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I clicked the tab and it landed me on a Site which claimed to help me build a business that will last a lifetime. It never promised to be simple, but reinforced its commitment to walk me through the stages of my success. This was many days ago, and Wealthy Affiliate has not failed in their promise. Yet, I've had my most confused, stressed and desparate week. I was so confused with the idea of building and running a website because I was such a novice.More so, I was so stressed because I've had
“Success is a Succession of Starting Step. If you Stop Starting, You’ll Stop Succeeding” – Nnanna Uma.When I joined Wealthy Affiliate barely 10 days ago, I had a dream. I had a dream of owning a business. I had a dream of joining the team of network marketers who make thousands of dollars in a month. I had a dream of working at my own pace and leverage the internet to turn my pains in to gain. I have always known that I was going to be free from the rat-race 8-8 shifts a
March 14, 2016
That caught me too - 'UNOPTIONAL'. I've been in this forum for barely 3 days and I can't help but say it has been an amazing experience. I hope to show briefly, why upgrading to Premium was not optional for me. and most importantly, why Kyle and Carson do not buy my "unoptional" approach to an upgrade. As a hungry and passionate surfer, I came online just to discover new, simple, pragmatic and tested forms of making money through affiliate marketing. This has been a great passion and for month