How to boost your content's rankings (1 major SEO tip).

Last Update: May 07, 2019

Hi folks, the SEO tip I want to share with you today comes from Jay (Magistudios). The tip is simple:

Update your old content that isn't ranking high and change the date of it to the present. This will help improve rankings for that particular page and help the site grow overall.

Let me explain how this works:

I have a website with 100's of articles (Seriously) and some of my content is YEARS old.

I have found that old content like this doesn't really get ranked high in Google, especially when other sites are competing against you with similar content and chasing similar keywords.

So what I have done is optimized the old posts, added more content, included Jay's ranking tips blueprint within it and updated the date.

Followed by that, I went into webmaster tools and did a URL inspection for the new, updated content and that's all. This process basically tells Google "hey, check out this updated content!".

Here are the steps to do this:

There's a number of ways this helps your rankings improve:

1) It basically "dusts off" old content and makes it new again. Google likes this and does reward the site.

2) Google likes a site that produces fresh content and dusting up old ones is a form of this, so if you're stuck on writing new content, fix the old one, it'll still be considered the same thing.

3) I have personally seen this work and get me good rankings.

4) It maximizes the effect your old content has. If it wasn't ranking well before, what have you got to lose? These steps only help improve the page as a whole, so do it.

That is all! A big thanks to Jay for these tips.

Back to work everyone!


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magistudios Premium Featured Comment
Well done sir.. well done.

Debs66 Premium
I have been doing that but one post has the 2018 in the title. So I can't really change the date on it.

What do you think I should do would it be safe still to change the date. Not sure what my best way is with this.

Thank you for a great post too.

Debs :))
VitaliyG Premium
Change the year and update the content to fit 2019 standards. Then update the date too. Do NOT touch the permalink. Done.
Debs66 Premium
Awesome thank you so much. :))
lakbar12 Premium
Very good information that you've shared here.

I recently updated an old post title, in fact, it was tonight, I made those changes, and it ranked. That post didn't get no traffic at all.

Now, after reading your article here, I think I need to go and make further changes. We don't make changes to the permalink, right?

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.. Much appreciated...I have saved this to my FAVS...
VitaliyG Premium
Correct, leave the permalink as is Lakisha.
lakbar12 Premium
Okay, thanks, Vitaliy!
Zarina Premium
Below I left my first comment with a screenshot with traffic changes after updating old content, but now I noticed something in Google Analytics too.

(That you guys would probably want to know/see.)


I literally updated this post 4 days ago and published on May 3rd. What do we see here?

May 1st = 1 view.
May 3rd = we see a spike after publishing an updated post.
May 6th = 30 views.

Bottom line:

Updating old content works. :)
lakbar12 Premium
Zarina, awesome work! I recently, just today, in fact changed an old post title but, now after reading Vitaliy's blog post and your results, I will go back and make sure I update the entire post. Thanks for sharing and keep up the awesome work...
VitaliyG Premium
Thanks for sharing Zarina! The truth is once you update content and have Google reindex it, they do throw it on the first page for the keyword you are trying to rank for, but only briefly to TEST how it does. This is likely why you saw a spike.

Another possible reason is that your recurring visitors were checking out your blog and saw the old blog get pushed up to the top of the page, thus bringing in extra views.
Zarina Premium
I didn't do any re-indexing manually btw, but didn't know that's what Google actually does!

That post was ranking on the first page for some keywords to be honest (even with the year being 2018) but in the last few days saw a lot more clicks. Hmmm, do Pinterest clicks count as 'views' in GA? Maybe that's what it could be too.
Zarina Premium
Pleasure Lakisha, and I personally just add a paragraph or two, unless I need/want to change entire post (usually that was with the very first posts the style of which I didn't like very much, but newer ones with established writing style etc - I just add a bit more content, a couple of comments and I'm good to go).
Zarina Premium
I can attest that this tip DEFINITELY works.

Just recently I've been updating a few old posts that I haven't updated in a year or so...

Here's what happened:

Within a couple of days I see 20-30 people instead of the usual 10-ish visitors per 30 minutes real-life in Google Analytics.

And from about 250 visitors a day jumped straight to 350+ visitors overnight. (See screenshot)


It could be the 'good' month for my niche too, but the updated posts started gaining more clicks than before. And it seems to have contributed to getting better rankings site wide (and that's what you yourself said in the post).

Thanks for sharing your experience here, Vitaliy.
skmorrow Premium
Nice work Zarina.
gjshawk Premium
Hi, Vitaliy! I always enjoy your posts here at WA, and you always give great advice. Dang! That’s 2 “always” in the same sentence. Anyway, I’ve gone back and updated my old posts before, but didn’t do the last step and left out the URL inspection in webmaster tools. I’ll be doing that from now on. Thanks.
julesnp Premium
Thanks for this energizing info.

Have a great day.

gartnerf Premium
This is a good reminder to go back and revitalize those old pages that still have relevance but may not be ranking much any more. I have recently started reviewing my old pages, updating them with new content and reposting with a new date. I then resubmit them to Google for new scanning and ranking.

Great tip for everyone to follow that has a site(s) that is more than 2 years old!
AlenkaV Premium
Thanks for this faaab reminder!
sminman7 Premium
Great post and information! Thank you for sharing!
Michael Inman
RAFStuart Premium
Excellent advice, many thanks.
Fintyd Premium
Thanks Vitaliy, great stuff!
SondraM Premium
I liked your tip about this being a great way to spend time on the days that we are fighting writers block.
FKelso Premium
Very good advice. Thanks for posting.
Hudson Premium
Great tips, working on them. Thanks.