Freedom and Responsibility

Last Update: May 04, 2018

A lot of you know that my niche is in the Trucking Industry. On my website I talk about issues relating to the Trucking Industry.

Over the years there have been many new regulations, rules and changes to the industry. One of the new regulations that went into effect this year was the ELD Mandate. This new regulation made it mandatory that all drivers use the Electronic Logging Device.

The ELD is a computer that is wired directly into a tractors' engine. This can record the movement of the vehicle. It will record when you are driving, idling or when the vehicle is parked. If you picture a flight recorder in an airplane, this is pretty much what this is.

All of these new regulations came about because of continued abuse of the hours of service regulations by drivers and companies. The rules state that a driver may drive 11 hours and then take a 10-hour break, but in the interest of making more money, a lot of people did not abide by these rules. When there is constant abuse by a few the government steps in and makes an attempt to fix it.

All of us know the government does not fix anything, just creates more confusion and that is what is happening in the Trucking Industry now. There are too many types of trucking and all drivers are not the same, so it is impossible to make one rule to fit all.

With all that has happened in the Trucking Industry, I think about what all has happened these last few months with the internet and Social Media. The big data breach with Facebook and just the other day Twitter is saying a lot of passwords had been comprised, a couple that come to mind.

With freedom a person has to be responsible and do what is right to protect those freedoms. All we have to do is look at the confusion over in Europe with the GDPR where everyone is trying to figure it out and make sure they are complying.

I know we are all responsible here at Wealthy Affiliate and we all love our freedom. Let’s continue to talk about responsibility and try to weed out all the bad players trying to take advantage of the good people in this world!

The internet is probably the greatest invention of our time, we don’t want the government messing it all up!

Best to all! Wayne

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Dhind1 Premium
Good analogy Wayne. We do not want regulation on the internet.
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Great point Wayne!!

Tried and True

dbriley Premium
Thanks for the post. It does make you wonder why people sabotage our freedoms.
AlexEvans Premium
Technology is ringing in some changes all over, as marketers, it is about adapting to meet those changes. One of the problems in all industries is that legislation and rules are set to control the few who push the envelop unfortunately they impact on the many who play by the rules.

An insightful post, Wayne thank you for sharing.
laurenjean Premium
Thoughtful, insightful post, Wayne. Thanks for sharing.