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Last Update: Oct 28, 2012


When writing articles you need to give your visitor value in what you write and have something for them to take away that will have them wanting to use the article and thus generate traffic for you.

From that point on, after posting it people will look at what you write and hopefully use it as an article they need on their site or post or whatever they are going to use it for.

There are two basic ways to make money writing articles. You can write for others or you can write for yourself.

It always depend on the quality of your writing. Writing articles is not just putting words and sentences together, everyone with good writing skills can do that.

It must be written in a way that effectively communicates to the reader and at the same time interesting to read. It also depends on how well you research for content. Sadly many put the burden on writers to research and make an article on a topic that is unfamiliar to them.

the article must be useful to the reader. It should provide them with a benefit they can visualise, or offer something of value to them that is applicable and relevant to their lives or businesses. It should be something they can relate to easily

Making money writing articles online isn't easy. It takes a lot of work, time, and patience. And at the beginning, very little in return.

Writing about anything and everything means that the article will only bring in a moderate amount of traffic but not enough make it worth the effort I put out.

In order to get the most money for your articles then you need to write them relatively well.

You don't need to be a savvy marketer or a great writer in order to accomplish this. however.

First of all just make sure that you are using correct grammar and error free.

You want your article to be original and offer quality content.

Our time is important also and if you are multi tasking, have another job, and just little time to sit and write articles then assistance is essential.

I was writing my own articles for a while but that became increasingly burdensome and time consuming. Then, I sometimes use someone who writes articles but that becomes expensive.

There's many ways to save time writing articles so you really need to do your research on writing articles that are effective and how you can do it quickly and effectively.

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I really enjoyed your writing, as a new WA member, I am trying to distinguish the difference between a successful engaging campaign, and a campaign that offers no value to the reader.