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Last Update: March 24, 2016

That caught me too - 'UNOPTIONAL'. I've been in this forum for barely 3 days and I can't help but say it has been an amazing experience. I hope to show briefly, why upgrading to Premium was not optional for me. and most importantly, why Kyle and Carson do not buy my "unoptional" approach to an upgrade.

As a hungry and passionate surfer, I came online just to discover new, simple, pragmatic and tested forms of making money through affiliate marketing. This has been a great passion and for months, I've experimented with some platforms, which offered great promises, but sucked me dry at first sight, not minding that I was in need, which was the very reason for joining the group.


You join a business because you need money, and on your 'first date', you become far poorer than you were with little or no hopes of a recovery. More so, you are advised to take it in good fate as nothing good comes easy. Well, with Wealthy Affiliate, I've come to prove them wrong.

So, how have I proved this?


I came to Wealthy Affiliate through the least amount of coercion. Joined at no cost and within 3 days, I've received such trainings that cost me over $400 at Empower Network, and $594 at Dubli Network. Such a shame. I guess I should be whipped the Roman 40 strokes minus 1. I'm kidding though. I'm not sure I can endure the pain. But the point is this. I'm getting more out of nothing. Well, as if that was not enough, WA offers the most unreasonable Premium on the net.

Honestly, what it will cost me at WA to work for one year, making my hundeds of thousands of Dollars (Just watch me grow), is far cheaper than what I need to be a Business Associate in other affiliate programs. Just under $400 if I make a one time purchase...and that's all.


I was amazed to discover that all I had to do was make a one time upgrade, which is renewed monthly. That's all! Sounds so true to be true. Sometimes, we get so used to scams that we lose taste of the real deal. This is it. No scams.


Within 3 days, I am not just able to understand how to make money online, but I own and run a website, AND COULD HAVE 49 MORE WEBSITES IF I NEED THEM. More so, I have just set up an ever-ending funnel of financial freedom with tons of resources. This is truly a game changer.


Anyone who has ever joined an affiliate program will agree that one ofthe biggest challenge is finding support. You'll need to be guided through each step. Well at WA, it goes beyond what is written in tutorial or what's said in the videos. We have real-time support and this is PRICELESS. I daily felt like I'm on Facebook with my Friends chatting away on a never-ending project.

The support is amazing.

The detailed information is unmatched.

The prompt response is humbling.

The passion to help me succeed is undoubtedly satisfying.

What more can I say? An upgrade was most "unoptional".


From the welcome video, I felt the humble servant's voice speaking to me, patiently taking me through each step. There has never been any form of coercion. WA is more focused on the duty at hand than the money they'd make. Why make such a defence for the group? After all, I've just been here for just 3 days. Anyone is free to wonder why I'm so passionate about this and my answer is simple: I've seen a lot of disservice to know when I see a good one. Kyle and Carson are out here to serve and that's all that matters. For this single reason, I believe an upgrade was left optional.

Will I want to change this if I ever happen to make the calls on how WA is run?

No way! I've learnt from these worthy bosses, and I'll only reproduce what I've learnt. They believe that if anyone is convinced enough to take the next step, then it's worth it. I was duly convinced, so I had an upgrade.

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate, where an upgrade is practically optionally unoptional.

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Missa3 Premium
What a wonderful bird's eye view from someone who was only with us for 3 days. What WA has to offer speaks for itself; you just need to get in the door.

Very nice post WG!

WealthyGates Premium
Thanks Debra. You're such an encouragement. I wonder why I didn't start off earlier with WA than all others I gampbled with. Well, I learnt that the best time to plant your tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is today. No regrets...just moving forward. Enjoy your day.
Missa3 Premium
preciousns Premium
What an awesome post! I really enjoyed reading that. I feel myself getting excited for you that you've gained so much in just 3 days of joining! :). Wealthy Affiliate is totally the real deal! Congrats on making it to premium! All the best
WealthyGates Premium
O thanks a lot! I'm so pumped. It's good to acknowledge the change WA offers and I can't just sweep it under the carpet. We'll keep moving forward!