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October 28, 2012
When writing articles you need to give your visitor value in what you write and have something for them to take away that will have them wanting to use the article and thus generate traffic for you.From that point on, after posting it people will look at what you write and hopefully use it as an article they need on their site or post or whatever they are going to use it for.There are two basic ways to make money writing articles. You can write for others or you can write for yourself.It always
 A Start - A Little Success A New Company and 4 New Clients All Because of WA. Just wanted to let all of the new people that have started here at WA and those that have been members that may still be looking for their first sale that Sometimes, you just jump right out and do it. Sometimes it takes a little while but if you use the training tools here at WA and take advantage of the Wonderful advanced members that reach out with their valuable information WA will get YOU moving in th
January 12, 2011
If You're New To WA and Wondering If you Can Do It. YES YOU CAN!  I haven't been blogging much lately but I thought I would put in a good word for Wealthy Affiliates people especially the newer members to WA. I had been struggling with all of the tons of information on the internet on how to make money and market.  How to find niches, how to blog and didn't even understand or know about article marketing. If the newbies keep on track, make a plan, follow the training and especially
December 23, 2010
Happy Holiday Season Just wanted to reach out to all of us that are enjoying and celebrating the Holiday Season right now. I send you many blessings. For those of us that celebrated Christmas MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. Bill
How To Convert A PowerPoint  Presentation Into A Video All you need is a copy of Microsoft Power Point (any version) and the ppt file.  You will also need a webcam or microphone if you want to have audio or video in your presentation. Let get started: First, open your Power Point presentation file inside PowerPoint and switch to slide show menu to setup the exact time duration for each slide.  You have two choices here: Use Record Narration if you want to include audio in you
                        A Quick PLan                       Take The Action                    Creates The Income Sitting around studying and training is ok but it doesn't cre