Trust Your Gut Before You Get Into Another Business Venture

Last Update: October 25, 2018


After reading Kyles Blog I was inspired to write my own post. The integrity of our founders is just what I needed to read.

Hitting the Jack Pot!

In 2006 my husband and I were at the peak of our careers, had a nice retirement account, and wonderful friends in the USA and Canada. One of my Canadian friends introduced us to an HYIP business which stands for High Yield Income Producing. They are quite risky, and my intuition said, No, yet everyone else was saying yes. We jumed in with both feet.

It took less than a year to get some Big gains and feel like we made it! Then the bottom fell out of the economy and so did the people who started it. The Canadian FTC caught up with them yet they simply got their hand slapped and told not to do it again.

There were people involved who lost their life savings, dignity and hope for their future. A few of them committed suicide. We were devasted to say the least. It took the wind out of our sails, and crsuhed our dreams of hitting the financial jackpot.

We sold our home, returned cars, and drained our retirement fund. It was the hardest time of our lives.

The Silver Lining

Going through the aftermath was aweful. My husband felt so bad that it took many years for him to overcome the blows. It tested out long term marriage and trust to move forward in our careers.

Thankfully, I Am a Natural Born Dreamer who has done the inner work on myself to know that this wasn't my fault or my husbands. I even forgave the people who fell short of their promises. As a Holistic Health Professional, I know that packing resentment only hurts me.

We worked really hard to pick up our lives, move on. I began picking up the pieces of my dream board off the floor and began dreaming again.

Unity - Service - Community

By offering my services to the women I served, the light began to return in my eyes. My true friends knew who I was in my heart and soul. The foundation of my relationships was Trust. We began producing circles, online calls, and retreats for women again.

It's been a decade of recovery from that experience and I feel stronger than ever before. I am no longer naive to scams. I trust my gut and intuitive super powers to sniff out BS.

There is only one way up and that is through perserverance, hard work, and a Dream Team that I trust with my life. I have that. We are launching my poscasts, women's global circles on zoom, facilitator training, retreats, and more.

Wealthy Affiliate

This platform is the model I've been searching for and I believe the Universe had my back to show me this when I googled it. I'm a lifer and will include this platform on my website as a Trusted Affiliate Program.

Thank you for your honesty, vulerability and wisdom Kyle and Carson.

Thank you for being the high integrity men that we need to grow ourselves and our dreams.

Thank you for doing the hard work that makes you that more attractive and reliable to those who choose to show up here.

One of my favorite quotes; "Don't believe a man's BS. Rather, watch his actions. They'll show you who he really is."

This goes for both men and women - as the leader of the we fund were involved in was a woman. I ignored my gut feelings and that was my biggest lesson of all.

In my 30 years of sobriety I can say that I am stronger, wiser, and ready to Go Global thanks to WA!

In love, peace, and gratitude, Nancy

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lesabre Premium
Glad you are here Nancy.
Visiondancer Premium
Thank you! I appreciate this community!
MKearns Premium
You are to be commended for hauling through this Nancy. !
Visiondancer Premium
Thank you Mike. I appreciate that. You are a very prolific writer and I read what I can. Keep it coming brother!
MKearns Premium
My pleasure nancy!
Swangirl Premium
I have been here for over 2 and a half years and I am still amazed at how wonderful WA is and how superior it is to other platforms online! I Love WA! It is a great place filled with wonderful people and it gives us the ability to start a business based on something we are each passionate about!

I am glad you are here! It is a shame what happened to you before, but you are here now.
Visiondancer Premium
Thank you Jessica! It's great to hear your praise after two years. My experience is now simply a story to help people who might have been there or about to go there. I need to learn from women like you who've been here awhile. ;)
VictorF22 Premium
I like this quote:

"Don't believe a man's BS. Rather, watch his actions. They'll show you who he really is."

I will write on my notes.

Great for you Nancy! Nobody can beat you when you are as motivated as you can be! Go get them :)
Visiondancer Premium
Thank you so much and enjoy!
keishalina9 Premium
Hi Nancy! .. yes, trust own intuition -- it's invariably always right on correct!

... thanks kindly for sharing & posting today,

... all the best, cheerio... 😊
Visiondancer Premium
Thank you so much! I just turned 59 and it's full throttle now. Women in this time of life have access to it 24/7. Cheerio!
keishalina9 Premium
yes, there are definite distinctions between women & men as being proven in neuroscience today ... :)