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Last Update: November 11, 2017

The biggest hold up is my About You post. It is also the most Read page on most sites. I have continually added posts. I am just not happy about that one post. I cannot submit for review. If I do not submit for review and first review two sites, I cannot move on. I am doing two trainings at once. Because one has a different viewpoint than the other.

The lessons will continue. I have skipped past not checking off the last two actions in that one training.

Tonight I began rearranging the post. It does not matter the ups and downs. It matters that I get past this hurrdle. Yes I am shy about this. Shy is actually a great word. No one uses this word much anymore.

So what is the problem? I am not happy with the about you being more sales than just introducing myself, how do I introduce myself and stay out of the past. Though I have lots to give me authority. Including Sales. Real reason is that I have to be able to like (not love) and be able to live with my about you post. Not just this one but each one for sites in the very real future. Each will have to be different. I am not experienced more than two months with WA yet I have great things to impart to my visitor/reader.

So this is what I have to do. Everything I have typed and published so far i have not liked. So I started tonight. At the moment I have two to three directions my post was going more content for two more posts once I rearrange. Rearrange. Rewrite.

Inhale, exhale, inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale....I have confidence And I will have it done in a very short time. Two days max, since I have a busy schedule.

If there is any tip or experience you have or had, feel free to share, I am listening.

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JeannineC Premium
Be genuine! Let the reader know why you chose to create this site, what makes you an expert on the topic, why you love it so much. This will help people know they can trust what you are saying in your posts.
VSinatra Premium
Sorry took so long I agree. I hope I was able to do a better job! Thank you for your input. I think I did much better!
JasonHeard Premium
I was just reading up on this myself and think the blog post below will give you plenty of ideas to creating an About Page that you are satisfied with:

This is a fellow WA members website and do keep in mind, the About Page or any other page can always be revisited and rearranged at another time.

I wouldn't get too hung up here, and don't worry about it being "perfect".
VSinatra Premium
I redid it, I can live with and am much more pleased. The first one, I was so excited, I do not think anyone who would come to read could reach that heigth of excitement quick enough to continue. I am excited still, at my journey and all...but even I had a hard time trying to read it. I could not so I redid and am better positioned to clean up any other post! Ty
paulgoodwin Premium
Hello and do not get uptight about this OK

Please snd me the link to the about page and I will be happy to help

VSinatra Premium
Sorry wanted to PM but all the titles pop up to read this or that unsure I know how to work a PM that I generate myself lol,