Is Affiliate Marketing the Steam Engine of our Age

Last Update: May 10, 2018

Is Affiliate Marketing the Steam Engine of our Age.

  • Flint
  • Bronze
  • Industrial revolution
  • Steam age
  • Guns
  • Telephone
  • Submarines
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Flying
  • Computers
  • Internet
  • Mobile Phones
  • Virtual Reality

Not a true time-line but a taste of what I think is relevant to the internet. These are just a few of the major developments in recent history which have changed the way society has unfolded.

The age of the internet, and the fast communication it has given us, is not over or complete.

We are in the centre of a storm of change.

  • In communication
  • In social interactions
  • In shopping.

The steam engine was crucial to the development of the industrialisation of production. It reached into every aspect of our lives from agriculture to manufacturing to building.

Affiliate marketing is at the heart of the internet shopping revolution, and we are here.

We are the pioneers, the wagon train of the internet is carrying us on to the dreams of the wild west and pastures new and challenging.

Sorry, got a little carried away there. But you get the gist.

We aren’t the first settlers but we are in the vanguard and are part of the revolution.

There is plenty of room for all of us at the moment, to establish our plot of virtual space and stake our claim.

“Thar’s gold in them thar hills folks.” Let’s go get it.

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julesnp Premium
Good day,
Thanks for sharing your views and I fully agree with them.
AND this is in the direction I am heading.
Have a great day and the very best to you.
viyee Premium
Thanks Jules.
It can only be good for us to be in the thick of it.
leebray Premium
I can really relate to this post since power engineering (nuclear and steam) was my first profession and manufacturing which steam was the workhorse at that time which started the industrial revolution my second.

i agree that affiliate marketing may be the start of another revolution.

Let's declare our financial indepedence!

I guess the tea party gonna be in Las Vegas! :)

great post.
viyee Premium
That sounds exciting, the party. Hope there is a little more than tea?
Finding a vehicle of growth is difficult these days. I think we are still in the centre of this great growth and there is plenty more to come.
leebray Premium
how about a long island iced tea? :)
That will really get that party rolling!
MarkBa Premium
That made for very good reading. :)

~Mark :)
viyee Premium
Thanks Mark.
It is an interesting form of communication / sharing this.
MKearns Premium
Affiliate marketing is definitely a tried and true mainline Peony!
viyee Premium
I think we are fortunate to be in at this stage, don't you?
MKearns Premium
Very much so Peony!
Steven-A Premium
yes sir, we're all on board with you
viyee Premium
Thanks Steven.
We may not an express but we chug along and get to the station in the end.