Jetpack had been making my site slow all the time zzz...

Last Update: December 20, 2013

I love Jetpack's functionally but when I heard Rich saying something about P3 plugin and tried it, I found out that it is a resource hog.

And even after you uninstalled it, the loading time is still long.

So, if anyone has uninstalled jetpack, you need to remove the css and js from jetpack..

I tried the method described in the above link and my page load decreased by 3 seconds.


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LIfeswealth Premium
Thanks! Where do I find the php page?
wanzulfikri Premium
Make sure you backup your website first and check the following website to see whether you still have existing jetpack scripts not removed:

Insert your website and click test now.

Scroll down and you can see that there is some list of css and scripts and stuff.

The ones that slows your website is the ones that is red and usually it is jetpack if you hover over it.

Then, go to your dashboard and go to appearance. Pick 'editor'.

You will see that after you click it , at the right of the page there is something called Theme Functions with the word "function.php" under it.

Click that and follow the instruction in my post.

But if your website is still fast, you don't need to do this actually.
georama Premium
Thanks for the info.
dmag99 Premium
Helpful - thanks, i will avoid the JPack!
SamTea Premium
Thanks for the tip, Wan.
Carson Premium
Jetpack is totally bloated and we've commented on this a number of times here at WA how we do not recommend this plugin at all. There is nothing within the plugin that you actually need and when you install it you're installing all kinds of functionally that can totally kill your page load times as you've experienced.

How about deleting the plugin altogether? Does this not delete the CSS and Javascript for the plugin?

wanzulfikri Premium
Ya, it didn't delete the css and js altogether so I needed to add some codes into function.php.