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March 11, 2018
shamrock means young a lot of businesses a new person just learning and getting experience is or was called a green pea...newbie...I am sure that is how I'm viewed here. Always making mistakes. Yet learning until that maturity begins to take hold.So, I was not planning on writing a post right now. Yet now is the best time. I can honestly say that I have had one obstacle after another every single night after work to deal with. All hindering me and my time to get the things I had
I want to let the new members know how important it is to show your work so you can get a different perspective.(Be sure to read to the end for today's update 01-22-18)I tried various themes and got the same different...problems with menus hoping each them would give me what I was looking for...well I don't have time to waste right? Right! And this isn't about my menus :)))) This is about showing your work.. I came to the training where to check off the list I must put a link and
on track moved from 1143 in one day to 837. Both certification and Affiliate Bootcamp moved past 2. Yesss! It is good to know we can at anytime return because when you decide to open a new website youve forgotten what needs to be done... so it was the other day! Anyhoo its been a very long week after Christmas. Glad you all are here, I could not get past some of these hurdles without uour help. I am very grateful and I really appreciate the answers...In the last two days Have written so
December 24, 2017
I looked up success versus learning because some success can be considered just learning by the successful...what I found was really quite funny!So success as a noun or rather a proper noun is "a town in Arkansas"and learning is "(unaccountable) an act in which something is learned" per my research leading to a comparison site of words wikiidif. If you want a versus this and that I don't say I recommend it, I will say it worked when I did a search for words that we seem to use so easily when d
December 05, 2017
Quick updateBlack Friday technically Saturday... became an annual member.I wrote my first review for someone and I was thrilled when I saw what I was going to be reviewing. I think I did a good job it was a good two pages with spaces of course.And all of that is important, yet just as important, is that things are starting to click and come together. The pieces of these puzzling words and information I am learning, are starting to fit together.I have been a member here about two and a half mont
When you are stumpedThe "Re's" can help.Below are words and actions that can assist you and help you get going again. The dictionary says: Re- is a prefix meaning again. Also means again and again. You do it daily for small problems you are not even aware that you are engaging in problem solving. THIS SHOULD HELP!RePrioritizeWhat are your Priorities for your Website? ReThinkwhat was your initia visualization for your website before it was even created?ReMasteris there an area you tho
November 24, 2017
Life is Wonderful!Oh goodness it is Black Friday Thanksgiving Day is over and Christmas is ahead and coming quickly. I haven't been on for a while cuz I have been very busy trying to get together what I want to do on my two sites one is not really active right now. looking toake it active with more content and actual items to write about and drive some traffic over to it soon enough.Doing Two sites in order to experience both trainings. I recommend one site first. in this case I did one site
November 11, 2017
The biggest hold up is my About You post. It is also the most Read page on most sites. I have continually added posts. I am just not happy about that one post. I cannot submit for review. If I do not submit for review and first review two sites, I cannot move on. I am doing two trainings at once. Because one has a different viewpoint than the other. The lessons will continue. I have skipped past not checking off the last two actions in that one training. Tonight I began rearranging the
Houston Astros win The World Series for The first Time!This means a lot! To me, to Houston, to Texans, To The Astros and to all their long time faithful fans!I can remember The Astrodome in the earliest years that The Astros played at the brand new Astrodome. I loved the game, excitement and the fans Everyone rooting for the Astros wanted this new team to make it to The World Series! The Stadium was alive with sounds of cheering and intent focus! To this day listening to baseball games on th
My first botched experience with Site feedback.First it was late, but I was determined to give a review and get past this hump in the road of training! The thought crossed my mind 'what if it is a guys site and....' :) yes I am smart enough to realise I am not interested in ALL things. Sometimes we have to be put in a situation, to find out something we thought we would not ever like, is likeable and interesting after all!Yes of course the topic site selected, I know zero about! Yet, I want