Twisted Fing Sister!

Last Update: January 15, 2017

Have you ever watched this documentary?

I just watched it yesterday and found it quite interesting.

I didn't know the details and history of the band, I just learned of them after they became successful and mainstream.

There's a lot of great things to learn in their story.

I definitely recommend giving it a look.

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JohnnyMark1 Premium Plus
Where did you see the documentary?
Wayne Wallace Premium
JohnnyMark1 Premium Plus
I found and watched it after first reading your post here. I just watched it again with my son. I found it very interesting. From way back, I already had two of their records. I wish they hadn't made themselves up the way they did. They didn't need to! They Rocked! That's all that really mattered. The makeup and wardrobes hurt them with the record deals. - John
rosieM Premium
I have learned that when one takes the time to go 'behind the scenes' with many of today's groups....the most amazing things are discovered. Just wish a more positive message was given to the impressionable....