Knowledge, Wisdom & Success

Last Update: December 05, 2016

There is a Code that explains most things.

Most things have a Code that provides Understanding & Success.

Most Codes can be Decoded.

Some Codes consist of only a few Puzzle-Pieces.

Other Codes consist of an infinite number of Puzzle-Pieces.

The more Puzzle-Pieces that are Mastered, the more complete the Decoding.

The more complete the Decoding, the more complete the Mastering…Success.

It is important to know which Codes you want/need to Decode.

Most Codes have already been Decoded.

It is important to Master the Puzzle-Pieces which will Decode a Code.

It is important to know which Codes need to be Decoded in order to provide the desired Result.

It is important to know the desired Result.

Knowing the desired Result is the starting point.

The Puzzle-Pieces must be Curated, Organized & Mastered in order to Decode Codes for Successful Results.

Successful Results culminates in Knowledge, Wisdom & Success.

Things that are known are called Knowns.

Things that are unknown are called Unknowns.

There are Known Knowns.

There are Unknown Knowns.

There are Known Unknowns.

There are Unknown Unknowns.

Knowns & Unknowns have Codes & can be Decoded.

Knowledge, Wisdom & Success can consist of both Knowns & Unknowns.


Does any of this make sense or am I loosing it?

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MPollock Premium
Great share thanks, buddy
onmyownterms Premium
It makes sense to those that understand paradox.