How to boost your content's rankings (1 major SEO tip).

Last Update: May 07, 2019

Hi folks, the SEO tip I want to share with you today comes from Jay (Magistudios). The tip is simple:

Update your old content that isn't ranking high and change the date of it to the present. This will help improve rankings for that particular page and help the site grow overall.

Let me explain how this works:

I have a website with 100's of articles (Seriously) and some of my content is YEARS old.

I have found that old content like this doesn't really get ranked high in Google, especially when other sites are competing against you with similar content and chasing similar keywords.

So what I have done is optimized the old posts, added more content, included Jay's ranking tips blueprint within it and updated the date.

Followed by that, I went into webmaster tools and did a URL inspection for the new, updated content and that's all. This process basically tells Google "hey, check out this updated content!".

Here are the steps to do this:

There's a number of ways this helps your rankings improve:

1) It basically "dusts off" old content and makes it new again. Google likes this and does reward the site.

2) Google likes a site that produces fresh content and dusting up old ones is a form of this, so if you're stuck on writing new content, fix the old one, it'll still be considered the same thing.

3) I have personally seen this work and get me good rankings.

4) It maximizes the effect your old content has. If it wasn't ranking well before, what have you got to lose? These steps only help improve the page as a whole, so do it.

That is all! A big thanks to Jay for these tips.

Back to work everyone!


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RAFStuart Premium
Excellent advice, many thanks.
Fintyd Premium
Thanks Vitaliy, great stuff!
SondraM Premium
I liked your tip about this being a great way to spend time on the days that we are fighting writers block.
FKelso Premium Plus
Very good advice. Thanks for posting.
Hudson Premium
Great tips, working on them. Thanks.