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Hi WA Friends,

In this day and age of dwindling privacy and personal data security, it can be easy to just let the dice roll and take your chances. But with more and more companies being breached, letting your fate go in the hands of tech’s control may not be such a good idea.

Big tech firms have been exposed for manipulating, controlling and suppressing information at a minimum. But do they have the right to buy and sell your personal data for their gains at your expense? I would imagine they like to think so.

If you’re not so comfortable with the notion that someone else is watching your every move online, then you might be interested in learning a few ways that you can start to take back a modicum of your privacy and security online.

Recently, I was watching a webinar on this topic.

Even though the whole thing may seem daunting, you do have a few things you can do to start taking back control. Maybe it's time people starting demanding more in terms of taking back their online personal privacy from these giant companies. What do you think?

If you are a tech security wizard, then this will not be of interest to you.

However, there are a few quick steps you can take right now for your own protection which you may benefit from.

Easy Steps To Regain Personal Privacy and Security

1. Consider changing your browser away from Chrome. Big G is watching your every move. If you’re alright with that, then that’s your call. But if you’re not, then consider changing your browser to brave .com or duckduckgo. com

Brave is a free, privacy-first, browser and best of all, it’s 3 times faster that Chrome! Privacy-invading ads and ad default tracking disappear so you can load faster, be more secure and even save your battery life.

And the free duckduckgo browser allows you to search privately with built-in tracker blocking, blocking of cookies, email / app trackers and creepy ads. That means you don’t get tracked when you surf. Plus, you can even see who’s trying to track you. Talk about taking back control.

2. Cover your computer cameras. Were you aware that people can actually hack into your webcam without the light turning on so you don’t know you’re being watched? That kind of vulnerability is scary…especially if you have kids.

3. Use a password manager. Experts suggest not using the same password on multiple accounts or even variations of said password. Yes, it may be easier, but it also makes hacking into your accounts easier. If you can, always use two-step authentication and make your passwords difficult.

The experts in this webinar suggested using LastPass as a PW manager. However, they were hacked in 2023. So you can’t be too safe. Do your own research first.

4. Use a VPN (virtual private network). A VPN is like having a secure connection buffer between you and the internet which gives you better security from hacking and potential companies or other official channels spying on your activities. Some are paid, whereas some are free. So you’ll have to do your research beforehand.

5. Change your search engine. Over three quarters of searches go through big G. Therefore, once again, your data is out of your control. How many times have you searched up something only to see an ad for said product shortly thereafter in another application? If you’re ready to take back control, try switching your default browser to brave . com or duckduckgo. com.

6. Stay away from home devices like Alex.a or Ech.o. This should go without saying. Such tools are an open door to listening to your every word and data gathering. Even with their layers of privacy, do you really want to take such a chance?

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, staying safe online is up to you. It’s near impossible to not be exposed to hackers anymore, but anything you can do to try and help with your personal security should be of paramount importance.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Have a great day!

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Hi there, 100% Human-Generated Susan.

Looks like technology is getting pretty hairy and it's harder to stay safe online. Thanks for the information regarding using alternative browsers. We can never have enough security on our devices. Also, all your tips are always greatly appreciated.

As far as passwords, I hardly change them, so mea culpa. I will start changing them ASAP! I have known about the webcam and selling our information thingy before, and I try to keep my VPN on tact. However, this breach in security situation begs the question - is technology moving us forward or what?

Excellent Like, Share and Bookmark post, for sure, my friend.
Have a safe secure Wednesday.

Hi there Rachele...the more I learn, the more I need to keep learning on all this. And hopefully others will do the same and start demanding more. Where this is all going, well that's a conversation not for here. Beware of the golden carrot wrapped in the burrito of "convenience."

Appreciate your feedback. Right back at ya!

Will do, Susan my friend.

I will keep my antenae(s) on for the golden carrot wrapped in the burrito of convenience. This is the first time hearing of this.


If we choose to use modern technology as we all do, then privacy doesn't exist anymore Susan!

Thanks for sharing some ways we can improve it, but in this day and age we will never be 100% safe!

Have a fantastic weekend my friend!


Exactly and very true, Nick. Such is life.

Enjoy your weekend as well!

It's the life we live in dear friend!!




'Big brother watching you...'

(And for those less familiar with past centuries, a quote from Georges Orwell in his book "1985".... - a must read)

Yuk, his predictions coming true... we are moving towards a totalitarian society, and no so sure about the intents of the ruling brothers...

Time to get off... setting up a dovecote 🕊️

How true, Fleeky. And 1984 is a must read. Yep and yep. 😢🕊️

HI Susan

All great suggestions!

There are so many ways we are being monitored that it's mind-boggling!

There was a case where a murderer was caught and convicted because his pacemaker-defibrillator was able to track his whereabouts and contradict his alibi. The signals it sent to his bedside monitor and cardiologist provided the authorities with GPS coordinates to track his whereabouts at the time of the crime. 😎

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

Hi! That's really incredible and not at all surprising. Nowhere is track-proof apparently. Thanks for sharing that. Happy Frisatsu!

Rock On!
Susan 😎🎸👍

You'd really have to live off-grid, Susan, to be "track-proof." Like in a cave with no electricity or surrounding civilization. 😁

I heard a brief blurb on the news tonight about some organizations in Asia stealing (copying) people's facial recognition profiles online and using them to log into "secure" sites to steal information.

I'll have to look into that a little closer to get a better idea of what it's really all about.

Frank 🤘🎸

That’s highly disturbing to learn if that’s going on. Unreal. Please let me know what you discover. Having to be on guard constantly is draining.

As for a cave, off grid in some other past time dimension…hmm. Could have appeal! 🤘😎

Hi Susan

Here’s the basic idea:

The world is getting exponentially more challenging to navigate safely, especially for the elderly.

Frank 😎🤘🎸

Hi Frank…thanks for sending that. What a world we live in. And for the elderly, they are so much more vulnerable. Ok, where’s that cave.


Haha, ok ... The cave is big enough for us both, Susan. 😎

Have a fabulous weekend! 🥳
Frank 🤘🎸

Most awesome, Frank! I’ll send you the coordinates lol. 😎

Thanks and enjoy yours too! 🤘🎸

This is an excellent article, Susan. I will have to check out those sites that you mentioned but I will have to open a private browser for me to do my research on either of the sites.

Myra 💜

Good idea, Myra! We can’t be too careful anymore. I’m glad you found it useful. Have a great evening!

Susan 😎

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