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Trust is like an Eraser that gets smaller and smaller after every mistake!

People think we build trust which is true also, yet trust starts pure with hope, caring, understanding and eventually love. It will be broken if we are not transparent enough and do not care enough !

So are you really transparent enough in your business? Or do you over time as you become successful become less transparent with your customers, and others who helped you get there?

When you make a mistake do you acknowledge that mistake?

Less transparency in what you do in life will cause TRUST to erode and the success you have will erode with it!

Keep your word and success will continue to build along with your Trust!

Stay true!

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The eraser is an excellent analogy!

Appreciate the reply Cathy.

Great post, William!


You're welcome!

I can relate to that view with new restaurants. Many restaurants start out with a bang and after a while it isn't the way it was when they started. But once it starts, it doesn't last long. Very Good Post Wdcope.

thanks for your comment.

I like the quote:

"Trust takes years to build,
seconds to break
and years to repair"

My wife has built her business up over a number of years. Her industry is notorious for 'here to day and gone tomorrow'. We set out right at the start with the simple philosophy that if you say you're going to do something then you do it. If you're going to be somewhere at a certain time, then you make sure you are.

If we don't have our 'word', then we have nothing.

Enjoyed your post, thank you.

I have mixed views on the "trust" thing in affiliate marketing / online business. I mean yes I completely get of course confidence in the websites is absolutely required for people to use them.

But I am not convinced the tactics marketers have been pushing the last several years are needed. Why? Do we see any of that on the bulk of sites? eBay, Amazon, countless specialty ecommerce sites... and even membership and other individual-operated sites including some affiliate marketers who do extremely well... have minimal stuff on them as far as personal info goes.

It's much like email marketing. Always touted as the #1 way to build know, like and trust (and I have used it years ago with some success) and yet the majority of people using it have very little success compared to some other affiliates who do not use email marketing in their affiliate marketing businesses and yet they make tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Trust is important but I think it has been twisted by marketers just as a way to pitch more strategies, sell more courses, more tools, etc.

Depending in which blogs you read and perhaps click on their offers. I have several I have gotten to know by asking questions and commenting. I research and they are also now Facebook friends. I feel it's up to us to determine the trust as a two way issue not one way. Do you go into a store and buy something off the shelf and trust it's not out dated by you liking them.?

Amazon and similar online stores are different in the fact we determine trust by our own due diligence. I actually think that 20 years ago trust of buying online was harder. We can look up reviews more now, and research more now and then create our trust overall.

Things are different but I firmly believe better. Personalize our sites and you will see increased sales based on the buyers and readers trust in you.
Best to you and your success.

I can see it. It's like a 50/50 thing for me. Because most of the time when I am researching information I just read the content and based on that I either connect with it or not. Yet there are times if I find some very interesting information in an article I do check the About Me to gain some insight into who wrote it.

I think a lot of it is stuff is always great when the majority are not doing it. When "everyone" starts doing the same thing saying the same things it just becomes meaningless or even annoying. Like with email again... at one time I opted in to some email lists now I am burned out on seeing opt-in forms popping up, sliding in, or just on the page to begin with of so many sites. And the sites that do NOT do that stand out to me much more just because they are different.

Anyway thanks and I wish you only the best of success too!

I agree some of these processes can be repetitive and boring, which is why many have VA's to do this work when they can afford it. Some write vary little and like the marketing or training more than writing articles.
Take care,

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