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Hi WA Friends,

In an ever-changing, faster-paced world the stakes just keep getting higher and more challenging.

Many people are embracing A.I. and there may soon be no escaping it. The love for it certainly bubbles over in the WA community.

It’s supposed to enhance your life and make arduous processes easier, more convenient of course.

That may be true in the short run. But perhaps there is another side you might want to consider before succumbing to its shiny temptations.

Now if you are self-employed, this scenario won’t apply.

However, if you still maintain a “job,” what would you think if you found out tomorrow that your place of employment was going to be run by an A.I. humanoid robot?

Sounds stranger than fiction? Well, get ready to embrace the future.

A Polish beverage company called Dictator, now has an experimental CEO “female” robot named Mika. She boasts that she can work 24/7 and is always ready for decision-making tasks done without bias. Who wouldn’t like an employee like that?

The image in the header is not of Mika, in case you were wondering. I'll leave that in your hands should you be curious enough.

A Little About Mika

She has a wide variety of responsibilities that are geared toward prioritizing the best interests of the company.

This robot uses ChatGPT-style LLMs and provides a glimpse into what the future of business will look like. Picture a group of employees sitting around a conference table with their robot CEO commanding the room at the head of the table.

At first glance, her voice sounds human…and her looks still have a ways to go. But it does make you stop and think about where this is all headed.

Imagine for a moment, taking orders from a robotic imposter. How well would that sit with you or would you even care?

Going Forward

According to Dictator’s company president, Mika will not be hiring or firing anyone anytime soon. Those significant decisions will still be human-driven.

That may be the case for now, but what will happen in the future when more and more companies follow this path?

Mika was created by Hanson Robotics who created her sister A.I. bot, Sophia. This is not the first CEO of its kind. Last year saw that move by a Chinese gaming company.

However, this does mark a trend.

At this point, Mika states that, her “presence on this stage is purely symbolic. In reality, conferring an honorary professor title upon me is a tribute to the greatness of the human mind in which the idea of artificial intelligence was born.”

Things are still in the beginning stages. But the long-term implications will change everything for just about everyone.

Just something to think about.


100% human-written

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Hi there, Susan.

Thanks for sharing this insightful post. This week I ran into a friend that said they were at a restaurant who had a robotic servicer. How ironic.
Although AI seems like a quick fix, there really is nothing quite like writing original posts, for sure.

Happy Wednesday!

Hi Rachele! That’s ironic timing lol. Those robotic servers are quite the surprise when first seen. Like R2D2 maneuvering through the restaurant!

I agree with your sentiments. Give me real people and real creative writing any day.

Happy Hump Day!

Absolutely Susan,

Seems like science fiction has come alive in real time.
I hear that Wendy's, IHOP and Chipotle have also added
robots to their restaurants.


So true. Wow…that’s wild, Rachele.

Ha as long as she is not programmed to go through menopause stage the company should be fine LOL.

But an interesting concept of having an AI dish out the orders and suggestions.
The question is who is going to tell the AI CEO they got it wrong the staff?

Oh Andre! Lol…

Interesting is one way to put it. Wonder if there is an off button. 😂


Love it Andre!!



Hope all is well buddy??


Yes fine thanks Nick hope the same for you.

been busy working on my posts due to upcoming Amazon changes but have a couple of friends coming over soon before lunch.

so that will be a few hours gone here.

You guys, really 🤣😂

Do you mean a mute and an off button>hehehehehe

You’re terrible, Andre. Don’t you men wish haha! Be lucky you don’t have to go through it. 🤣😉😂

Great stuff Andre.. it was the wife's birthday over here today but she seems to have slept quite early!!

A few things to finish now then I will join her and my pup...

Have a great day my friend!! :-))

Awesome wishing your wife a happy birthday and enjoy your rest.

Take care


Ha I have a wife gone through that not as an individual LOL but via the wife hahahaha still need that mute button at times

Enjoy the rest of your day and your week ahead.

Stay awesome


Much appreciated my friend...

Enjoy a fabulous Wednesday!! :-)

You too when you catch up hehe

Haha, Andre. Yea, I know how it goes. Everyone suffers.

And that mute button by the way, is needed both ways at times hahaha!!! Hubbies are not exempt.

Fantastic, Andre. Hope you’ll soon see your grand pup! Stay awesome too. 😀

Happy birthday to her, Nick!! 🥂🎂

Yep true and had my grandson for two night the other day and a week bit early. Now I am in recovery mode and catching up on sleep might have him on the weekend not sure also have a funeral to go next Monday

Plenty of fun to be had with the pup…but understandable about rest and recovery haha! Sorry to hear about the funeral. My condolences.


Many thanks Susan!!


Always a pleasure, Nick!!

Cheers my dear friend and enjoy a fabulous Thanksgiving!!


Thanks my dear friend. Most appreciated. Cheers to you as well :-)




Hi Susan

You make some excellent points here! 👍👍

It all comes down to a process of robotic and AI evolution.

If an AI-powered robotic CEO can outperform human capabilities then the next logical step could be to have a board room consisting entirely of AI-powered robotic business executives.

When the technology evolves to a “critical point” the process will become auto-duplicatable with AI entities instructing robots to build copies and variations of themselves.

This could eventually take mankind out of the equation as the dominant force on this planet.

The decisions we make in the coming years may well determine the fate of our species.😎

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

100% Human-written content. 😉

Hi Frank!

Thanks so much. You also make a variety of excellent points here. It’s surprising more discussion is not revolving around some obvious issues. Only time will tell how it plays out. So when are we starting that committee lol.

Haha, appreciate the 💯human-written content! Nice. 👍🏻 😉

Rock On!
Susan 😎🎸🤘

Haha, I’m with you, Susan. 👍

I use AI to make my life easier but I’m not going to let it play my guitar for me! 😎

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

Right on! 👍🏻👍🏻

Have a great day, Frank! 😎🎸

You too, Susan! 😎🤘🎸

In the healthcare industry, we have had worked with AI for the longest time! It had made our work be implemented with precision, especially those microsurgeries that require laser-point details.
Similarly, robotic assistance is used with some manual services.

It mis a big help Susan. We just need to properly make sure that it’s programmed very well!

Thank you for this post Susan!

Maria 🌹

I can imagine how it could be helpful in a variety of situations like what you’ve mentioned. Unfortunately it will eliminate many jobs if not the need for many people as we progress down the hybrid rabbit hole.

Thanks, Maria!
Cheers 🌹

It will not eliminate many jobs Susan. It will provide other areas of employment. It would definitely change the landscape of job descriptions, but it would create other venues for jobs.

For example, those staff that were paid to deliver stuff, as the robots replaced them, someone should be in charge of charging, and programming those robots. And making sure that the performance the robots are programmed to do is what is expected.

It wil definitely be total adjustments Susan!

We can agree to disagree, Maria. I know there will be more techie jobs needed to service such things, but that also requires more costly training which not everyone can afford or do. And it leaves people who are not suited to technical training or work out in the dark. But like it or lump it it will change everything!

Great post, Susan. Our future will be something there. Scary.

Myra 💜

Thanks, Myra. And I agree with you. Scary!

Susan 😎

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