Learning Keeps You Young At Heart

Last Update: Sep 20, 2023

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Hi WA Friends,

Do you want to know the secret to staying young? It's actually a simple habit...and one that you're already doing just by being here in the amazing WA community.

Here's the big reveal - learn something new every single day. That's it.

In the words of Henry Ford, "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young."

What do you think about that? Do you know anyone who is chronologically young but seriously old in their thinking?

Conversely, you may know someone senior who has the thinking of someone much younger. Who do you gravitate to?

I have known both and often the differences between these sorts is incredible.

A Dash of This, A Dash of That...

Staying young and healthy definitely requires some effort on your part. A good amount of regular exercise, proper sleep, good nutrition, sunlight and fresh air will be helpful. But keeping your mind sharp is going to pay off in the long run.

A stagnant mind often leads to negative outcomes. So keep yourself on your toes and do yourself a favor. Sharpen your pencil (or laptop) and keep the fires of your mind burning.

Never Stop

Whether it's learning how to do something technically difficult in your online business or something as simple as learning a new word, just learn something new today.

Be that sponge that is eager to soak up knowledge. As Francis Bacon coined the expression..."knowledge is power."

You're only as old as you feel. And trust me when I tell you this, if you keep on being open to learning, you'll never truly get old!

Have a super day!


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Recent Comments


Hey, you are right on, Susan! Also very true that WA helps you find the new things to learn each day, if you wish. I am a living example...my body is old, but my mind is in the prime of life.

Being as old as you feel -- now, that is a different thing entirely. My mind may be young, but the body complains loudly. It does not always feel very young! Good thing at least part of me is holding up okay.

Thanks, Fran! I’m glad you agree. I hear those same words from my loved ones too. As my dad says, it takes a brave soul to age. I’m glad you’re “holding up.” I think you are quite an inspiration.

Hello Susan,

This is so true, learning something every day is a driving force to be reckoned with.

It is a challenge and the rewards are great from learning new skills, that is why I love it here at WA because there is heaps of awesome skills to be had.

Wishing you a wonderful evening.

Kind regards

Hi Erica! I couldn’t agree with you more. Keeping our minds busy will always keep us young and stealthy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Wishing you a wonderful evening too!

Susan 😎🤗

Thanks so much Susan, I am at 12pm middle of the day here now in Queensland Australia, few hours ahead of you my friend!

Erica 🙂🤗

That you are indeeed, Erica. You are half a day ahead for me, my friend! Hope your day is going well.

Susan 😎🤗

Thanks so much Susan, into the new day full of opportunities hopefully!

Keeping up the learning haha

Erica 🙏

Hopefully indeed! The learning awaits haha…🤣

Susan 👍🏻🙏

For sure my friend :)

Hi Susan, you are right. We never stop learning no matter how old we are (learning keeps us younger, thats the truth, Ford got that one right), and we are only as old as we feel. We seniors must remain active with our minds and not let them stagnate. As you say, they do lead to adverse outcomes. Thanks for sharing these thoughts with us.

Hi Brenda…I’m glad you enjoyed it and it’s my pleasure. It is so important to keep up the learning process all throughout life, as you know and it’s hard to see some who think it stops at a certain age. We’re only as old as we think. 😉

Thanks for reading and commenting. Hope all’s well with you.

All is good. Just on a writing streak and keep going.

That’s great, Brenda. Keep up the good work. 👍🏻

Hi Susan

Great post, and so true from a medical point of view! 👍👍👏

You forgot one important point:
Guitar playing keeps us young, too! Lol 😎

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

Hi Frank! Thanks so much…it’s a topic on my mind a lot lately.

Yes, that’s true. How could I forget such an important detail! Playing an instrument is so excellent for brain health, too. Love it!

Rock On!
Susan 😎🎸🤘

Haha, thanks, Susan!

Wishing you and your family all the best in good health. 😎

Frank 🤘🎸

Thanks so much, Frank! Couldn’t resist. Most appreciated and likewise to you and yours.

Susan 😎🎸👍🏻

I must agree with your assessment, Susan! Well said! Happy Hump Day too!



What a compelling “before and after,” Jeff! 👍👍👏

It doesn’t get better than that! 😎

Rock On! 🤘🔥⚡️🔥🤘
Frank 🎸🐫

Thanks, Frank!

I hope your HUMP day went well!


It did, Jeff, and the fun is just starting! Lol

Movie later, something silly like Mars Attacks! Haha😎

Have a great night!
Frank 🎸🤘🐫🤘🎸

Haha, Frank! I loved Mars Attacks!

Enjoy your night too!


Yeah, it’s a great Tim Burton movie!👍👍😎

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

Haha, Jeff. I love that image and I know you share the joy of being young at heart!

Happy Hump Day to you, too!

It certainly is, Frank!

Rock on!


Isn’t that a fun image, Frank? Jeff’s before and after indeed lol. 😎👍🏻👏

You must have a massive movie collection, Frank! I haven’t heard that title in eons lol. Have fun! 😎👍🏻🎸🤘

Thanks, Susan! I simply could not resist!

Hump day is rapidly coming to a close, so I hoe you had a Great one!



It’s perfect for here, Jeff! I did indeed and I hope you did too! Sunny blue skies and soft temps were just glorious. 🐫🐶😹🐶

Lol It really is, Susan! 👍😎

Frank 🤘🎸

Hi, Susan

I have thousands of movies on disk (DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K) that I’ve collected over the past 30 years.

It takes an entire room to store them.

We watch very few streamed movies because the sound is over-compressed crap. Lol

Luckily, my wife loves big-sound action movies and we watch something most every night.😎

Frank 🤘🎸

Sounds very awesome, Susan!


Hi Frank! I kind of suspected you might have a situation like that. Digital just doesn’t cut the mustard for sound. I visualize you sitting there immersed in booming sound that shakes the room lol! Awesome.

Susan 😎👍🏻🎸🍿


Hi, Susan

Now that I'm back on my laptop, I just checked my movie database. I have over 4,300 disks! Crazy, right?? Lol

I have a small 5.1 surround sound setup in my music studio, where I watch music (concert) videos.

My wife and I watch movies in a home theater I built, which is set up as a Dolby Vision, 7.2.4, Dolby Atmos/DTS-X, certified theater environment designed to IMax standards.

It has dedicated amps for every channel. I also designed a center-channel control system to compensate for the size (volume) of the room (See screenshots below).

It has over a hundred audio and power cables, mostly installed behind walls, and a very complex electronically-triggered power management system. Nobody could ever figure out how to properly operate it and adjust settings but me since I designed it from the ground up and have upgraded it over the years.

It started as a VHS tape system back in the early 1990s.

I sampled all elements of the room, including wall, floor, and ceiling materials/textures, as well as furniture, and use this data to create the mathematical models for various types of movies (action, adventure, drama, etc.) and playback media (DVD, Blu-ray, 4K).

If anything significant in the room changes, I update the models for these audio codecs.

I've created some pretty decent models for streaming movies since disks will disappear in the next 2 to 5 years, except for audiophile copies that will probably retail for $100 to $300 each!

We only stream things as a last resort, like TV shows and movies made for Amazon, HBO Max, etc.

Streamed sound is such crap. Each time it gets bounced by satellite from one service provider to another for different geographic regions, etc., it loses sound quality.

Listening on TV speakers or a soundbar doesn't sound terrible, but sophisticated theater systems have a difficult time making sense of the corrupted data that has been compressed again and again to lower the transmission bandwidth.

Some of the movies are very loud, but luckily, we have a lot of land between us and our neighbors. Lol

That's probably a lot more than you ever wanted to know, but I go a little over the top when it comes to music and sound. Hahaha 😎

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

WOW, Frank! I am beyond impressed. This is seriously incredible...not to mention over my pay grade in terms of technical understanding lol. You make any audiophile jealous! What a substantial collection. Hold on to them all as they'll probably be super valuable down the road.

Are discs really doomed? That's a shame. And sad to see all the old-school ways dying off. I'll be sure to hold on to the discs I have for movies and music. The sound simply cannot compare in a streamed format. And there's nothing better than feeling that sound right down to your bones!

Thanks for sharing your deets!

Susan 😎🎸🤘🍿

Nicely done, Frank!


WELL over my pay grade too, Susan! Quite impressive and well earned though!


Thanks, Susan! 🙏

I can’t help it, it’s who I am. Lol

I have to admit that I had some help from a friend and research partner who is a engineering professor whose specialty is in acoustical chaos.

He helped me tweak some of the early mathematical models for the audio codecs in Matlab, years ago.

Now, with the high def “sound object” codecs, like Dolby Atmos and DTS-X, the models are even more complicated because speakers from multiple channels work together to image a particular sound more precisely in three dimensional space.

Yes, unfortunately movies on disk are doomed to extinction because most people would rather stream everything without having to buy or rent them and then return the rental disks.

Do you have Redbox in Canada? They are progressively getting rid of their movie vending machines. They just removed their machine in a nearby Walmart.

Redbox started a movie streaming channel, like so many others.

A lot of electronics companies are halting production of movie disk players because sales have dropped drastically.

You are one of the few people that appreciates the difference between streamed and on-disc sound! Brava!!! 👍👍😎

Rock On!🤘
Frank 🎸🎥🎬🍿

Haha, glad you agree, Jeff! It certainly is though.


Haha, Thanks Jeff! 😎

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

Haha, Thanks, Jeff! 🙏

A Masters degree in biomedical engineering helps! Lol 😎

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

It is true! I have TONS of VHS, DVDs, Laser Discs, etc., but Frank in the man!


You're very welcome, Frank!


Very true, indeed, Frank! Well done!


Lol, we watch a movie most nights, Jeff, and 2 or 3 a day on weekends.

All those movies and my wife still has a problem choosing one. I think it’s because there are too many. Lol

I exported my movie list in the database as a CSV file and had ChatGPT read it. I’ve been telling the AI what kind of movie we’re in the mood for and letting it suggest ten titles.

My wife has been very impressed by “my” choices lately! Haha 😂

Frank 🤘🎸🎥🎬

You can choose, Frank--no need for AI in my opinion!


Isn't THAT amazing, Frank! lol. 😂😂

I doubt many of us could top Frank's collection! I thought we had a lot, but that's a next level. Frank is the man!

Hi Frank! Hats off to you indeed. It is quite impressive and I've love to pick your brain over it. My husband would have acoustic envy lol! He was always a movie man who loved every machine, speaker, gizmo and acoustic device out there. He'd buy every movie he could get his hands on years ago, so we have a few lying around but nothing like your collection.

Redbox disappeared from here years ago. I'm not aware of any place to rent anymore, although I do remember them well when I lived in the south full time. Strange how things change for "convenience" sake, but nothing compares to the original imo.

I guess all this will go into my vintage collection. I still have a few dvd/vcr recording devices lying around if you can imagine. Now I'm just dating myself lol. Those toys back in the day were so fun! Here's to appreciating the difference indeed.

Rock On! 🤘
Susan 🥂😎🎸

I have literally thousands of movies, but not in the updated formats, Susan! A lot of the oldies are still sealed too!

Frank is a lot more organized than I am though!


I can relate, Jeff! Now I find myself wanting to view old materials but there's no modern support for it. Frank is WAY more organized than us both!

Say, you wouldn't happen to have in your stash, a new mini DVD recorder that can support those old mini tapes would you? I'm in need of a backup.\


She seems to be happier with the AI choices, Jeff. Lol

However, AI is also cross-referencing with critic reviews. 😎

Frank 🤘🎸

He is, indeed, Susan! Btw, my daily post posted early if you want to take advantage. I am going to catch a nap!


Yeah, but I can’t say I’m surprised, Susan. Lol 😂

Frank 🤘🎸

Ah, I see! There are more lawsuits coming for AI, it seems. Just watched it on the news, Frank!


Haha, I’m a bit of a movie hoarder, Susan! 😃

Frank 🤘🎸

Hi, Susan

It seems like your husband has a bit of the sound addiction, too! 👍👍

Hang onto all your movies and players.

I think that when all the disks and movies theaters are gone that it’ll cost a fortune to stream movies that are new and old.

I remember renting movies on VHS and if the tape was crumpled up in a spot the video and audio would go haywire.

I’d stop watching the movie and buy my own new copy. Haha

Those tapes seemed ok on standard definition TVs back then, but try playing one on a high definition screen and you’ll be appalled at the picture quality! Lol

I do have several music concerts that I copied from VHS to DVD because they weren’t available in that format.

I love that movie “Be Kind, Rewind,” where the guy gets magnetized and accidentally erases all the tapes in the movie store.

Haha, it doesn’t really take much to amuse me! 😎

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

Hi, Susan

If you have a tape player and a computer with a DVD burner, you can make a backup, assuming the original doesn’t have copy protection. 😎

Frank 🤘🎸

AI is bound to eventually turn into a legal nightmare, Jeff.

Still, it’s an unstoppable reality of life that will inevitably change the face of this planet.

Let’s hope it will be mostly for the better, but that’s up to us!

We can’t really blame technology for the bad things we decide to do with it.

Things were much simpler in the old days! Lol 😂

Frank 🤘🎸

Definitely, no surprise lol. 😂

Heading there now, Jeff! Enjoy your snooze. 🥱

I would say you are, Frank! 👀😂

Yes, very true.

That's some good advice, Frank. I will hang on to them. I haven't seen that movie before but it sounds funny. It's good to be lighthearted. Ah, the old days. Simplicity was everything.

Rock On! 🤘
Susan 🎸

I was just going to say, hopefully for the better, but that doesn't seem to promising, in my opinion! Yes, things were a lot simpler then!


Will do, Susan!😴

Lol 😂🤣

Hi, Susan

The movie features Jack Black.

They try to recreate all the movies with a camcorder on a back lot as customers come in to rent them.

Really stupid in a amusingly kind of way.😎

Frank 🎸



Totally got the picture now. I’ll keep it in mind when I need a total diversion lol. 😎🤣

Hi Frank! I have done that in the past. But now I’m trying to figure out converting old mini dvd camcorder home video to a digital format. 🤔 Not the easiest to take analog to digital.

Susan 😎🎸

Hi, Susan

You can connect the mini DVD camcorder to a DVD burner and use the appropriate software to make the transfer and any edits you might want.

Here are some links you might find useful:



The second link is an example of software that will convert the MiniDV analog format to DVD. You can use a stand-alone DVD recorder or a DVD burner inside your computer. The software makes the analog to digital
(A to D) conversion.
Many software packages will do this. The free ones don't typically give very good results.

Also, there are online services that do it for you:



Let me know how you make out. 😎

Frank 🤘🎸

Wow, Frank! Is there anything you don’t have a solution for lol?! I really appreciate your ideas here, as I have a large project ahead of me that I need to get tackling. Thanks so much for the resources. I’ll definitely have a look and let you know. 😎👍🏻

Susan 😉🎸

So happy I could help, Susan!

That’s definitely the tech you need.

If you decide to use a transfer service I’m sure you can find one in Canada in your vicinity.

Looking forward to learning the outcome. 😎

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

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