Google Dumped Me

Last Update: Jun 7, 2023

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Good morning everyone.

I slept in this morning and am just sitting down having my first sip of coffee and waiting on my breakfast to arrive.

I think she is making cereal this morning with toast from the oven which I haven't had in years. My aunt used to make it like that when I was young and it was sooo good.

So, as I was laying around this morning I got to thinking of something I may want to write about once I dragged myself out of bed.

Well for what ever reason Google and how bad she has treated me over the years came up. I know she is really pretty but I think I hate her.

How do I know she's pretty? Well, Diane showed me a picture of her the other day and she is gorgeous. But why does she have to be so mean?

Why do I say she is mean?

Well about 20 years ago "give or take a few years" when I first met her I decided I wanted to play around with her a little so I created some Ads with her.

I didn't create just a couple Ads. I went big and created probably close to 100 Ads. I was trying my best to impress her.

And it must of worked because she was giving me all kinds of Google love. All I wanted to do all day long was play around with her and watch them clicks on my Ads.

It was addicting and I became obsessed with her. I was spending every dime I had on her and she was giving me 1000's of clicks every day.

I thought we could go on like this forever.

But then one day with out any warning she dumped me. It was devastating for me. I didn't know what to do.

I called her over and over but she wouldn't answer.

I tried emailing her but no response.

I even tried going to her house. "she had me arrested" am not kidding.

After spending the night in jail I decided that It might be best to move on before I get myself in some serious troubles.

Turns out she was just using me for my money all along.

That is why I hate her. She Can Stick It Where The Sun Don't Shine

I will never give her another dime.

I take that back.

I learned a long time ago Never Say Never it can bite you in the ___.

Well that is my story "some of it is true"

Google really did suspend 100s of thousands accounts without any warning.

I can't remember the year but it devastated the affiliate marketing community.

To your success,


P.S. Guess what?

Now I am playing around with the Bing & Yahoo twins

Mrs Google, isn't she pretty.

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Hi Kirk,

Well then, that was not nice of her at all! Thanks for the giggles!
I will be introducing myself to the ad twins this weekend. I am hoping all
goes well.

Have a wonderful day!

I will let them know that you will be stopping by and to not be giving you hard time.

Sounds good! It is appreciated! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Appreciate the laugh, you weave a great story around misfortune. :)

You have to shake your head at how these large companies will ban you and never tell you what you actually did to cause it. A pretty bold statement by the company in its vision it can't be replaced.

Like yourself, when a company does this to me, I stop any further interaction. I remember one day I was logging into my Facebook account. This was many years ago.

I only interacted with family on there, and played some games from time to time. I would follow some so I could read their posts, but was pretty much of a lurker.

I also want to add half of my friends list have the same last name.

So I try logging in, and and it wont let me. Says I need to provide proof with government ID that I am who I say I am. I already know that any examination of my account shows all the others with my last name vouch for me, and even back then Facebook had a large enough profile on me based on my visits to websites with their share button as well as my IP to know it was me.

Nope, not going to do it. Buh bye Facebook. You overshot your play.

Having said all that, do I think they cared back then (or even now hah hah) that I left.


But one day there is likely to be so many like me that a rival will show up.



I was in a silly mood this morning glad you had a giggle.

I've not faired well with pretty. Every time I messed with pretty, I ended up giving way more than I got.

And like all the big girls, there's no reasoning with them. You do it their way or cut ties completely.

I have to say it was fun while it lasted

For sure. I had my struggles with Google just recently. I’m done with them. I had pretty good luck with Microsoft . I’ll stick with them.

If the twins dump me I don't what I would do,lol

Here's a chat with Mrs Google.

Thanks for posting that, Diane

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