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Last Update: Jul 27, 2022

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I am pleasantly surprised to have written my last couple of posts and had them indexed in Google within a few hours.

This has given me some renewed hope, as over the winter I had a handful of posts that I just couldn't seem to get indexed no matter what I tried.

We hear a lot of advice that things take time and we must be patient. This is easier said than done. Plus, there comes a point when you start to question everything when nothing seems to be working.

Writing at one point was becoming incredibly discouraging. After all, nobody wants to spend copious amounts of time researching and writing only to find out their posts won't index.

Many people over the winter had complained about the same issue. I suspect some algorithm changes might have been the culprit, but with Google, one never knows!

Well, a while ago, Phil (@phil1944) wrote an incredibly helpful blog post revealing his tactics on how to get past some indexing hurdles. I took his advice and implemented the strategies he had done...and what do you know?


They worked for me! So a big thank you to you, Phil!

Having the experience and wisdom of the WA community is beyond invaluable.

At long last, a few posts that had literally become thorns in my side, finally got indexed. I'm not going to get too excited, as that's just the first step.

However, it's a small win and I'll take it.

All I can say is, I'm relieved to finally see some indexing on old posts that I thought would never turn a corner.

And if you've ever experienced this same challenge, keep at it and just don't give up.

Recent Comments


That is great to hear, Susan! And thanks to Phil for his extremely helpful post!


It was a welcome relief, Barbara. Amazing what you can learn on this platform.

Yes, it really is amazing!


I'm happy to hear that Phil's previous blog has helped you with getting your older articles indexed.


Thanks, Myra. Phil's advice was beyond helpful for me on a handful of tricky articles.

Happy to hear that Susan! We all know that Google works on Google time, so any speedy indexing is always most welcome!

A big shout out to young Phil as well, many of his teachings and tactics have been incredibly useful to many of us here!

Enjoy the rest of your day my friend! :-)

Thank you so much, Nick! Yes, young Phil is a wealth of knowledge and so appreciated here.

Hope all is well for you in that heat...enjoy your evening as well. :-)

You're very welcome Susan and things have cooled down here a bit, we've only reached the mid 80's the last couple of days, but I think that will change again soon!

Nice. That's a great temp...but I'm sure the heat will be back soon (for me too). Enjoy your day!

Only high 70's here today Susan and a nice storm, but the triple digits will be back in a couple of days I fear! 🥵

Hi Susan...

Can you please share the blog post from Phil that helped you so much?

Thank you!


Hi Mike...the post is: Hope that helps...these simple steps worked for me ;-)


Thank you Susan…much appreciated !


You bet, Mike...happy to help if I can. :-)

I am glad you have it, Mike!

Awesome Susan
Just the way we like it ;)

Thanks, Simone. Much appreciated...here's to little steps ;-) I like your new profile pic!

You're welcome
Just sharing one of my birthday photo ;)

Beautiful ;-)

Oh, thank you ;)

You don't look a day over 30, Simone!

Thank you, Jeff

Really, Simone! You are very welcome!😎

That's sweet Jeff

Thank you, Simone, but also true too!

I still appreciate you :)

I agree, Jeff!



Thank you, Simone! I appreciate you!


Much appreciated, Susan!

Awesome ;)




Of course, Jeff! 😎

Thanks again, Susan!😎👍

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