I found this for you. I've had this happen (sort of). They used my "tlcmyturn..." but the @gmail instead of the real one. Anyway, hope it's at least a good read for you. Lots of info : D
WestBay Premium
Thank you Terry, I'll be looking into it very soon.
Internetgranny Premium
Very interesting - thanks. Similar thing happened to me just recently.
Sheila50 Premium
Awaiting an answer to this wonderful question!
WestBay Premium
Yes, and I hope very soon...? Thank you.
Dmorrow Premium
Very good question. When you get the answer I would be interested to know! I hadn't really thought about this, but it's important!

WestBay Premium
Yes this is very important and I am glad you also think so, thank you.
Shawn Martin Premium
Great question and I too want to know the answer to this question. May I suggest a direct question to either Kyle or Carson on this?
WestBay Premium
Thanks Shawn, nice to see you are on the ball, looks like you are moving up the rankings very well.
Yes this is my next move to ask the top men what is the best way forward from here...?
Shawn Martin Premium
I was an ambassador for a long time. I am actually kinda happy to step back just a bit and let others have fun :)