In Vegas with Marcus

Last Update: November 05, 2010

Hey guys,

Yesterday I was sorting out some home video and came across the video that I took at the WA Conference in Las Vegas last year.

So I decided to upload them to Youtube and make a few snippets available to members here at WA! Please note that they are short clips because they are straight from my high def camera, so the files were pretty big. I hope you enjoy!

Great view some 35,000ft above the Atlantic ocean

Landing in Vegas...sorry for the poor camera's pretty bumpy landing at McCarren Airport!

2 mins in a taxi and you arrive at the MGM!

The HUGE entrance hall inside the MGM

Everything sparkles inside the MGM

It even has a lion enclosure!

Outside the MGM (if you can hear me mumbling, I was talking about how people would rather use the escalator than the steps!)

This one will stay with me forever...early in the morning watching the sunrise over Vegas from my hotel room...MAGICAL!

Heading up to the super secure Skylofts at the MGM.Also includes the inside of Kyle & Carson's Skyloft apartment, and views from their window

Watching planes land from Kyle & Carson's Skyloft at the top of the MGM

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lovin_life67 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
Zane Premium
This so reminds me of home. I grew up in AZ and it's a lot like that. Not many trees, the Gorgeous sunrises that take up 1/2 the skyline. Even though I've been to Vegas more than a few times, I REALLY want to go and stay in the MGM Grand, talk "turkey" with K&C, ETC. And to see all the changes. They've knocked down a few hotels since I was there so it's changed a bit.

Great videos and real motivation for many of us I suspect.
jatdebeaune Premium
Never been to Las Vegas. These videos give me a nice feel for the place. One of my favorite movies from the 80's is "One From the Heart" by Francis Ford Coppola. It got bad reviews, but made Las Vegas look so interesting. Thank you Marcus.
Neil Little Premium
Cool video's Marcus.

sophia13 Premium
I watched those with great interest, thank you for posting, wish you a great weekend ~