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I found some good deals at #Goodwill today! I found a $120 Logitech Headset for $9.99 and a $120 Samsonite Carry On Spinner Bag for $9.99 Both like brand new! Score! What kind of deals have you found?What kind of deals have you found?
"Work part time on your job, work full time on your fortune." -- Jim RohnWhich one are you working on today? #makeithappen #fireyourboss
January 15, 2017
Have you ever watched this documentary?I just watched it yesterday and found it quite interesting.I didn't know the details and history of the band, I just learned of them after they became successful and mainstream.There's a lot of great things to learn in their story.I definitely recommend giving it a look.
January 01, 2017
Have you made your plans for 2017 yet?I created my business plan and my goals for 2017 in December.I wish you all the success you desire in 2017!If you need any help with defining your goals for 2017 let me know.
December 19, 2016
6:30am is my favorite time of day with a homemade Cafe Latte and a good book and a reminder of why I get up excited every day freedom. Next time you take a sip of coffee or read a good book or think about #freedom promise that you will think about this post and come visit my blog.
September 26, 2016
Leave a comment below and tell me about your dream job. Thank you in advance.
September 24, 2016
What is your hustle?Maybe you sell a product or serviceMaybe you write blog postsMaybe you recruit people into your businessMost likely your business is number based.Start thinking of your business in a quarter by quarter basis. We are coming into the 4th quarter. A mentor of mine suggested to download a countdown app from your favorite app store and put in on your phone home screen so you see it every day. Then set quarterly goals for yourself. Work backwards from where you want to be. I did j
I had the opportunity to attend the CISCO event today in Las Vegas. Actually I'll be there all week doing photography. The main stage and key note general session was amazing. 18,000 packed into the MGM Arena and overflow rooms to hear the new things CISCO is rolling out. People from all over the world are here in attendance this week. Today one of the sessions was all about network security and how big of an issue it is for a company like CISCO and how they are providing enterprise solutions f
August 20, 2016
I attended a seminar yesterday on #cyber #security and the speaker gave a lot of information about #hacking and #cybercrime and how it's on the rise and the serious problem that is has become for individuals and businesses of all sizes large and small.Here's a shocking statistic - 26% of you will be breached in the next 24 months!Here's some quick tips- Have a daily backup of your computers- Have a good virus protection program- Have a firewall of some type- Have a good password manager and dif
I recently started reading this with my business group. We meet weekly to discuss the book and what we learned. If you are looking to reach a certain goal in your business or personal life this book will help you focus on what's important and what's not.I will give you simple tools the help you organize your team of people whether they are employees or just a loose team of people working on a common goal.It's great for big businesses as well as solo entrepreneurs working by themselves.I'm liste