My Wealthy Affiliate Journal

Last Update: May 27, 2014

5/27/14 - I've been pretty busy lately with my photography business and some other personal things. Have not had much time for WA. I hope to be back in full force soon. Thank you all for the continued comments and messages.

4/19/14 - I can now create training materials as I've made it past the 3 month mark. More to come soon.

4/7/14 - I've got my first sale only 299 more to go to Vegas!

4/3/14 - Website stats for my marketing webinar website.

1/1/14 - 4/3/14

  • Unique Visitors - 130
  • Registered for Webinar - 86
  • Active Subscribers - 76
  • Organic Traffic - 19
  • Social Visits - 13

Also 5 people texted from my review page so I know they read it, it's the only place I publish my contact info.

3/24/14 - Wow! My rank is 4! How did that happen?

3/9/14 - My rank has jumped up to 8 as of this writing.

3/4/14 - Today is a special day! I slipped into the ranks of Ambassadorship! Here's the post I made

1/30/14 - Got my first credit today for a referral filling out their profile.

1/27/14 - I broke the 100 rank! I'm 94 now! I'm setting a new goal of becoming an Ambassador in 2014 and going to Vegas for the annual conference in 2015 with over 3,000 in sales and riding in style in the Rolls Royce.

1/16/17 - I became a Jaaxy Enterprise member.

and love this tool, it's a must have tool for any internet marketer owner.

1/15/14 - Update, I was typing the above post I had my first referral setup a free account. Yay!

1/14/14 - I've got about 50 followers, thank you for following me. ;-)

1/14/14 - Became a Premium member.

1/11/14 - Joined WA as a free member.

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Kyle Premium
Awesome Wayne, I think you are going to really love Premium and going forward and as you work through the training, you are going to make some wonderful progress.

Remember, success is the result of "action" and "hard work". Everything else you have here at WA to facilitate you along the way, and if you add those two items to the mix you are going to do very well! :)
Wayne Wallace Premium
Thanks Kyle!
jimisbell Premium
Way to go ace. It gets better with hard work and dedication. Welcome brother!
Wayne Wallace Premium
Thanks Bro!
@RICH. Premium
Hey Wayne, welcome to WA and to Premium, here's wishing you every success! :) Rich.
didihorizon Premium
Congratulation, keep it up!
nathaniell Premium
1/14/15 - Profitable website...I just quit my job...and bought an Congrats on premium, welcome to the family :)
Wayne Wallace Premium
Thanks, I quit my job back in 2002, actually I got laid off, becoming a photographer was a choice and change of careers for me. So everything you see of my photography business has been created from the ground up since 2002. Now I'm working on my Internet Business so I can l buy that island!!!!!