We Were Sued. We Stood Up. We Prevailed.

Last Update: October 24, 2018

I want to share a story with you. One that involves an article, a lawsuit, an injustice, and then actual justice.

I am going to walk you through the entire story, including the timeline of events that took place. It was a very complex procedure, but I am going to do my best to simplify it for you to help you understand how, operating out of principle, ethics and truth eventually prevail.

December 23rd, 2015. We Were Served With a Lawsuit.

Back in 2015, just a few days before Christmas we were sued by a company called MOBE, Ltd on the basis that we allegedly defamed them within an article called “Another Obvious Scam”, that I researched, wrote, and then published in January of 2014.

You can read the article I wrote here:

My Online Business Empire - Another Obvious Scam

Within my article, I presented “facts” to people about the MOBE scheme. I indicated many drawbacks to the program based on my thorough assessment and analysis, and subsequently it resulted in many people reading about MOBE, Ltd, realizing what it was, and in some cases avoiding the program.

Not everyone was so lucky though. Many people lost a lot of money, and according to the FTC this was to the tune of over $125 MILLION dollars essentially depleting unsuspecting opportunity seekers’ bank accounts. These people were from all over the world, they were moms, dads, grandparents, students, and veterans. More often than not the people being scammed out of their money were people that could not afford it.

In fact, if you are reading this you may have succumb to the MOBE scam yourself.

As with many similar schemes/scams online, they have the tendency to “sue” companies and individuals when they don’t like what is said about their operations, even when it is true. The original lawsuit was an attempt to “muffle” freedom of speech and facts. This is a common approach as it allows the deception to the public to continue if there is no negative (and factual) publicity about what their companies are actually doing. This stifles truth and free speech by scaring publishers to remove their content.

Consequently, it allows companies to continue their misleading operations and continue to lure unsuspecting customers into their sales process. The MOBE sales funnel on the surface was one that started with a seemingly harmless $49 offer, but quickly turned into $10,000’s of financial outlay, high pressure coaching sessions, and forced upsells that were required in order to make higher commissions. Some people lost upwards of $100,000+ to the MOBE scheme, often times money they didn’t have or they had to borrow.

The program worked by luring folks in with the “idea” of making massive commissions online, with minimal work. There was also a refund guarantee claim process that was very appealing. These were both fabrications of what the reality actually was.

After consumers pay, however, MOBE required these consumers to sign post-purchase agreements that seek to impose onerous conditions for obtaining a refund, or that claim in other instances that the purchases are nonrefundable and final. MOBE often cite to the language in these post-purchase agreements to deny refund requests or dispute chargebacks (reference, FTC complaint).

Not only were MOST people losing money to the MOBE scheme, very few people ever got a refund that requested it.

MOBE was found by the FTC to be an unethical scheme, one that set out to take advantage of the vulnerable. These customers were convinced they could make loads of money, and do so fast with so many independent claims within their marketing.

The MOBE scheme had defrauded thousands of consumers who collectively have paid over $125,000,000 (Yes, 125 MILLION dollars) based on their misrepresentations. Numerous consumers have lost more than $20,000 from Defendants’ scheme.

This entire case against us felt strange from the outset. I wrote an article that outlined the truth about a product, and as a result I was sued for it. In this article I want to help you understand what we have gone through, what we have learned, and ultimately what/who we have been defending through the course of this THREE year case in the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Carson and I both feel it is important to share this information because a lot of people may have been completely oblivious to the real facts and what really was taking place. There was a lot of misinformation campaigns that have been spread around the Internet.

The facts are about to be set straight.

First, What Was in the Claim Against Us?

The Notice of Civil Claim, served on December 23rd, 2015 was a defamation lawsuit, in this case, of a company. You can’t technically hurt a company’s feelings, so the claim was that the resulting impact of things that I said within my “Another Obvious Scam” article were defamatory, and as a result lead to company losses.

The reality is, what we were being sued for in the first place wasn’t even defamation. The meanings were innocuous, regardless of the validity of them.

In Canadian courts, the defamation laws are much more archaic than other jurisdictions, and in British Columbia we don’t have the Anti-SLAPP legislation that exists in Ontario and parts of the United States that can put an early end to bogus claims such as this one. In parts of the United States Anti-SLAPP legislation offers defendants compensation (usually in $3 to $1 multiple) if a company sues for the purpose of muzzling free speech.

In the case of our lawsuit against MOBE, everything that was sued upon was what I believed to be factual based on my research. We were certainly prepared to defend on this basis, although there are many other types of defences that you can utilize in Canada when defending against defamation.

When you get a lawsuit of this nature, it is important to get legal counsel. In this, we hired one of the top defamation lawyers in Canada.

One thing that was consistent from the outset though was our confidence in the strength of our case. We knew we could defend all the “defamatory” statements in truth, and fair comment, along with a few other defenses. We had plenty of resources and documents to prove TRUTH and we were more than ready to do so.

But what we came to find out, in the legal world, litigation is often not about the substance of the case, rather it becomes a case about the case. This was the central theme of the Plaintiff’s arguments (MOBE Ltd), starting to form early on. It was apparent they weren’t interested in arguing the substance, rather they were launching suit for the pure purpose of consuming our financial resources. We spent well over half a million dollars mounting our defense.

The John Doe Effect. We Were Also Sued for Content That Wasn’t Ours.

When we were sued, we were also sued for “other” people’s content.

Content that I had no involvement with, content that Carson had no involvement with, that neither of us wrote, and that we didn’t know existed until the lawsuit was initiated.

These other publications and authors were added to the case and were deemed as “John Does”. These were apparent content publishers that shared similar views of the MOBE program to those I had expressed but, written in their own words, unique to them. This included other people’s content that predated my content, and content written by major authorities and scambusters in the industry.

It didn’t make sense that I could defame someone through content that wasn’t mine and that I had no involvement with. But as a defendant and with a very aggressive litigation lawyer on the other side, it became something that we were required to defend. Hence the case within the case.

MOBE Ltd and their counsel employed a powerful bullying tactic to argue my ONE article, was responsible for what appeared to be the entirety of the internet. This included past customers’ complaints, comments on Facebook, some of the most popular forums online, and some of the most authoritative bloggers and respected scambusters of the industry, warning consumers of this program. We were even sued for content on WarriorForum.com, for content predating mine.

This case became as much about us protecting our right to freedom of speech and facts, as it was protecting the other whistleblowers out there. We didn’t want any individual or other company to be bullied as we were.

We were willing to fight not just for our rights, but fight for the rights of others and fight for consumers all over the world that could potentially succumb to $10,000’s in losses (and in many cases ruin their lives).

We were not only protecting our content and willing to defend our freedom of speech and the TRUTH, we were put in a position where we set out to defend other bloggers, authorities, and website owners in the industry that had shared their concerns about the MOBE scam.

But this wasn’t the only thing we were insistent on protecting….

We Fought Hard and Ultimately Protected YOUR Private Data.

We were consistently asked by the Plaintiff, MOBE Ltd to basically hand over a significant chunk of private customer data. We were not willing to compromise ANY private information about any customer, and we certainly weren’t going to hand over your personal information to a fraudulent company.

It was like a revolving door of information they requested, they were trying to poke their nose wherever it would take them. One day they would be asking for one subset of user data, the next day it would be something completely different.

We were willing to defend your privacy, and defended this to the bitter end, even to the point where we were deemed as “reprehensible” by a judge in the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

We were assigned an early judge, per request by us, that completely backfired. We got a brand new judge, one that was formerly a family law lawyer, and one that immediately appeared to have an incredible misunderstanding of our case . It felt as though we had been deemed the cheating “husband” of the case from the very commencement.

In a typical family law case, the “husband” can be someone that is trying to hide assets from the “wife”, thus judges often order all sorts of financially related documents to be handed over. There is the tendency for lawyers to request all sorts of personal documents, and the judges to order them.

But we certainly were not the husband, and we certainly were not hiding the ball.

And this was far from a husband/wife situation. A sophisticated technology company being sued for defamation is much different then a divorce. In particular a company like ours with millions of records of sensitive, secure, and private data. We have been very stringent about following all of the major privacy conventions over the years to safeguard YOUR data from anyone.

In addition to that, we got a judge that we thought failed to understand the substance of the case. None of the decisions appeared to be rooted in the FACTS that we provided, rather they were a complete adoption of what the plaintiff’s counsel presented. It was as if we weren’t being heard, which was incredibly tiring.

Many of the plaintiff’s arguments were rooted in inaccuracies and misinterpretations of the facts, but I suppose if you say that consistently to someone it can become their reality. That is what happened.

The reality is this though. In the long run truths will override untruths. We live in a world where facts are becoming less important and sometimes it can feel like society has reached a real low, but truth will eventually prevail… right?

That was the idea anyways.

This is also advice we were given early and often by our unbelievable counsel, who is one of the most respected lawyers in British Columbia and holds Queen’s Counsel status. This is assigned to “exceptional” lawyers in Canada (and less than 5% ever achieve this designation).

Anyways, back to the case and mounting our defense.

We decided as part of our defense we would also lean on specific laws in Canada, under the Competition Act, that prevent Multi-Level-Marketing companies from operating in the way that MOBE was operating. In fact, there are two major components of Canadian criminal law, under Sections 55 and 55.1 of the Competition Act, that we felt were almost templated as to what MOBE Ltd was.

Thus, that was part of our defense in our response to the initial Notice of Civil Claim. We argued the criminality of MOBE Ltd on the basis that they weren’t abiding by the Competition Act laws in Canada.

Consequently, the opposing legal counsel decided to remove the criminal aspect from our claim in the summer of 2016. They filed an application to “strike” the criminal language within our response, and we agreed to remove it, simply because the meanings sued upon weren’t related to any criminal statements.

But then a few weeks later something very interesting happened.

A Second Lawsuit Was Served Upon Us, With More Serious Meanings Added.

In mid-June of 2016, MOBE filed and served us with a SECOND lawsuit. This time this lawsuit indicated that we had called MOBE a “fraud” and that I had indicated MOBE Ltd was a criminal organization within my Another Obvious Scam post. These are much more serious meanings and would most definitely constitute defamation, if they were unfounded statements.

The fact that we were being sued on these meanings seemed really strange. This, considering they had just wanted to remove our statements indicating they were criminal within our response to their initial claim. This appeared to be another litigation tactic. We add it, they request to remove it, we abide, then a few weeks later they add it again.

The thing is, we had already been prepared to prove this, and this was something that we were now going to need to argue in our defence. In Canadian law there are at least 4 different defences that you have, one of them being “truth”. Although the most difficult of the bunch to argue, it was the one we felt we had more than enough information to go with.

From the very beginning our counsel warned us that if we plead the defence of “truth” in a defamation case and if you are subsequently unable to prove “truth”, then you are obligated to pay aggravated damages (which are much higher than damages paid for unsuccessful deployment of a different defence tactic). Knowing the consequence of pleading truth, we confidently chose to move forward and plead it in our defence.

We stood up. We got ready. We prepared.

We spent almost the entirety of the next year getting ready to defend these new allegations, obtaining and aligning ourselves of the most distinguished experts/authorities in Canada on the subject of “pyramid schemes of selling”, which is a criminal offence under Canadian Law.

This wasn’t conjecture. We were establishing concise proof and evidence to argue our case of criminality.

The Plaintiff, MOBE Ltd, on the other end slowly started to realize this within interlocutory arguments and the way we were telegraphing that we were in fact, more than prepared and confident in proving this.

As a result, they began to retreat from the second lawsuit and the “criminal” and far more serious meanings they added within that suit. I don’t want to speculate, but perhaps this was because they were worried about bringing the attention of the authorities to their business operations, causing further investigation.

MOBE Ltd’s counsel specifically mentioned in their arguments that MOBE was not willing to divulge the financial information about their company and that is the reason they only claimed the lesser “General Damages”, not ‘Special Damages”. If a party claims Special Damages, they have to prove it with financial documents, something that it was more than evident MOBE was unwilling to hand over.

MOBE then decided to file an application to REMOVE the more serious meanings from the case, any that alleged we defamed them by calling them a fraud/criminal.

Unfortunately, a year later on August 4th of 2017, the judge allowed the removal of the more serious meanings. There were no repercussions for their pirouette after an ENTIRE year of us working hard setting up our defense on this. The Judge in essence stripped us of our entire defence, on those serious allegations, and the incredible sum of money we spent setting up for this, hiring experts, and ongoing legal fees (multi 6 figures).

How could this be allowed? It baffled our minds that this could be allowed, but it was a consistent behaviour that we were met with by our sitting judge.

On this day, there were several other applications that we had filed that were denied by our Judge. To our mind she didn’t adequately explain why all of our applications were denied (one of them being that MOBE Ltd didn’t even exist when I wrote the article). She ruled against us on 9 separate applications. It was unbelievable.

Unfortunately for us, this was just the start of the one-sided judgements...

September 2017, Our Defense Was Struck (Our Ability to Argue)

After close to 2 years of argument and senseless litigation, the early assigned trial judge decided to strike our defense. This is a “draconian” remedy used in Canadian law in circumstances where someone is “hiding the ball”. We were not, far from it.

Our behaviour was deemed “reprehensible” by the judge, without basis. We apparently didn’t hand over documents, but they were not specified. There was no basis to hand over documents.

And there were a lot of misstatements within the actual reasons by the court, in fact, it seemed there was even an odd occurrence that arose when that sitting Judge appeared to change her reasons for judgment between the verbal (where she announces her reasons to counsel) and the written ones (that are provided as the official court documents).

The judge had indicated that we only provided 8 documents since the start of the case, and that was part of the core basis for striking our case. The reality was that we had provided 174 documents (Part 1), which consisted of more than 1,000 pages and we listed 159 documents in the privilege portion which consisted of more than 5,000 pages and we continued to list the documents as and when the documents came in our possession. I had also submitted 9 very thorough and sophisticated affidavits, along with being through two lengthy examinations.

So now we had a decision against us, and it was based on incorrect information that the judge appeared to have revised after the fact between her verbal declaration, and her edited transcript.

To us, it felt like a failure of our court system.

It was frustrating, but we anticipated the strike decision was coming based on the judge’s past behaviour and her overt view of the facts against us. We had filed many “common sense” and powerful applications leading up to this, and EVERY SINGLE judgment went against us. In fact, over 10 judgements in total. It was such a disappointing pattern that we now had ZERO confidence in our sitting judge.

We didn’t panic.

The strength of our case and arguments didn’t change. We were incredibly confident as we had the TRUTH on our side, something that was ALWAYS on our side.

We had provided 100’s of pages of documents, and had remained consistent with our arguments since day one, through the entire process of attempts that we be “bullied” out of speech by the opposing counsel and plaintiff.

It is a really unnerving feeling. It also made me really appreciate the pain and struggle that those who have been wrongly accused out there go through. We have to realize that in life, no judge is perfect, and unfortunately, there are judges that probably should not be sitting judges. Their unwarranted and baseless decisions can have a real adverse impact on people’s lives.

It was a real learning experience and it is actually quite scary to think that the innocent can be found guilty of something by ONE judge, a human that can make grave mistakes.

Fortunately, there is an appeal process in most legal systems, including Canada. We anticipated the strike happening, and we were more than ready (and capable) to take on this blatantly wrong decision through an appeal. In fact, we had filed 2 different appeals based on the senseless judgments, all with the same relative “rule of law” sort of strength.

We were faced with what would appear to be a difficult scenario, but the strength of FACTS and the reality of what was going on, gave us a great deal of confidence even after the Strike of our defense. Shortly after the strike, we filed an appeal.

An appeal date for two of the appeals was eventually set out for September 21st, 2018.

Again, we got ready and prepared for what was going to be the pivotal moment in our case. The appeal was to be heard in front of three very senior judges, with a great deal of experience in a wide range of topics, including defamation.

We had a lot of hope.

But then, something interesting happened.

June 4th, 2018. The FTC Hammer Came Down on MOBE Ltd.

On June 4th, 2018 the cavalry came over the horizon. MOBE Ltd, 8 other MOBE companies, Matthew Lloyd McPhee aka Matt Lloyd, Susan Zhangi, and Russell Whitney were sued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of the United States of America.

The MOBE business operations were immediately shutdown and their assets were assigned to a receiver. It was also ordered to seize all business activities of MOBE Ltd until the Receiver could provide a report as to whether or not these corporations could legally, and profitably operate.

The FTC simply does not launch baseless cases. With over 1,400 pages of evidence, they were more than prepared to take on these companies.

You can read the initial FTC complaint here.

The complaint was well thought out, articulated, and a lot of research had gone into the complaint. It was apparent they acted based on adequate evidence. The FTC had even gone to the effort to send moles (undercover agents) to the satellite MOBE conferences that were used to recruit people into the scheme and milk as much money as they could.

In fact, within their initial press release, the FTC claimed that MOBE Ltd and related entities bilked more than $125 MILLION out of customers.

Within the documentation of their complaint, some clear statements and allegations were made in respect to how the business was run. Here is the Summary of the Case, taken directly from the FTC Complaint against MOBE.

Since 2013, Defendants have used online advertisements, social media, and live events held throughout the United States to promote a fraudulent business education program called “My Online Business Education” or “MOBE.” Through their program, Defendants claim to reveal a simple 21-step system that will show consumers how to quickly and easily start their own online business and make substantial income.

Although the initial entry fee for Defendants’ 21-Step System is relatively modest—typically $49 or less—as consumers proceed through the steps, they are bombarded with sales pitches for various MOBE membership packages costing thousands of dollars that consumers must buy in order to continue through and complete the 21-Step System.

Defendants eventually reveal, as consumers progress through the steps, that the way to make money through MOBE is by luring other consumers into the MOBE program and earning commissions when these consumers buy the same costly memberships.

In fact, the vast majority of consumers who join the MOBE program and purchase the costly MOBE memberships lose money. In income disclosures buried on their website, Defendants acknowledge that the average “active consultant” makes only a few hundred dollars a year from their program—far less than the thousands of dollars consumers pay for their MOBE memberships.

In addition to their false and unsubstantiated claims that consumers will earn substantial income by joining the MOBE program and purchasing these costly memberships, Defendants also make false and misleading refund and money-back guarantees to induce consumers to purchase MOBE memberships. After consumers pay, however, Defendants require these consumers to sign post-purchase agreements that seek to impose onerous conditions for obtaining a refund, or that claim in other instances that the purchases are nonrefundable and final. Defendants often cite to the language in these post-purchase agreements to deny refund requests or dispute chargebacks.

In sum, Defendants’ scheme has defrauded thousands of consumers who collectively have paid over $125,000,000 to Defendants based on their misrepresentations - 3 - about how much money they will earn by purchasing the MOBE program and memberships. Numerous consumers have individually lost more than $20,000 from Defendants’ scheme.

These statements are much more harsh than any of the statements sued upon within the case brought against us. They certainly were directed towards the “fraud” aspect of the secondary case as well, one that MOBE Ltd and Matt Lloyd avoided at all costs.

The Founder of MOBE Ltd, Decided Not to Defend the FTC Allegations

In light of what happened, Matthew Lloyd McPhee, the operating mind behind MOBE Ltd, indicated he had no intention in defending the companies, as indicated in the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) filing on July 3, 2018.

“Defendant McPhee has informed the FTC that the MOBE corporate defendants will not be retaining counsel or taking steps to defend themselves against the allegations in the complaint. Accordingly, the FTC will be moving for default judgments against these corporations once service of all corporate entities is complete. Thus, as it currently stands, Defendant McPhee is the only defendant who may still contest the preliminary injunction and would be implicated by the proposed rescheduling of the preliminary injunction hearing.”

Perhaps he felt that it wasn’t worthwhile to defend his corporate assets against the allegations, thus making them truthful and factual statements. The entire basis of the case against us was rooted on the idea of muzzling our speech, even though the founder knew or ought to have known the statements were true during the entire 3 years of heavy litigation. A real abuse of the Canadian Court system and something that is taken very seriously by the high level, Supreme Courts of Canada.

As it stands now, the Receiver of MOBE Ltd. is currently in the process of recovering and repatriating assets from these companies. They are collecting money from the deemed and admitted fraudulent companies which will then eventually be returned to customers (or a portion thereof).

This will likely be followed by the corporations being completely dissolved. It won’t end here, there were a lot of people knowingly ripping off folks out of their hard earned money and the FTC and the Receiver typically work very diligently to recoup as much money as they can, including those incomes earned erroneously through dishonest and deceitful participants.

September 14th, 2018 - A Week Before our BIG Appeal

We were less than a week away from our appeal. We absolutely deserved the opportunity to appeal, it was our right as a defendant to rectify this decision, and we had already spent an incredible amount of time preparing for it.

But then we made a decision. Instead of expending more resources, time, energy and prolonging what was a senseless case, we decided to get a consent order submitted before the British Columbia Supreme Court.

This was just as effective as moving forward with an appeal and would be just as useful to vindicate our reputation and the “John Does” that had published content warning the general public about the MOBE Ltd scam.

In the Consent Order, the Plaintiff (Receiver) indicated amongst other things, the following:

“And upon the Receiver having satisfied himself that the imputations sued upon were Justified;”

This means, all of the imputations SUED upon, all of the meanings written within the Obvious Scam article and elsewhere were completely justified.

The Consent Order also included the following, which was pronounced and ordered by our sitting trial Judge:


1. The consolidated action be, and hereby is dismissed and;

2. The security for costs posted herein in the amount of $130, 000 be paid out of

Court to the credit of the Defendants…”

Here is a link to the Consent Order, entered into the Supreme Court of British Columbia September 17, 2018.

Our statements were completely justified. Our actions were vindicated. The case was dismissed. We were awarded all of the security of costs that MOBE Ltd was required to put into escrow to commence the case.

We won and did so in extraordinary fashion.

Everything we said was indicated to be justified.

We told the truth from day 1, now it came to light. My original article was actually much more tame than the allegations put forth by the FTC. Matthew Lloyd Mcphee made it apparent that the corporate entities were fraudulent by not defending against the allegations, thus making them true in a court of law.

The MOBE fraud business is officially coming to a close. People no longer are able to get ripped off by this scam. We have won the case, on full consent that everything we had said was true and that we didn’t in fact obstruct justice the way the opposing counsel attempted to portray us as doing - a line of thought that the judge simply adopted, in our view without justification.

At the Trial Management Conference hearing (where the consent order was brought up), Mark Bernet, the court-appointed Receiver of MOBE Ltd., indicated to the Judge that this case should have never started in the first place. And we agree, it shouldn’t have.

Here is a direct statement from court transcript of Mark Bernet, the Receiver of MOBE Ltd., at the consent hearing:

“I became aware of this particular lawsuit, which as I understand was -- is some sort of a defamation lawsuit, and that the unique procedural posture of this case is that we are to proceed to a trial which largely would be limited to the damages which MOBE would demonstrate were caused by virtue of allegedly defamatory statements made concerning the company.

That is very problematic for me, because the -- quite frankly, this lawsuit should not have been brought. MOBE was operating unlawfully. That is my opinion. I have filed a written report so stating, and certainly, more importantly, it is the opinion of the district judge here in Florida.”

Fraudulent companies shouldn’t be able to abuse court systems, and they certainly shouldn’t be allowed to abuse people that are sharing TRUTHS. That is the exact reason why we stood up to this scam and this baseless lawsuit. Thankfully, through 3 years of litigation and a whole lot of money/time spent, we were able to stand up to the bully and prevail.

And About the $130,000 Awarded to Us? We Donated Half of it Back to MOBE Customers.

There are certain times when arguing out of principle doesn’t make sense, financially, emotionally or in terms of the time needed to dedicate to this.

This case was almost 3 years in length, without much break in litigation. Most of it was completely senseless and turned into being a case about the case -- very little to do with actual defamation. The costs were ongoing and incredibly high.

The financial side of the case was likely a bullying tactic in the early stages; to try to “outspend” the other party (us). It is a common approach that works when you have a goliath trying to feast on the smaller guy.

When you are a company BILKING people out of $125 MILLION, MOBE’s litigation budget was significant to bully other companies, and past customers out of free speech (so they could continue scamming people). This was met with ongoing resistance from our end and we were not about to be pushed out of our truthful and factual speech.

Within the Consent Order and the dismissal of the case, we were awarded the full $130,000 that was held in escrow on behalf of MOBE Ltd for Security for Costs. .

Though our legal costs to operate this lawsuit were MUCH more than the amount we were awarded, we decided to donate half ($65,000 Canadian Dollars) of the awarded settlement to the repatriation efforts of the FTC and Receiver for consumers who were victim of this scheme.

This case was never a case about defending out of fear, it was defending out of principle. Fortunately we have the budget and resources to defend against such abusive litigation tactics like this. We were certainly not going to be bullied by a scam that was cheating millions of dollars monthly from consumers.

As much as we were defending our case for freedom of speech purposes, the initial intent of the article I wrote was to prevent consumers from getting scammed.

Carson and I wanted to follow through on this very idea, which is why we felt it was very important to donate $65,000 (or half) back to MOBE Ltd customers through the Receiver Mark Bernet. Hopefully this will help a few people that lost money to MOBE Ltd get back on their feet and hopefully this entire case can help folks regain a bit of confidence that there are in fact ETHICAL and caring companies in this industry that are putting PEOPLE first, not money.

We stand true to our ethics to this day and we will continue to fight for folks who may not have funding to take on the unscrupulous of this world.

Where Do We Go From Here?

This case has reaffirmed our ethical positioning within this industry. Some would think that such a case would change the way we now think and act, but it hasn’t in any way shifted our focus. We now have a much more astute understanding of the legal world and how that operates. We aligned ourselves with some of the top lawyers in the world. We have worked directly with the FTC, Receiver, Competition Bureau of Canada, and the Dean of Forensic Accounting of Canada. Lots of powerful relationships we will certainly be leveraging in the future. We have learned a lot.

What I can also tell you is that a great deal of time and money has been freed up on our end. These are resources that we are going to dedicate directly back into the community at Wealthy Affiliate.

Our intention is and always will be to offer a world class service, but not just that. To act as an ethical stakeholder in the affiliate marketing space and one that helps evolve this industry in a positive direction.

We are going to continue protecting the industry, protecting consumers, and protecting freedom of speech from the bullies and scammers out there.

It is our promise to you to continue down this path.

Lawsuits are never fun, but surely this was a useful learning experience.

There are certain things in life that we can and should stand up for. Two of these are honesty and truth. Without those, we would live in a world of calamity. Don’t let yourself be bullied out of THE TRUTH. The impact of allowing this will have a profound (and negative) impact on a much larger group of people. Stand up for what is right. Stand up for principle. And stand up against scams, and unethical bullies.

We are and will remain in your corner and we are excited for a bright future ahead. We will continue to reside as an ethical safehouse within an online world that is riddled with scams and unscrupulous companies. That is our promise to you.

If you have any questions, feedback, or anything at all you would like to share, we would love to hear it. Please feel free to leave them below

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laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Kyle and Carson.

I am so happy you did not give in and neither up. The truth shall prevail.
I had to start a court case for fraud in 2011, it has gone through various stages, I nearly lost everything and ended on the street, and now Interpol is looking for the crook. He scammed hundreds of people, many losing everything they had and I know of at least one case where somebody committed suicide.
As long as this person is not found the case remains open. Perhaps this person will never be found but I have to continue with my life. The pressure has sometimes been enormous so I can imagine very well what you went thru.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
ja114 Premium
This was very inspiring to read. It would have been very easy for you guys to take the easy way out and settle out of court, and quite possibly cost less financially. So often, people with the resources to defend principles care more about their own resources than the principles, and people who care about principles don't have the resources to stand up for them. It's rare that people have both. Hats off to you and Carson for sacrificing for the greater good - thank you.
Helen123 Premium
Its guys like you that rekindle my faith in human kindness and decency.. Not only did you stand up for what was right and true but defended our rights to personal privacy. Since being here, I have learned so much about scams. I see every day adverts for this or that scheme, starts off with a video about how great this is or that is, but they dont actually TELL you what it is, if they cant be upfront, Im not interested. Its like time share years ago... they'd reel you in with how great this place was or that place, how you can swap weeks etc but what you really want to know is HOW MUCH ? and they wont tell you that until the very end.... something to hide...

Thankyou ! 😘
VMcCall1 Premium
To many rules and Laws are not in place for a honest man. There for its not a easy task proving your self. Honesty is very hard to find and the truth never is shown only bad. Thank you for your
Honesty and truth. Its a honor to find this now days.
God Bless
Kyle Premium
The truth SHOULD always prevail, sometimes it can take longer than others. But judges are humans and they can make poor decisions, and they certainly aren't versed in all subject matter (in particular a new sitting judge).

If you operate under the basis of truth and honour, you are going to establish a long term and sustainable brand. That is how we have always operated. Unfortunately too many businesses these days are operating with MONEY as the only focus, customers are secondary.
MelWaller Premium
Hi Kyle,

Thanks for this very informative post. It gave me information that I did not have, specifically their failure to refund money.

I belonged to MOBE for just a few months a year before they were shut down. I also experienced the high pressure sales effort, but that never works for me and I really didn't have the money at that time.

So I cancelled without any problems and intended to come back what would have been shortly after they were shut down to join again at the lower level.

It's a bit of greed when people allow themselves to try to maximize their possible earnings by spending on the high ticket items right away. I probably would have stayed at the lowest level, recoup my investment and still stay there for some time. It's hard to earn money if you spent so much to start with before really getting involved with any business. So, I didn't have a lot of sympathy for the people chasing the big bucks. Just say No.

But not honoring your money back guarantee and creating hoops to jump through is certainly fraudulent. That's really too bad. They could have been legitimate and made the money the right way.

Live and Learn. I'm 2 month in WA and it's great. Thank you so much for ALL the value you offer in so many ways.

To all of our Success!

Kyle Premium
Unfortunately like you, many of the people that were taken by this scheme didn't have "money". Their financial team recommended to people that they sell their vehicles, cash in their investments, borrow money from others, and max out their credit cards to purchase higher levels. Many did, and many are now stranded with $10,000's in losses.

That is the unfortunate reality and everyone should be thankful that this scheme was shut down when it was. There are 1,000's of others that were potentially on the verge of losing a significant amount of money, money they often times didn't have.
RaenDowntown Premium
Dreamers who think fast cash can work for them. If it doesn't work to their Par, than yup its a scam. In real actually they didn't even try, so for themselves its easier in todays world to blame someone else on social media, than to take blame for their own actions. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned 0 to million REAL NEWS.
Kyle Premium
People that scam and get caught, typically start off by blaming the system. That was the case with this, all the participants within the MOBE scam were blaming the FTC and saying they were wrong.

Well it has been uncovered in recent months that losses absorbed by consumers was much more than the initial $125 million, it is well over $300 million. There were several features in the Western Australia outlining the scam as well.
MatissDzelve Premium
Wow, I'm truly happy that guys like you are the head of this community. I'm even scared to imagine what would have happened and how things would have spiraled if you were to have given them the privacy data.

On that same note, the "defamation" is a very tricky beast. I've had to defend quite a few cases as part of the council in my own country against what I believe has not been as aggressive plaintiffs. However, the idea is still there.

I'm really glad it worked out. And you have my utmost gratitude for all the money and time that went into it to effectively defend your case. I do know first-hand that it takes a lot.

Again, I'm truly glad we have guys like you and Carson at the top.

Cheers, and have an Awesome Day!
Kyle Premium
Yeah, it can be a long drawn out process in particular if you have an attorney that is willing to fabricate the truth and spend time litigation issues that are irrelevant to the actual case.

That is what happened here and unfortunately our judge wasn't able to determine what was the truth, and what was a lie. Perhaps a learning lesson for everyone, but ultimately through time the truth will always surface as it did in this case (just wish it was a bit sooner).

Thanks for your kind words and sharing your insights here Matiss.
DaveF1 Premium
I am so ecstatic over this that I cried tears of joy and as I write this
I went to one of there expose in Philadelphia and watched older people increase there credit card limits there and thought to myself this ain't right.
I had wondered what happened to that company My God you guys are so very cool for doing that, I saw the injustice but as little nobody trying to learn to be prosperous I had no say in matter and at the time, and even now guts to speak up, let alone go to bat over it.
Your writing of simplify this drawn out injustice was absolutely superb, you needn't prove your integraty I've seen it many times over before this.
You guys spoke truth and held your ground and that is what makes you all such honerable men.
I grew up wanting to be somebody and fell into painting houses something i could have cared less about, but was taught do best you can at what ever you do and be honest and you'll never want for work.
This was so true MOM was right.
I had one customer ask why my price was so high, It wasn't that high but he was trying to beat me down, i told him look at my contract everything on it will be done to "T", he said nothing and signed, i received many more jobs from him.
I was brought up in time where mans word was his hand shake,I'm very much out of work now but still I get calls from ones that used to seal deal with hand shake and build 750k house for them. I love these people and bend over backwards for them, Every job I did for them was like money was no object just do best you can.

You guys are of that moled and very much appreciated
Health, peace, and prosperity to our futures in WA Dave

PS. I been telling everyone about your business but seems everyone has there own path there on and not all are on same path. I love what you and your other members stand for.
Thanks Heaps
Kyle Premium
Thanks for sharing your story Dave, you have some unique insights there and I am glad you listened to your gut. We heard MANY horror stories of people losing their houses, selling their cars and in the case of what you saw, inflating their credit limits so they could purchase the upper levels of this scheme.

Unfortunately that so many desperate people act so desperately with their money, but I don't place the blame on them. I place the blame on those that are knowingly taking advantage of folks, and doing so without remorse which was the case here and is the case of lots of other companies that are operating under similar unethical virtues.

You are in good hands now that you have found WA and I really do look forward to working with you moving forward. :)
Trevis2 Premium
Wow, really brings to light the difference between those just trying to grab as much cash as they can as opposed to those actually trying to bring value. Not to mention the legal systems - as hard as we try, no system will be perfect. It's unfortunate.

Thank you, Kyle and Carson for standing up for what you believe in. It feels so rare sometimes in this day and age.

Also, it reinforces my decision to pay for this wonderful website. Even if I never make a dollar in return (which I think would be hard to do), I will not regret the decision to go Premium. If not here, I would have handed my money to someone else to have them do who knows what with it and provide me with far less.

It also highlights to me how amazing your attitude is. To go through this harrowing experience, spend hundreds of thousands, and have judgments against you - your ability to come through it with a positive attitude - well, it is something sorely lacking in a lot of leadership out there.

I'm in 100%. If I wasn't before, I am now. I will bring those 300 new subscribers and more. It's time I finally promote something I believe in wholeheartedly. Maybe I'll change from one article a day to two. Hmmm...

Thanks again guys. I can't imagine the fortitude it took to stand up like that.
Kyle Premium
Thanks for your kind words and sharing your thoughts. You are definitely in line with how we think, and I am glad that has resonated through my writing here.

Something things are easy, but when things do get tough (in particular when you are on the good side) it just means that you have to really operate with a conviction that everything is going to go your way if you don't give up.

We didn't give up, we had too much "truth" and "fact" to lean and and eventually that came to the surface with the interjection of the FTC.

There are many other companies in this space operating in the same manner unfortunately. When another one goes down, another one pops up. It becomes similar to a game of whack a mole, but if there are enough people, helping others avoid such programs and understand how the internet business really works, I think that this effort can lead to widespread understanding and safety within the industry.

I appreciate your support and it is our promise to you and everyone else to uphold our values and principles as we march forward as the leaders within this industry. Bright days are ahead and we really look forward to what comes in 2019!
kimgwinter Premium
Kyle I'm so honored and proud to be affiliated with people like you and Carson, who stand for TRUTH. Not many people would go to the lengths that you did to stand for what you believe in and for what is right. Thank you for all your efforts and for your integrity, and I'm looking forward to the future with Wealthy Affiliate.
Kyle Premium
We would do it again if we had to. There is a difference with standing up for "principle" and wasting money doing so, and doing what is right and representing a large subset of people that may not have the budget to take on such a scheme.

This fit into the latter and we are happy that the truth finally shone through. Our promise to everyone here is that we will continue to operate with the utmost integrity, as we have for the last 13 years here and we will for the next 13 years ahead.
cbhumphreys Premium
Quite an article. Thank you Kyle for sharing the details of what you have had to go through as a defendant for the sake of principle and for the revelation of truth.

I can only imagine the passion and conviction you felt as you put "pen to paper" and wrote this update, and the release of emotions you must have felt as you clicked the button to publish this article to share with us the details.

Thank you.
Kyle Premium
It truly is amazing isn't it. Being on the defence and being wrapped up in a senseless litigation process can be a very frustrating process, in particular when the truth is in plain site (but being disregarded).

The fact of the matter is, the court systems are run by people and people draw conclusions and assumptions, they can be swayed by lies (look at the state of our world now), and they can also make wrong decisions.

You just have to believe in the process and the truth, that will hopefully eventually prevail. In this case it did, in many it doesn't though.
TeriCalhoun Premium
May I share this post on Facebook with some of my friends who are begging me to help them learn to make money online Kyle? You know I have my own interests to blog about, so I don't really want to become the next Little Moma, and I don't want to put a link on my healing foods website because I think some of my fellow WAers will see it as competition and will be reluctant to share my posts on their social media. Is there any other way to share Wealthy Affiliate with a few friends and get credit for it myself?
keishalina9 Premium
hi Teri & welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Premium!

All good questions, while you're awaiting for Kyle -- as for promoting WA, suggest you might want to have a go at the Bootcamp training which is geared specifically for that -- to find this training with Kyle, simply click on your Training button (far left margin of the WA screen) and you'll find it all there ...

Keep well, keep happy, all the best, cheerio ... ⭐️🎈
TeriCalhoun Premium
Thanks Keisha, if there is anything in particular you have posted that you would like me to share on my social media, please send me a link.
keishalina9 Premium
you're so kind -- i'll keep that in mind -- many thanks kindly for being the thoughtful you! ... all the best, cheerio ... 🎵
sheilap1 Premium
What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it in so much detail. My opinion of you and Carson and my trust in you has just bee substantially elevated.

Unfortunately, life is not always fair and one cannot count on the truth prevailing. I know firsthand what it feels to be wrongly accused of something and have a broken system that fails you. You are right, it is frightening how someone’s fate can be determined by one person.

I am completely and utterly impressed by this story and by your steadfastness in defending your self and standing up for the truth.

JeffreyAihu1 Premium
I was scammed not by MOBE but by one of the likes ,in October 2017 and lost more than US 5k. I can only simply say here, thank you Kyle and Carson for assuring us yet again that we are in a safe haven where we can work , knowing that someone is watching over us. Jeff
BrianCacci Premium
Good on you Kyle and Carson,
I lost money to MOBE, and would have lost more if I had've had more to lose.
Lol, pity I didn't run into you people first. :)
Live and learn as they say. Without any doubt I have no one to blame but myself. Without knowing the details I did know that if there is no product there is probably no tangible hope.
Think I got caught up in the hype, however I did meet some good people and have had top teaching since from a few of them..
Kyle Premium
First, sorry to hear you lost money to this scheme. You certainly are not alone and I hope that the FTC/Receiver can recover a large portion of your losses from those involved in this scam, including the "participants" (they were falsely portraying themselves as affiliates).

Now that you have found us though, you have arrived at the safe haven from scams and I can assure you that it won't happen again.

Let's make 2019 your best one yet!
BrianCacci Premium
Thank you Kyle for your comment, and yes I certainly feel safer here. lol. I'm not expecting any return re MOBE as I haven't put any application or anything. Also called lesson learned,

Onwards and upwards we head into 2019
Kyle Premium
I don't believe they have opened the application process up yet, that is done after the FTC and Receiver recover as much money as possible. This can sometimes take years, but you should apply for some money when the time comes, I know they have recovered close to $10 million already, and I am sure with a lot more in the pipe line.
CHolm1 Premium
I only read the first of this amazing article. Truth will prevail!! I am a busy mother and will read more another time. I’ve been scammed before, one bribed into it and another almost by being so scared and sick. You were Sued? for telling the truth? And protecting others? Thank you for the article! Blessings to you and your success!
Kyle Premium
Yes, sued for telling the truth and protecting others. Litigated for years because of the court systems here in Canada, but the truth through time is always going to prevail and that certainly was the case here.
Tracey11 Premium
Wow, this is an eyeopener! Fortunately most of us don't have much to do with court cases as it seems like a ridiculous system in some instances. What a waste of resources.
So relieved the 'bully' tactics didn't prevail over the truth.

I praise your integrity and willingness to stand up for your rights.
Well done and may you go from strength to strength.
Kyle Premium
All judicial systems have the ability to "fail" as they are based on human decision. In our particular case we prevailed, it just took time for the fact and truth to surface, which in essence overruled any bias that was taking place.

Bullying tactics are a common "business" move that many unscrupulous companies take in order to survive and to muffle speech. That is often times the only way they can continue their businesses, as it denies the public of the truth and all complaints.

In the end, this was a long, drawn out case, but one that is a stance against the bullies and companies that are taking advantage of people. Hopefully this sets some sort of precedence moving forward.

Thanks for your kind words!
lakbar12 Premium
YES....I am so glad that you both won. I was actually involved with this company and lost money to them. I did learn one thing though, and that is to appreciate Wealthy Affiliate and everything that you guys have provided for us here. Thank you, Kyle and Carson, for everything...
thebiscuit Premium
I am very happy to read this, truth must prevail or humanity is lost. Truth is in fact my favourite subject. I knew in my gut that you had a moral spine. Please let me know if you have any future endevours that incapsulate this. Here you have a man that is a beacon of light in his own right: https://www.dineshdsouza.com
Sgcowan Premium
Thank you for having our back Kyle and protecting your company against these rouge companies. I almost joined over the years, but never did. The training and resources here at WA are way better than MOBE ever was. It's all real here and no upsells. Thank you for making WA a great resource and program for the man in the street. To our success!
Gregsfreedom Premium
Wow WOw WOw!!! I was member of this company (Mobe) but I could not keep up with the increased payments. introduced to it by John Chow back in 2016. I am very familiar with Matt LLoyd. this is an eye opener for me and also confirmation that I am in the right place because at some point in my journey I was going to revisit the company and give it all I had. So glad you prevailed from that. what a lesson that must've been,
fyre Premium
I am right there with you! I'm so glad we had a safe landing in WA after being drug through the trenches!
Cirian Premium
It's astonishing that criminals can use the legal system to drain weaker parties into submission. I really hope that gets fixed, and I'm glad you had the strength and friends to overcome everything and prevail, always believing that the truth would prevail in the end.

I had no idea this was happening to you or the battles you were fighting for us, so well done for winning and setting things as right as you could. It sounds like you came out a much stronger and renewed person, and for that I am glad. Thank you Kyle, and may you win all your just battles.
Okdaydream Premium
So glad you stood up to MOBE. They talked such a good & strong story. They were so good at "closing", I never felt I was being taken until after they were closed down.

I brought that frustration to WA - I have dabbled for several months, stopped for several months. I have finished with my pity party and I'm ready to commit. Today -- Instead of investing in a company, I am investing in myself!
Kyle Premium
Absolutely, commit to creating a real business online....that is what we teach here at WA and what we will provide you with the environment/platform to accomplish.

Naturally we all want success and lots of it fast and that is why the schemes and scams out there can thrive, they sell that very idea to folks and then charge them extraordinary amounts of money to join into their schemes.

There are still many such programs out there unfortunately, but now that you have found WA you have found a safe house from such programs.

I look forward to seeing your progress moving forward.
Anna237 Premium
First of all, I am so sorry you guys and your families had to endure this ridiculous situation. I joined in 2016, and I can vouch that your dedication and commitment to WA did not waiver, well I didn't realise you were going through this ordeal! Very professional of you.

I am also thankful that there are people like yourselves out there who are well versed in all things internet, so you are able to spot and expose scammers. Thanks guys, Well done!

Kyle Premium
We have and will continue to remain consistent in our morals and ethics as we move forward. That is one thing that you can count on.

This was just a bump in the road and a fight that we were willing to take on. We are hopeful that those that partook in MOBE are able to recover some of their losses moving forward and I know the Receiver and the FTC are working hard to make this happen.
dominic16 Premium
MOBE finally down? Interesting.

Sorry, I've been out for a while, contemplating about returning back to Wealthy Affiliate and continuing my blog. Coz' I left it for several months unattended :(

(Strangely though, I still made some referrals even without posting any new content. I'll just make sure to get back at it with consistency.)

And I'm quite surprised upon my return for hearing this seemingly intense news. Looking at the surface, it seemed that MOBE looked like a thriving website. In fact, I enjoyed consuming a lot of their free content (articles & videos). With that much value, I thought they're doing great.

But well, since it was designed as an MLM scheme, it can't be helped that many people will fall prey to the system (especially newbies). And like a strong house built on a poor foundation, the whole business model collapsed.

Oh well, gotta' get back at writing reviews. This time, with more confidence to show readers that WA is indeed one of the best in the business!
fyre Premium
It's hard not to be astounded, on more than one level, while reading this gut-wrenching account. Even 3 article ideas stormed my brain while the Judge was reigning down on Kyle and Carson in this tale of the insidious scammer loop I know all too well.

It's impossible for me to go a week without being inspired by all that my WA tribe stands for. What Kyle & Carson (& countless other leaders) does for us, what our own community does for us/with us....it's beyond outstanding! This story of the past 3 years wasn't a cliff-hanger because, I knew where it was going before it got there, even with the judge suspense weighing down the TRUTH of the matter. If this story didn't have the outcome it did...it would have had another major ACT to add to it to escalate to a similar outcome. *pictures WA support campaign with all of us rallying!*

Kyle, I know I've told you before..way back,, but, I had found your WTAS's site after being sucked into the void that disturbingly called themselves 'empower' <~~ I assumed, to tug at my hippy-sappy-heartstrings.

As I read this powerful story & your victory, for yourselves &, for all of us at WA, my soul just shines with gratitude. Not just gratitude for the safe haven you both have built but, for the caliber of people that migrate here from all walks of life.

When I landed at WA I knew instantly how to avoid scams and massive losses. I needed to be in a place that provided no less than what WA does no matter what type of business it was. In fact, I thought to myself back then "if I don't let offline businesses get away with this, how can I let an online business do so?!"

While, I do not take pleasure in the demise of 'companies' like empower network and MOBE, I do appreciate making life-changing lessons, realizing mistakes I won't ever have to repeat again. Ha, so I did get 'empowered' after all!

Kyle & Carson, thank you for this, fully transparent, account of what you went through. Thank you for the integrity of WA. Thank you for giving back. Thank you for all the REALLY FREAKIN' cool updates/tools/upgrades/benefits you somehow managed to implement on our WA platform while you were going through all of this.

Blessings on you,CArson & Kyle and blessings on us all!
Kyle Premium
We only know one way to act, and it is based on our ethics. To a certain degree I believe these are taught partly by our upbringing and who we surround ourselves with, but also we can control it based on what we desire most in life.

If you value helping others out more than you value money, then it becomes evident through time. That is how we have always behaved here at WA and that is what you are going to see consistent as we move forward.

There are some companies and individuals (lots actually) that are willing to make money at any cost, even if that means hurting someone else. That is what was happening here and we were willing to stand up against a company that was truly having an adverse impact on people's lives for their own gain.

It is truly wonderful to have folks like yourself here as part of the community and the family here at WA. A brilliant future lies ahead for all of us and if you walk the path to success through helping people, you are going to leave a legacy to be proud of and one that will be remembered.
fyre Premium
Absolutely Kyle and, well said. When I realized how I could quadruple my 'helping' power through my online business it was quite an awakening. It's like making our drop in the proverbial bucket even larger and, some of our ripples even become waves that can be seen worldwide.

Wealthy Affiliate is a breath of fresh air.

Blessings on us all in 2019!
Kyle Premium
Quadruple is just the start. You can definitely scale and grow your business and reach potentially BILLIONS of people within the online world. This is hard to comprehend, but amazing at the same time.
technowolf Premium
Great post Kyle. It's hard to add more than has already been said by the other members making comments. All I can say is, I am glad you and Carson formed the WA and that I came upon this organization when I did. I did happen to cross paths with MOBE years ago, and felt that something just wasn't right with them. So I did not join them and kept looking for the right fit. I found that fit here at WA. Thank you for going the extra mile, not only for the WA family, but also for the countless people looking for a honest way to start and run an online business.

Once again, Tahnk you,

Kyle Premium
Your intuition was on point, something wasn't right. 1,000's of people ended up getting ripped off by the MOBE scam, to the tune of over $125 MILLION. It is an astronomical number, but it shows how convincing some of these companies can be.

I can promise you that we will continue to go the extra mile for folks here within WA, we have a lot of exciting stuff to look forward to.
DianneBee Premium
Goodness, this account runs like a John Grisham novel! It's wonderful that goodness prevailed.
Sadly, the mlm playbook continues...
Very creepy that MOBE wanted all your customer data - what were they going to do with that? Ugh!
It's a twisted compliment that WA was targeted as THE competition to get rid of.
Kyle Premium
Many people have indicated that we could make a movie out of this story, that is probably the case. It is a bizarre feeling when at times it feels like the truth is not getting heard, but ultimately it came through in the very end.

And yes, anytime someone deems you as a "competitor" and then wants to try to extract customer data from you, while hiding the ball from all of the financial data (which is a typical disclosure when running a defamation case), then it is a bit strange indeed.
sduck1 Premium
Thanks for this Kyle. I purchased the MOBE course for $49 two years ago. I got hooked in the 21 classes to learn the business. My so-called mentor, after the 6th class, wanted me to invest 2,999 dollars in the business. I told him I don't have that kind of money to put in this. Thankfully, I didn't pursue that course! I have always tried to find a REAL way to learn how to work from home, and I truly believe I found the right people to work with at WA! This has affirmed my confidence in that I have found the right company to teach me the way to be financially independent.
Kyle Premium
You have definitely found a home here at WA and now that you have found us an I promise you will never be subject to another scam again Steven (unless you go venturing off seeking shiny objects).

We teach business, long term and ethical business. If you follow the training and the principles here, you are going to learn how to create a business of substance and one that can lead to your legacy.
sduck1 Premium
Thank you!
fleurallen Premium
Congratulations and thank you. Bullying tactics, unfortunately, are not only in the school ground but some children grow up to continue to be bullies as adults.

Congratulations for sticking to your principles and having the courage and financial resources to uphold them.

Thank you for not handing over personal data of your clients. In this day and age, trust is becoming more and more important in the online space.
Kyle Premium
Bullying in any form is a horrible thing, corporate bullying is no different and it can actually harm a lot more people at once. Imagine if this program was allowed to go on for many years. The anguish that 1,000's of unsuspecting folks would have gone through as a result of that.

You can trust is in, and we will continue to reaffirm that moving forward. Thanks for your support Fleur.
ShawnaV1 Premium
A job well done, Kyle and Carson. MOBE was one of many scam companies I came across, or after a while they had ahold of my email through other companies I had almost signed up for and from the ones I did sign up for and was ripped off by. I'm not sure of the interaction because there were so many my email was being flooded daily by con artists I couldn't keep them straight. Just blocked and deleted them all as they came through or marked pages on my browser so as to not happen across them again, renaming them for memory.

Between September last year and the beginning of this year I was looking for THIS opportunity but found nothing but scams and dead ends. Thankful to be with a community like WA.

You both did well to preserve your data and stick by the truth from Day 1. I'm glad the "Calvary came across the horizon." What do you think the likeliness is that FTC knew of and kept track of your ongoing baseless case, as well as others, in light of taking MOBE down? Did anyone you didn't know sit-in on your court dates to learn, watch, take notes? Just curious. The first question may be answerable in one of the links you provided, but I haven't the time to read all of them right now.
Kyle Premium
I am glad you found us as well, sometimes the journey to find something legitimate in this space can be a long road. We have been here, helping people for the last 13 years and have no plans to change our mission moving forward.

The FTC is a brilliant organization with a lot of bright people within it. They are well researched, and they know more than most people think about what is going on within the online world.

Surely they are aware of connections between various cases, various companies, and with the volume of information they get from disgruntled consumers about scams, they are very privy to a wide array of information and insights. ;)
ShawnaV1 Premium
I liked each paragraph more than the one before it . As I like nearly all of your writings. Thank you!
Kyle Premium
So glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes I drop the ball on my content, but I learn from everything that I write.
AnaB7 Premium
Hi Kyle and Carson,

I am glad the nightmare is over. Reading your ordeal sounds so painful knowing you both were speaking the truth. I do not know why there are judges that sometimes cannot see the truth. I am truly sad to hear many people lost money. Your generosity towards those that lost money with will be rewarded in many ways. I am absolutely happy that you won, and the truth prevailed in the end. What a victory! Blessings to you and Carson.

Warm regards,

Kyle Premium
It can be hard sometimes when you are telling the truth, but it isn't getting heard or acknowledged by the people it needs to be. However, the only solution to this is to remain persistent and to remain true to your morals and principles. Eventually you will prevail.
JJCortez Premium
Kyle - Thank you for sharing this with the WA community. I must say, reading this makes me not only proud, but confident that I joined the right organization. I agree with you that Truth will always prevail in the end. WA is a "light" in a very dark world filled with scammers.

This was very inspiring and refreshing to see that there are good people in this world that are willing to fight for Truth and persevere to the very end knowing that what they are doing is right and just.

Congratulations to you, Carson and the entire WA team for a job well done!! A victory for freedom of speech and Truth!!
Kyle Premium
We will always remain that light and I can tell you that we will only continue to shine brighter as time goes on. A bright future ahead for everyone here and one that we are really excited about.
BVITAS1947 Premium
Dear Mr Kyle,

With special pleasure I have read your experience with fraudsters companies. I congratulate you on your moral principles and your victory.

Believe me, Mr Kyle, when I decided to join the Wealthy Affiliate Company and offer and publish my digital product (which is under preparation), I have set my own principles which I will always keep:

1. No part of the text in my digital product may be overwritten and plagued from other authors who described the subject in similar ways.
2. Each photo in my office must be the original captured by my camera.
3. Each video clip must be recorded with my camera.
4. My process of making a digital product has to be genuine.

Your experience is very instructive. Thank you for your fight. My life and moral principles coincide with yours.

Once again
Sincerely, Vitas Boško
Triblu Premium
Hey Kyle,

Sorry to learn of your "pressure cooker" experience at the same time as being force to contend with the failure in our present day Canadian court system.

That certainly was an abuse perpetrated by MOBE and supported by one bad judge.

Thankfully, I always had a "gut" feeling MOBE was too good to be true, so I never ever took a second look at their offer.

I am VERY thankful that WA prevailed throughout that mess and ended up coming out the winner (though at a very high price)!

Thank YOU and Carson for surviving and fighting the good fight on ALL of our behalves.
Kyle Premium
We will continue to fight the good fight and fight for customers and people that are working hard to create ethical businesses.
3chas80 Premium
Hi Kyle,
Glad to see you won that case. I remember MOBE posting a bragging response when you lost the first round, and claiming WA didn't respond, because they know they were wrong.. blah, blah....but, in the end, you did respond, and you were right.

I must say that you guys went through a lot, and I will say it compares to the people who do get scammed, like the MOBE clients.

You can relate to the frustration and feelings of utter despair, when scam victims realize their money is gone. And it is all they had, they don't have any resources. It's a torment they live with forever. I try to give them the best advice I can, and it is gratifying to help people gain some hope of getting their money back.

You did a wonderful thing donating $65,000 to help the victims!

I get heart wrenching comments on my site, from people who have been taken by companies that are just bad companies who charge massive amounts for poor quality, worthless products. They promise great sites and business start-ups, and it is all lies.

So, I worry about lawsuits, and try to tread lightly when doing reviews. I want people to be warned if it is a scam, but I would be forced to take a post down if it came to a lawsuit. I could never afford the litigation. Even if they are a total scam! I feel for LittleMama receiving her "Cease and Desist" orders. It is not easy to be helpful, and deal with angry scammers!

Thanks for the update, and I'm glad the good guys won!

Kyle Premium
At the end of the day, if you are telling the truth and your motivation is helping people, another company doesn't have a leg to stand out. We need people like you in this world, that help others avoid these unscrupulous companies taking advantage of people (for the sake of fattening their pocket books).

Thanks for your feedback here and the good guys definitely did win in the end here, but it took a long time to get there.
bill808 Premium
This is one reason I am here at WA. I believe in everyone having the financial resources they need to deal with an emergency

Whether you are faced with a multi-million dollar lawsuit, a loss of a job or a natural disaster, you need the financial resources to deal with it.

People try to create that financial resilience in various ways. Some invest in commercial real estate, some invest in the stock market and some start their own business.

I think the lowest risk and potentially most profitable way to achieve financial resilience is to start my own IM business as taught here at WA.
rexwee Premium
What an incredible journey! It's hard to believe that men as young as you can Carson have the courage and strength to go against a big corporate bully like that.

Is there anything we should watch out for while writing and posting those reviews? Because not many of us can spent half a million in legal defense. I live in Asia - a lawsuit like that is probably unlikely to hit someone like me, am I correct?

As I was reading this post, I thought if it was me, I would not have the strength to go through the stress and pressure Kyle and Carson went through over the past three years.

Thanks for all you're doing for us!
They are two brilliant and honest young men. From the beginning, they decided to help people. Their commitment and dedication to this cause have propelled them forward to success.
Three years of standing up for what they believed in is like a drop in the bucket.
When injustice is done, you have no choice but to fight.
They were done an injustice. They fought long a d hard. They won.
Justice has been served. It's not about money. It's not about 3 years.
Kyle Premium
My recommendation when creating any content, reviews or otherwise is to be factual, ethical and focused on HELPING people. If you do this, you will be fine.

Our case was unique in that an unscrupulous company tried to hold us responsible for a consensus voice and all the whistleblowers of the industry. The reality is, the content was justified the entire time and the basis for the lawsuit in the first place was to muffle free speech.

Be ethical, be factual, be kind, you will be just fine.
Thank you, Kyle, for those awesome recommendations.
I will try in all my content to be ethical and factual.
Skydancer1 Premium
Great job sticking with the truth. What is the line? "The Truth Shall Set You Free" Applies in this case.

Thanks for protecting our privacy and our rights. If this had been a different result it could have had an impact on the way internet marketers conduct business. The fear of being sued would rule over the truth.

The rest of the internet marketing world should thank you all as well.

Thanks again. Great Job !!

Kyle Premium
Absolutely Todd, we know no different and would fight for the right cause again if need be.

We live in a world where people are constantly getting taken advantage of because voice is either muffled, or policies are written to prevent it. We are willing to defend the voice of those that cannot afford nor have the resources to defend their own voice.

We are also willing to argue, even in a prolonged fashion, for what is right.
Pio Premium
Too long for me to continue reading until the end but the good thing to know you won and you guys are OK. Yes I attended one of MOBE's series of seminars held here in Auckland New Zealand about May/June this year. That name Matt Lloyd was mentioned as the owner. The seminar I attended was full about 250 to 300 attendees and just after they started talking I could spot some warning signs. I stood up and left. I only told one Asian lady who attended about WA site and she wrote it down so she could check it out. Thanks to WA that I will always use to compare and determine which are the crooks and which and the legit ones..LOL. I wrote about it on my blog on WA.(sorry cannot give you the link now cos I'm typing from cell ph).
Kyle Premium
Fortunately you had the 6th sense and weren't naive to the fact that this company could be in a position to take you for a lot of money. Unfortunately out of those 300 people, a lot of them likely didn't have that intuition and ended up losing $1,000's to the MOBE program.
Pio Premium
Thanks for your reply, Kyle. I regretted the fact I didn't go to that meeting prepared, as I thought afterwards, I wished I could have printed out some business cards etc that bear my site/affiliate links to WA to be distributed to all potential online business seeking participants. I will do it next time such seminars are held here as it seems many people are seeking online business opportunities nowadays!
Flizzy Premium
Just more proof that im in the right place. Congrats fellas...being a man of principle myself, reading that has really bolstered my faith in doing the "right thing" over the easy thing. Thank you so much for sharing this!! This has really encouraged me considering ive been kinda struggling to make something happen with my online goals...I REFUSE TO GIVE UP AS WELL!! #Salute!
Flizzy Premium
Oh and when you said the FTC came in like the Calvary, I literally shouted "f***ing right!!!"
Kyle Premium
Haha, glad you liked that!

And as you said, REFUSE to give up. Refuse to take no for an answer. When you know you are right, then it is worth fighting for. When you know you are capable of something, that is also very much worth fighting for.
alexander11 Premium
Wow, like just wow! I had no idea this madness was going on. I am so pleased that you were vindicated in the end, and standing up, holding your ground and your principles. And also standing up for us all bloggers and affiliate marketers out there. I cannot image what you guys have gone through.

Your case will certainly turn many heads and put to bed all the lies out there about WA. In my experience, WA is the only training and system that has taught me how to make money online and ethically without short changing people.

I think it is fantastic that you donated half of the amount awarded to you in the legal case, to the MOBE customers.

Brilliant and awesome post! Well done and thank you for all that you do!
SashaGrey Premium
Good for you, Kyle and Carson! It was a scam. I also bought the $49 program, but they started pitching the expensive programs after the first few steps. I got out in a hurry! I'm glad you stuck with it and prevailed. I also applaud your generosity in contributing money for those who lost so much on MOBE. You guys have strong ethics and are great role models!
Tricia1611 Premium
As the saying says, the truth will ALWAYS come out. Even if it takes a while. I spent a long time looking for an ethical company to work with and just when I was about to give up hope, I found WA and this makes me just that much happier that I did. Fantastic job standing up for and doing what's right.

Cheers for a much-deserved win!
Kyle Premium
The truth does, it just took a lot longer than expected. The thing is that all of us new the truth, the key was getting to the bottom of it.

When you have people trying to protect themselves from the real truth, and others fighting for the truth, you can have a long drawn out case like this.
emerald860 Premium
Hey Kyle! When I started reading this I became increasingly concerned about the suing aspect of big companies like this and how they can potentially bankrupt you. Toward the middle of the article I found myself rooting for you and hoping there was going to be a happy ending. By the time I got to the end, I felt proud to be a part of this amazing WA experience! Thank you so much for sharing with us! So much all of us can take from this! Glad you guys stayed true to your principles! Alanna
Kyle Premium
There are many provisions in place, through the world now to prevent companies form bullying. The ANTI-SLAPP legislation is a big one and it prevents companies from suing for libel/slander, when in reality it is the truth. The defendants in those cases get awarded up to TRIPLE their entire costs.

This is preventing a lot of these cases, and companies typically will not sue based on something that is true. The average award is so minimal that is typically not worth their while to try to bully.

This was a unique case, and one where we were defending in essence free speech and the truth, and people being able to speak the truth to respect others. It was long and drawn out, but the outcome was certainly worth it and the millions of dollars people were saved as a result of it was as well.
Scotso11 Premium
OMG! I am currently studying the 21step system myself! Am I correct in understanding that this whole MOBE is nothing but a scam?! My wife and I invested a large amount of money into the MOBE business system! You mean to tell me we were scammed out of that money? Do you know if there is any way to get any of it back, and would it even be worth pursuing it?

I just can’t believe they did this to unsuspecting good people like us! If anyone knows of any joint lawsuits that are being placed against them for this please let me know? I will be looking into this and will let everyone know if I come up with anything myself! Thank you so much for informing us of this!
Kyle Premium
MOBE is currently in Receivership. They are no longer in operation.


You can get updates there from the receiver Scott. I am sure the receiver is also going to be updating people on how to make claims and get money back, although it will be pennies on the dollar typically, they have repatriated close to $15,000,000 so far I believe.
Scotso11 Premium
Thank you very much Kyle! You and Carson are a real inspiration and applaud you for standing up for what is right. I am still in a bit of shock with being scammed in this way, they were very convincing and are good at the scamming game for sure.

Thanks for the info, I can only hope to get something back no matter how small, something is better than nothing! You have really made me proud to be a part of WA, thanks again for everything you do!
Roseberry Premium
When I first decided I wanted to know if it was even possible to create an online business while doing what I love, felt like a fantasy. I feel I am seriously one of the lucky ones to have found Wealthy Affiliate first and reading your post just made me love this place even more. Kudos to never giving up or backing down. It will soon be 1 year for me on WA and hope for many more.
Kyle Premium
We will always be in YOUR corner. That is what makes us unique in an industry like this, and we not only just say this, every action we have done and will be doing will reaffirm this ethical position.
C25 Premium
Kudos Kyle and Carson. Thanks for standing up for the little guys. I may have the courage to stand up but I probably won’t last long financially.

I actually have been contacted by one of their early members in 2015 to do online marketing for them. I won’t be a member and would have had to sign a non compete or something similar so that I won’t decide to become a member and steal theirs.

Upon research on what I would be marketing on, I decided not to take the job. Because I saw that for them to make money they will have to “recruit” people to buy expensive upgrades that teaches new recruits the same system. Also I also read a lot of scam and previous mobe member reviews.

The guy that asked me was high up guy in the oil field industry and was doing mobe for his early retirement and was heavily invested in mobe. In fact he is friends with the founders and had special deals.

I hope he wasnt part of the fraudster group and he can get back up from the losses. He seemed to be a nice guy with dreams like anyone here on WA has.

I am able to share this because i have not signed or agreed on any nda or non disclosure agreement. Otherwise, i won’t be sharing this. I believe in ethics, honor and integrity.

Proud to be here in WA!
Kyle Premium
One thing that you should be weary about moving forward is of ANY of the top promoters within the program. They may be subject to the same scrutiny as MOBE itself, in particular those that earned millions from the scheme.

They also cannot be trusted either though. They knew what they were doing and they knew that they were taking advantage of customers for the sake of making themselves rich.

It is just as unfortunate as the scheme itself when you have people that are unethical behind the promotions of it, some that are even deemed as authorities.

If a company is producing unscrupulous goods, their sales reps are just as bad and should be treated in the same light by regulatory authorities. In Canada, you do see this quite a bit, participants in MLM's facing the same consequences their founders are, and if found illegal, some have even faced criminal charges.
C25 Premium
Nice to know that.

It is sad, but many people from various background got involved to what they thought was legitimate. Unfortunately for them, the law does not care if they were ignorant/naive or knew the legal implications.

I will leave the judging to the courts if they are guilty or not and if they are a victim. This stuff are very technical for me and from your story we can see the legal system in any country is not perfect, if the ftc did not get involved, your case could have dragged on for many more years.

Thankfully everything turned for the better.
Davan Premium
If you've been around the online entrepreneur scene long enough you'll know that MOBE was dodgy form launch, I read many articles including yours about MOBE back then, and it was clear to me they wouldn't be around for long.

In your article you presented nothing but FACTS!

When the FTC brought the the hammer down it was only a matter of time, I personally do not feel sorry for those guys. Justice was served.
Kyle Premium
Sometimes the facts are the most critical deterrent fora company, because it lets prospective customers know what is really going on.

Whereas it may seem like $49 on the front and massive commissions, the reality is that those making commissions have invested many $1,000's.

When a misleading front end of a product doesn't explain this, there is a need for blogs like mine to help people understand what they are really getting into.

I suppose if you are running a business and the truth is something that you quickly deem as "being fake" or as defamation, then you probably are running a scheme that is jeopardy of getting taken out by a regulatory authority.
cookins25 Premium
This is the very reason I joined Wealthy Affiliate in the first place, because I knew after going through the free training that the this was indeed a legit company.

And after reading your article here, it reminds me of what an awesome company I became apart of 2 years ago — and why I’ll continue being a happy customer for years to come.

Thank you so much Kyle, Carson, and everyone for giving us such a great platform to learn from — and showing that it’s possible to teach people how to grow an online businesses in an honest and eithical way.

Also thank you for standing up for us even though it seemed like the world was against you.

Congratulation again for this amazing victory, and I’m glad to see that truth still prevails in the face of scams and liers.
Kyle Premium
Sometimes telling people the reality of "creating a business" is not what they want to hear. That is why companies that don't tell the truth (claim overnight success, instant riches, etc) can survive, regardless of their $10,000's price tag. People are willing to pay for fast success.

We teach what works, we teach what is ethical, and we teach people how to create long term, sustainable business that they can be proud of. That is all we know, because that is what we have done over the years.

There still are plenty of scams/schemes out there and I know there there are a lot of voices in the industry working to stop these, and a lot of authorities working around the clock to take them down.

Collectively we can make a difference, that is one thing I have truly learned over the years working within the online world. We are aiming to do our part, as much as we can, one day at a time.
YourBizTips Premium
Well done you guys. Your time and money has not been wasted in this court case. It's another golden feather in your cap for defending the interest of us all, and the good reputation of this industry.

Thanks for sharing the details of the case with us.

Long live Wealthy Affiliate!

Kyle Premium
It certainly wasn't done in vain, and it is something that we would do again if we needed to. There is right or wrong in this world, and some people and companies do feel they can operate something that is blatantly wrong without any repercussions.

Thankfully there are amazing platforms like the FTC to regulate economic activities and they are getting very good at determining a duck, when they see one walking like a duck.
PMV Premium
I’ve been with you guys for years. I remember one time saying your mother must be very proud of you. This is just another piece of evidence why 💖
Lev Premium
Incredible. Bravo! Way to stand up and show them who's boss:) That was a great act of kindness to donate and stick up for those less fortunate. Thanks for continuing to be the beacon of light in this industry while representing us all. I am a PROUD member of WA has an even stronger meaning now.
RichieR Premium
Man, talk about integrity! Thank you so much! I'm not sure everyone understands what you have done, but those of us who have a raw concept, really appreciate what you went through for us. It renews my belief in the American legal system. I didn't realize it would have such an impact on Canadian Law. Here's to relationships, whether between people, organizations, or countries, they are the reason truth prevails and things get done. The pure integrity of WA is why we are here. We've all been scammed one way or another, then we discovered WA. The cloud with the silver lining, the light in the wilderness, the pose coming over the horizon, the crowd of hosts looking from above. You guys are the best and I for one, and I know of thousands of others who feel the same way, we are proud to be a part of WA.
AlanJE Premium
Hi Kyle, Thank you for sharing that information. I confess to having become worried about the possibility of legal action from companies who might take action against me in the event of an unfavourable review. I can think of one company in particular who misrepresented their offer, as a result of which I asked for a refund. Also, I noted that Little Mama (Grace) drew attention to some risks as a result of unfavourable reviews of products. The unfortunate thing is that legal action demands a lot of money, even if you are defending yourself. Do you have insurance against such eventualities? Best Alan
jellybean50 Premium
Marvelous Kyle, truth does always come put. For 7 years I Ben try8ng to find a trust worthy company online and got no where until I was turned on to WA. I am new at this but I’m so happy to be apart of a company that cares abou5 the truth. Thank you Kyle for protecting us.

Benjamin89 Premium
To be fair, this was pretty technically written and I didn't understand a little but, got a good idea about the law suit.

This is unbelievable that this was going on for the past few years behind the scenes. As if you don't have enough stress and commitment on your plate already!

As soon as the FTC came in I was cheering inside! Has really opened up my eyes so it will make me be careful what or how I write about big business's.

If this happened to me I would not cope I reckon. Congrats on remaining composed and Mayweathered (WA) McGregor (MOBE).
Kyle Premium
Tell the truth. Do that and you will be fine. There were many reasons this turned into a bigger case than it needed to be, we were defending the truth and what was right and we had a much bigger onus to the customers of the industry, and fellow bloggers to the industry.

Not to mention, we were protecting people's privacy, something that is very important to us and we simply were not willing to put in jeopardy.
GayleneNepia Premium
Thanks for sharing this with us. As I read through your blog I found myself getting so angry with the Judge. But you prevailed and were triumphant in the end. But to make a donation to customers who lost out to Mobe further reinforces the high standards of ethical behaviour that you and Carson have set for us all - very classy!
Kyle Premium
Thanks Gaylene and I promise you we will continue to set the highest standard of ethics in the industry.
Olivia31 Premium
It's just dumbfounding, and awful, what you have to go through with the legal system, and crooked/bad judges, it's really kind of a nightmare. They should have had to reimburse ALL your legal fees for the colossal sham they put you through. At least you gained an immeasurable amount of experience in the process.
AndresVAL Premium
Cuando hay una demanda injustificada el peso de la ley o la justicia llega a su tiempo, pero en el proceso uno tiene que ver la forma de aprender lo que conlleva o incluye esta situación y no solo es a defenderse, el tiempo que toma de nuestra vida también es valorado por nosotros, también ahí nos vemos afectados, sin embargo cuando nuestra actitud es firme, aprendemos cómo manejar nuestra paciencia ante esta inesperada situación.
Es muy bueno lo que hicieron en ayudar a personas que fueron estafadas habla de hacer justicia y equidad en medio de una generación abusiva y sin escrúpulos. Tendrán sus recompensa.
billy947 Premium
Sorry, I only speak English.
YinaYon Premium
Congratulations on the big win! This post has helped me have more confidence and trust in Wealthy Affiliate.

That this company ACTUALLY cares to aid others in creating their own successful online companies.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few companies that I can honestly say that is truly HONEST & COMPASSIONATE to their members.

Thank you for being YOU and standing up for your company AND its members!

Wow :D
Kyle Premium
We operate our business based on our morals, our ethics, and setting a premium standard within the industry. We always have and we always will.

We put helping people, before money. We put your business at the top of our priorities, not how to get more business out of you.

You can expect great things out of us moving forward, and some exciting new platforms/features here at WA. Always in your corner. :)
anusuya1 Premium
TRUTH own. Justice was served.
A lot of energy and resources were unnecessarily used. Thank you for your persistence, taking the pressure to prove the truth. It is a great learning.
So many people are saved now.
I was invited to Matt Loyed presentation close to my house couple time. My husband prohibited me to attend. Otherwise, I would have been a victim now.
Thank you, Kyle and Carson.
Marktngmom Premium
You have a smart husband. That's the kind of man who will stand up for his wife.
PaulREvans57 Premium
Crickey! Well done guys for sticking it out. Phew!

I had previously read about MOBE, as I had also read some bad press about Wealthy Affiliate. I recently heard independently regarding the FTC involvement with MOBE. Reading this successful outcome was great.

I wish you well and that you will recover your losses ten-fold as a result. Onward and upward!

All the best, guys!
NoMo9-5Grind Premium
Hey, Guy's I'm delighted to hear the final outcome of this daunting ordeal you have had to endure.

It never ceases to amaze me at the lengths that people will go to for a scam and attack the good reputation of an honest business and GOOD People out of their money!

The initial Judge should be brought before the courts for his miss handling and lack of proper handling of evidence submitted to the court to render a proper verdict UNDER The Law!

Nevertheless, in the end, you guys found justice from injustice, and have helped others from being scammed by the scumbags at MOBE.

Well, done Kyle & Carson way to stay in the fight and WIN!
Jimmyk16 Premium
Hey Kyle,

I am glad you guys hung in there real tough. Truth, justice the Canadian way. Where is Matthew Lloyd Mcphee now is he doing any prison time?

I hope he is not out in cyberworld opening another scam company.

All of the people bilked of their money will only see pennies to the dollar, and that is a shame.

Have you ever seen the movie John Doe: Vigilante? This movie is true justice.


suzieq Premium
I am so encouraged by your actions and relieved for you. I can’t imagine the emotional and physical turmoil you and your families went through. Even though you knew you were right, it still takes it’s toll.
I am proud to say I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and will continue to praise and promote this platform.
Blessings on you and your families!
DorcasW Premium
Thank you, Kyle and Carson, for standing up for truth.

Mobe Suwed you in the sense of using "dry eye" to cover "Shame"!

In all of this Mobe had forgotten or did not know that God defends the poor for God is just!

The sitting Judge would have to strike out your case for God to move on the FTC to take action.

That Mobe and the other Scam companies can see that God is in control, and he has your back.

Honesty and truth must be the order of the day.
Debbie23 Premium
My Hat goes off to Kyle and Carson and want to truly THANK YOU for sticking the course for Truth and Justice.

I was almost one of those unfortunate souls who signed up MOBE. I just read your email regarding everything that you two went through and how you also protected us from them. Then to also give 1/2 of your settlement back to the consumers who were victims of this. Wow, Thank you!!!!
TonyMonzon Premium
hi Kyle,
This was a legendary article, it was laid out perfectly. I personally never heard of MOBE ltd. or what it stands for, and I'm glad. There was no way they would even consider charging you with "Special Damages". They had their financial statement full of false and fraudulent information. What sealed the deal was that the owner of the company didn't even want to defend their business. The only reason for this is because they were a fraudulent company right from the start. What I do highly respect is that you donated the money back to the victims of the scam. That not only shows that you care for the victims but that you won the case honorably by sticking to the truth. This case reminds me of the movie "A few good men". Where Tom Cruise says to the Marine, "You don't need to wear a patch on your arm to have honor".
Thanks for sharing this important article.;0)
kmer6 Premium
I found this article extremely interesting to read and very happy of the outcome of this case brought against you. I agree, most other entities would have bowed out early in the litigation because of enormous legal expenditures. I tip my hat to Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle, Carson, and Jay, for standing up the the 'Goliath' of evil and with honesty and truth stood your ground without wavering.

It gives me pride in the knowledge I belong to an honest, trustworthy organization that will defend our abilities of free speech and honest debate from corrupt, dishonest, practitioners. Thank you, and I wish you the ability to continue the fight for truth and justice for all.
Labman Premium
I'm glad that you had the resources to be able to take on this scummy platform. Sadly, many others in a similar situation would not have the resources to be able to mount a defense against their tactics.
I appreciate that you stepped up and are keeping us safe and
providing a safe place for people to do business online.
Brendalove Premium
I read an article several weeks back about this lawsuit. It was a disrespectful and demeaning piece that did not make sense because they were slandering and not telling the truth.

My heart is delighted that you and Carson have made known, the truth will always have victory over a lie.

I'm grateful beyond words, you remained persistent and determined, and for the heartfelt kindness, you showed to those who had lost their earnings.
merlynmac Premium
Hey guys,
I want to thank you for not backing down. Too many times these lawsuits come up and their true purpose is to wear you down to the point of quitting. It can be an insurance company not wanting to pay policy limits or another company trying to silence a truth.

These tactics have a few of "benefits" for them:
1) They run you out of money
2) They drag it on forever
3) They keep coming until you simply give up
4) If they win they can use it as a form of validation

I'm sure there's more but those are the main ones I can think of.

Too often the legal system is abused in this way.

Thanks for sticking with it and congratulations on prevailing.
james57 Premium
Yes. If you're in the truth, there is no fear whatsoever for the truth will always prevail and only the truth will set us free! Praise God Kyle and Carson for depending the truth. God used this seemingly blockage to ruin Wealthy Affiliates but it became an eye opener for the world that people, individuals or entities who serve people with clear and clean motives always win and will be blessed by the Lord for God use Wealthy Affiliate group for a good purpose for everbody in the online world and as vanguard of truth.
Wayne23 Premium
It is great to find people and a company that has the guts to stand their ground and not give an inch when they are right. The legal manipulation that you describe are no shock to me as I have seen it before far to often. It is usually the little guy that gets it in the nick regardless of right or wrong.
So you should defiantly be commended for your actions. It is a breath of fresh air.
so put a GOLD star on your wall you earned it.
NEwAngLes Premium
Gruelling experience but your unrelenting effort to safeguard the truth and the people is a sign of your integrity. And what is even more commendable for me is your decision not to get back at those people who caused you such a vexation and highlighted it with an even kinder act.

Clearly you were never a monster who just fought on our side. But mature people of great character worthy of higher respect and emulation.

You more than deserve where you are.
viyee Premium
WOW! This is amazing. all this going on in the background.
Congratulations for sticking up for your principles.
I do think that it is primarily vulnerable people who often get caught in these scams and when I write about other scams, I am always a little worried that the companies will end up suing or taking other damaging action.
Scams seem to follow one of a group of patterns and it would be good to see some kind of legal international recognition of this.
I am aware that a few WA members have been "asked" to take down negative reviews and that is good because it means we are having an impact.
Great job you two.
I didn't even know that one could be sued for such a thing. I'm currently working on multiple articles breaking down many different scheme companies. It's good to know the risks that go along with trying to make tricksters transparent.
I'm very glad that in the end the case was won. But the FTC should really get a handle on what's allowable in North America.
kevonwilson Premium
I'm glad that you put up this article Kyle. I encountered MOBE over a year ago and I found it to be 'too good to be true'. A lot of red flags were raised and I never ignore my gut instincts.

I then proceeded to do some more research and eventually did an article of my own showing that MOBE was just a hype at best, but most probably a scam.

When I found out about the FTC's clamp down on the program I was not surprised at all. But you know what is funny. I'm sure that the owners will simply get back up and start some other program later on and just deceive more people.

People like them give our industry a bad name.

This is why Wealthy Affiliate has to continue doing what it is doing and shining light on this wonderful industry and opportunity by really and genuinely helping people reach their dreams.

All the best and thanks for sharing this article


sdawson Premium
Took me two days to read this but I wanted to know all that you guys had gone through and I'm so happy you prevailed. I detest those who abuse those people who simply want to get ahead and help themselves. Good for you Kyle and Carson. WA is still the best!
CalChrisH Premium
Kyle, thanks for sharing.....I admit I didn't read through the entire article. As a retired police officer, I feel your pain on a different level. You know you have a strong case, however, subjective reasoning by judges is a terrible thing and very hard to prove. Basically, litigation becomes a smoke screen made up of verbal nonsense that has nothing to do with the facts. Thus, bad guys sometimes win. In this case, the good guys won. I like what you said:

"The reality is this though. In the long run truths will override untruths. We live in a world where facts are becoming less important and sometimes it can feel like society has reached a real low, but truth will eventually prevail… right?"

The untruths are still attempting to win, I'm glad you and Carson fought this so hard. It will only make WA more trustworthy in the end.
nurselizstar Premium
This was an emotional read for me. I fell "victim" to the same sort of scam. Thankfully I lost a few hundred dollars and nothing as horrific as PaulChatWin noted below. I am so proud to stand with this company that is truthful, honest, and genuine. I know I have far to go on my journey before I start making any money, but I am confident you and Carson will be cheering my on when I reach the finish line. Thank you Kyle for this fabulous victory and caring for each of us. What a great company!!
Jgipson85 Premium
Before I joined WA, I paid for a membership to a site that uses extremely similar tactics as MOBE (which I've never heard of til now). I paid the up front cost, started my "lessons" right away, and kept wondering how/when can I start making money. Had to speak with a "coach" once a day so he could "unlock" the next lesson (which was just a video of the founder Dave). The whole purpose was to get other people to purchase the same "masterclass" memberships that ranged from $2000, $5000, even $10,000. BUT I wasn't allowed to go past lesson 6 or even earn a commission (unless I knew how to do it all on my own without a coach, which I didn't) until I purchased the $2000 membership. I was contemplating selling my 81 corvette for the money!!! Thankfully I found a site suggesting it wasn't exactly a scam by definition but shows that even on the sites page (in small print on a page a didn't have access to per my membership) that the average user only makes a few hundred a year on that site. Then the author of the article (forgive me for forgetting his name and not giving credit where it's due) mentioned his number one pick for affiliate marketing and it was Wealthy Affiliates!
Kyle Premium
By definition, scam means a dishonest scheme. If a company is not being honest about everything up front and there are surprise costs, and they present the program as something that it is not, it IS a dishonest scheme.
Thebrave Premium
Thank you guys for standing up for the truth, I hope this will save as a lesson to other people, that is better to lay a good foundation and build a business that will stand the taste of time instead of deceit. Where is MOBE Ltd now! They were here yesterday but today they are no more. Proud to be a WA. movement of Jah people. Thank you, Kyle and Carson and all the WA members, best of success.
Kyle Premium
What happens is that those promoting such schemes, move on and start promoting the flavour of the month scheme. Then that gets taken out by the FTC, then they move onto the next one.

Unfortunately these types of programs will always exist, all the more important truthful and free speech is allowed.
GuyW1 Premium
I've been following the MOBE thing for a while and although I knew there was litigation against WA I didn't know how bad it was. They always say that the truth will out and it has.
This article does prove beyond doubt that WA is an honest and ethical business and long may it continue.

I went to a MOBE event in London @18 months back which began ok but as time progressed and it became more sales oriented alarm bells started to ring when they began upping the ante on joining at the highest possible level you could afford and suggesting ways in which you could possibly fund 'getting in'. That's when I did the 'getting out' bit.

I'll stay here thanks.

Well done Kyle and Carson for your sterling work.
Luther Premium
I was told that business world is a jungle, it's a kill or be killed. WA membership has passed million mark since it was established. One of the challenges facing us it's competition through any form including lawsuits

The reason is to attack WA in order to close business or change business model. Luckily we have Kyle & Carson who are up for any challenges, lawsuit or otherwise.
I have experienced this in my country. There are only two cellphone network providers, a third cell phone company tried to apply for a licence. It was legally opposed by the other two cell phone giants.

The legal argument they raise was that the third cell phone provider will cause them loose profit and that will force them to retrench workers, which will ultimately increase unemployment rate. The government authorities simply accepted this crap legal argument

What's strange about these companies is that they operate all over the continent. Are they not causing financial loss or unemployment to other countries cellphone providers?

Here is a scenario;
I'm premium member at WA. I have 1000 WA referrals. WA pays me $23.50 x 1000 = $23 500 every month.

If I die, it means I'm no longer a WA member, therefore I won't receive any commission.

Now my wife (widow) file a lawsuit against WA.
That her husband was a premium member
That he is now deceased no longer a member
That he joined WA and become a premium member
That he was participating as a member therein, and recruiting people online to join WA
That he had successfully brought 1000 people and become WA premium or has increased WA membership and
That every month WA was compensating him with referral commission which was $23.50 per referral.
Through this activity WA has been paying $23.50

Now he had deceased, WA had stopped paying this amount
The said 1000 people who were respectfully recruited by my husband through his website or online advertising link, are still premium members of WA and growing
And the said marketing/advertising link still exist online and driving people to WA,
And up to this day, people are joining WA through my husband online activity even though he has deceased

WA has stopped paying referral commission because, my husband is no longer a member. ( WA membership cancelled)
In terms of their (WA) participating conditions, If you're no longer a member or premium, you don't receive any compensation from WA
However, even though my husband is no longer WA member, but WA membership was increased and still increasing through my husband effort, and financially benefiting thereof, despite the fact that he has deceased
I therefore claim my husband WA referral commission as part of my residual inheritance

In a case like this. WA terms and conditions must include, a clause in terms and conditions that says.
"If you join WA and recruit people to be members, WA will pay out referral commission ($23.50), monthly
However, if you die or cancel membership, you automatically ceases to be a WA member. All your current referrals including any future WA premium referrals, who were recruited or being recruited in future by YOU or automatically generated/driven through your website, link or any other electronic media becomes sole property of WA.
JohnJStanley Premium
Is this the case, if a premium member dies is the membership cancelled? What are the practical steps how the WA membership can be continued by a family member?
Luther Premium
Hi'John, sorry for late reply. It's not a real case, but fictitious one which may be lodged against WA in future, and which may put our Terms and Conditions under legal scrutiny. These kind of challenges are common once a business entity grows in size. It's what you may call "trade/business wars"
Kyle Premium
That would never be the case. If you passed away and you had outstanding commissions, your family or successor would be able to take control of your account and get paid out those commissions.

You see, we operate as an ethical company here. That is the most ethical thing to do, so that is what we would do. Unlike other companies, that is where our decisions our rooted in.

So there is no required "policy" or "terms and conditions" updates, your commissions are connected to your account, regardless of who is using your account in the future. ;)
JohnJStanley Premium
Thank you for clarifying that!, So it seems we just have to include the WA account in a will, including access to that email account/logon and PayPal account and future commissions will go to the family member using our account in the future.
Sounds good to me :-)
Luther Premium
Hi Kyle, thanks for clarity, I wrote this comment after I read your blog. From my own experience legal expert are always searching for legal loop holes to build their case, competitors too have tendency to employ these kind of strategies to frustrate others
babyboomer23 Premium
What an inspiring post. Thank you Kyle and Carson for sticking to your beliefs and taking your stance against one of the biggest online business rip offs ever.

A truly great story of a long battle of a triumph over bullies and dishonest operators.

So glad to be with your ethical company and the training you provide. It goes to show that you will put your customers first. Sincere thanks.

PaulChatwin Premium
That was an amazing stance you took by standing up to one of the biggest online business rip offs ever.

Sadly, and I am ashamed to finally admit that I was a victim of the rip off in 2014 to the tune of approximately $8,000 USD.

It was clear as soon as I parted with my money that this was a business with no substance and relied on drawing other hopefuls in to also part with huge amounts of money.

My beliefs and morals made it difficult for me to promote this sort of scheme, plus it also relied on the consultants investing further thousands in buying clicks through another MOBE company.

As a result I made no money at all and sadly wrote the whole business off as a bad experience and one never to be repeated.

What a shame I wasn't involved with WA at an earlier stage. I might not have been that vulnerable if I had the online education that I have now. Also, I might have read Kyle's review of MOBE and that would have made me steer clear of the organisation.

Thankfully, the experience didn't totally dissolve my belief in online business, although I did have to research and think hard when I eventually came across WA. (That was the lesson it taught me)

However, joining WA turned out to be a great decision that I don't regret and I'm sure I'll be here for many more years to come.

Lastly, what an amazing gesture by donating half your monetary award to the FTC for re-distribution back to MOBE customers.

Hopefully one day with your generous contribution and what the FTC claw back, MOBE victims throughout the world may eventually receive some of their money back.

Thank you Kyle and Carson for standing up to that Highway Robber Dick Turpin Aka Matt Lloyd and the MOBE scam machine.

Best wishes.

Jim-Bo Premium
I do believe, if memory serves me right, that Dick Turpin was taken up "Gallow's Hill" in York (now known as Garrow Hill) to be hung. I come from York. Interesting reference to Turpin there.
PaulChatwin Premium
Turpin was the first that came to memory. I suppose I could have used plenty of other highwaymen to compare with Matt Lloyd, such as Jack and Ferdinando Shrimpton hanged at St Michael's Hill Bristol and Tyburn Middlesex respectively. Or maybe the last highwayman to be hanged in England - Robert Snooks, but I'd rather hoped that would have been saved for Matt Lloyds last claim to fame. LoL
APEMAN Premium
Wow, I was actually reading a negative review a few days ago about WA and I remember them saying something about MOBE and how they accused you of using bots or something for fake reviews or something and how you refused to hand over documents. But I think you were just not willing to hand over personal info about your customers. Glad you guys cleared all of this up :)

Thanks so much for all you do Kyle!
ckbear Premium
I'm glad you were able to persevere, prevail and obtain justice. Over the 25 years since I first started doing legal work I have seen how lawsuits can wear people down, even when they eventually prevail. Bravo for your decision to direct half of your 130K back to the other victims.

In the wake of this experience, if you have not done so already, please consider providing one or more training modules about how to research and write "negative" reviews or other articles, so that WA members can learn how to protect themselves from retaliation.

Thanks again for posting and for all of your efforts to protect the integrity of this (still) new and exciting area of learning and business development.
Dougie-Smith Premium
Thank you for sharing this Kyle. A very intimate story of true happenings in the background here at the top in WA. Very commendable indeed. I'm having a slow start here after joining back in August and dealing with a few of life's drawbacks also. Certainly not in any where near close to that almost unimaginable scale. But yet again it brings me waves of reassurance that I have done the right thing in becoming a member here at WA and I must and will without any doubt stick with it.
In the good old British way, three cheers to yourself and Carson and all the top background people in this wonderful company.
Best regards to you all
Dougie. :)
DerrAd Premium
That's a lengthy article but its worth reading. I read this lawsuit thing on some website but getting the full story from you guys is a great relief to me. You've really fought a good fight and thanks for setting a good example for us to follow.
I'm glad that I joined this community and keep up the good work.
FordB Premium
Awesome! That was a war worth fighting. Thank God you came out of it the winners. This shows that despite the loopholes in the justice system, Canada still has strong institutions.

In some countries, like the 1 I live in, you could even lose your l**e if you try to flex over a giant, whether it's over a truth or not. But this should never deter our determination of standing on truth and ethical principals that guide us as individuals with sanity even if it means losing our lives.

I am lucky I'm a WA

Long live WA
Andrew888 Premium
Justice prevails? Where is the justice when you are being sued by someone who is operating unethically and knows it? They were able to suck up 3 years of your time and considerable financial resources for what. An ethical legal system would have put a stop to this much sooner.
Congratulations for persevering and protecting our data, and for donating half of your proceeds to the victims of MOBE. What a couple of nice guys :-)
I'm happy to be learning from you. Many thanks :-)
LucyLee Premium
Thank you for fighting that case. Thank you also for writing the post in the first place.

This is a role model for Affiliate Marketing at its most powerful - protecting consumers from a bad product, affiliating yourself with good quality products, being an actual authority on the niche so that you can do that, and then standing by your word, and defending it in court if you need to. We can promote WA knowing that you are true to your word, willing to defend what you say, and be found honest.

Its not easy to find out if something is a scam as there will be a lot of people protecting the scheme either because they are in denial of whats happening to them, or because they have been given a financial incentive to do that. You know your stuff, and were able to see clearly.

Thank you. And thank you for working 12 hours a day at WA!
RKingsley Premium
I just lost 30 minutes of website development reading this article, but it was well worth the read. Not because I needed confirmation of the integrity of the WA founders (my proof of that came from following their training systems and discovering that it works.)

I simply found this to be an extremely interesting, thought provoking article. And even better, it is a huge testament to the resolve of one company using the truth as a defence, and emerging victorious.

Kyle, Carson, I am extremely sorry that you went through this ordeal. And thank you for sticking to your guns, and being a pillar of resolve to those who were less equipped to defend themselves.
Rich908 Premium
Kyle and Carson

You took on these shysters and you won your case. You blew Mobe's defence wide open and in the process, you helped thousands of customers get some of their hard earned money back.

That says a lot about Your Integrity. I wish Governments would act fast and take punitive action against scammers.


Three Cheers for the Scambusters
EddieAlbert Premium
Kyle & Carson. I sincerely congratulate the both of you on your VICTORY plus your honesty, integrity and persistent belief that truth will always prevail. And it truly did. Thank God for the FTC's diligent process.
What a mind boggling case. Thank you for sharing. Late last year, i started with MOBE up to stage 8, when they started asking for more money and would not let me finish the 21 steps, i got suspicious and decided MOBE was not for me. Something did not feel right. I questioned them and they cut me off. Now i know my instincts were right to let MOBE go and not continue with them.
I have learnt so much just reading what you have shared above.
God has put in the right place to learn and grow with WA and the both of you. Amazing, the way truth reveals itself in toughest of circumstances.
Kind regards
sgregcrx Premium
" What I can also tell you is that a great deal of time and money has been freed up on our end. These are resources that we are going to dedicate directly back into the community at Wealthy Affiliate. "

When you consider the scale of investment and improvement on the platform that has occurred DURING this tie-up of resources, I guess we can expect some incredible things to come!!!

It's not like you have been holding back!

Always great to see truth and principle win out, would have been a lot cheaper and easier to lay down and roll over, Well done for refusing!
PhilipC1 Premium
SO, those were the documents they were asking for? I read a slanted version of this online on what was going on.

That judge sounds very fishy and really seemed against WA for no reason from the out set! I don't know how you kept your sanity Kyle and Carson.

That judges reputation is probably damaged now, but also, Judges are given too much power to decide on things that are just too important for 1 person to get completely wrong!

I am surprised all WA's legal costs were not paid for, hardly seems fair.

So, you been running a platform like this and standing up to Global bullies - I feel lazy now :-) .

I mean how can WA be sued for content not written by yourselves and predating your own post on MOBE Kyle? It makes no sense.

Our legal systems are just too complex where truth is trying to be smothered, and what for the people who would not have the financial capability to go through this? Well, bye bye MOBE and I really do hope many of their customers get refunded/compensated.

Thanks for letting us know Kyle.
JonLake Premium
Thanks Kyle, for your great post. Never realised you were going through such a nightmare.
We were hit for about $4k with MOBE, money that we could have done other things with!

I didn't realise that there was a possibility of getting some of it back. Do you know what is needed to make a claim?

Great to see justice prevailed. We only found WA after the MOBE debacle. What an amazing place this is. Thank you for creating such a wonderful platform

Here's to your increasing success

Jon and Debbie
keishalina9 Premium
...hey hi Jonathan! ...

re: your question on 'claim' -- check bernet-receiver (dot) com for updates ...

... all the best, cheerio... 😊
Weetbix Premium
It's a shame that an either incompetent or biased judge will not have any repercussions on them - others will have to bear the burden in future lawsuits
A judge who cannot see that an action is being bought as an abuse of the system is not a judge I would have any faith in in any way
ElizabethCu1 Premium
Hi guys. It's a long detailed post which I took great interest in , having gone though a David and Goliath case/suit myself and seen similar incorrect judgements...on a much smaller scale. So absolute KUDOS to your team for hanging in there and I am pleased after all the struggle and so much time , you won and gave so much out for the community here and the consumers from MOBE.

It proves that it has been worth building the income here at WA to create forces for good and truth over the internet! It's wonderful to see that TRUTH will win and that money made can go to the right people and systems!

As to the thousands of thousands spent on the case that seemed senseless, it will come back to you....it always does!
PotPieGirl Premium
Wow... just WOW! What a battle y'all have been through!!! I had no idea this was going on. I wish I could hug both of y'all - so amazed/impressed/terrified by what you've been through. Thank you for standing up with the truth behind you for you AND for the rest! Well done!!! But wow, I can only imagine the true experience....
Kyle Premium
Thanks Jennifer, you have been with us since almost day 1 and I really appreciate you and the positives you have done for the industry more than you can imagine.

We will fight for what is right, what is ethical, and stay true to our principles. That is something that we are not willing to back down from and we were in a situation where we were asked to do this.

Not just us though, we were in situation where privacy was an utmost concern, where fellow bloggers were in jeopardy of their free speech, and where customers were in a position they could lose many $10's of millions more.

Onwards and upwards.
JamieFreedom Premium
Many thanks to you both, Kyle and Carson, for standing by your principles and standing up for the truth! By not giving in to the bullies (MOBE, the judge, etc.), and then giving away half of what you were awarded, you are positive role models for people of all ages and an inspiration to us here at WA. How wonderful it is to be associated with people of such high integrity! It has been a major drive of mine to find co-creators who care more about doing the right thing than driving profits. I'm so thankful to have found this kind of community here at WA!

May God richly bless you and your families,

Sam-K Premium
Dear Kyle ,
Dear Carson ,
I have seen similar cases in Jordan , where the Judge ( She ) or ( He ) was on the take . Or a higher authority is ordering him to flip the case against you .

You see cases like these every day in other countries , So I am sure that they have connections with higher authorities and the case took that long time because the court was just trying to find reasons to flip it against you.

Suppose that the FTC Hammer did not Came Down on MOBE Ltd.
, suppose that they did not discover their frauds that time , Then what would have been happened , exactly the opposite .

What helped you is luck , it is not God , it is just luck , The mother nature tried to balance itself because the fraud was too much for the balance of the boat to stay floating , thats it .

Any way , I am happy that Goodness triumphs in the end.

Wish you all the best
ANgetich Premium
You know someone told me that Wealthy Affiliate was out to defame companies, but I really did not care about his opinions. Now I know the very reason, and I am actually very proud to be a part of this great community. Thank you for sharing this Kyle.
Best wishes,
Kyle Premium
Anyone indicating that has been proven wrong by the court of law. They same thing was said by MOBE, that we were out to defame companies. The reality was, we were out to protect consumers by warning them about a program. Offering them facts and truth.

That is the reality and anyone mentioning WA and fake reviews or defamation in the same sentence, is almost certainly operating or promoting an unscrupulous program and unwilling to defend their company through facts.

Wonderful to have you as part of the family here at WA Alex. ;)
ANgetich Premium
Would not have it any other way!
Kyle Premium
Most definitely!
gcd Premium
Thanks for sharing this Kyle. I usually don’t get beyond the first few paragraphs when it comes to this kind of stuff but I have to say I read every last word, beginning to end and I truly applaud you and Carson.

Thant could not have been easy - stressful, tiring... no, exhausting, and not to forget costly.

Thanks for sharing. I’m not sure I was ever close to joining MOBE, but I did subscribe for awhile. I would never have joined but after reading that I am thankful I never did.

Thank you! Not often we come across honorable people and businesses such as you and yours.

Continued success to you both
Calvinator63 Premium
It saddens me to see that the legal system has come to what is today, many cases with in the judicial system are not about the case itself but what the case to could to society as a whole. As you mentioned this case was not so much as what you had said about MOBE (that was there excuse to file)

It was more about if a large business or corporation could in fact bully an individual or small company and contain their freedom of speech. I'm glad to hear that the two of you never gave up on the concept that what was said was based on factual material and evidence that backing your original statement and this is what eventually prevailed. No matter what the system ( as screwed up as it has become) throw it you.

A huge congratulations goes out to you for not only sticking up for your rights but the rights of thousands and thousands of authors that will be following in your footsteps as well.


Harrysastar2 Premium
As members of WA we are incredibly lucky to have truly honest owners like Kyle and Carson, who care about their members, and not a couple of fly-by-night operators ripping off vulnerable people without thought for the devastation they cause.

To donate half of the costs, $65,000, they were awarded, to help the victims of the scam, shows their honesty, integrity, and caring nature. Congratulations on your hard fought victory, and Viva La WA !
Kyle Premium
We care about people, you said it. The problem with many "companies" is that they make their revenue their sole focus, thus willing to compromise even their customers livelihoods in order to earn more money.

It is unfortunate, but that is the world we live in. You can be assured that we will always have you in our best interest.
seesy62 Premium
Now their site is shutdown and they are being sued by the United states . here is the declaration...

June 11, 2018

Orlando, Florida

On Monday, June 4, 2018, the Federal Trade Commission, an agency of the United States of America (“FTC”), filed a civil lawsuit against the following persons and entities:
•MOBE Ltd., d/b/a MOBE, d/b/a My Online Business Education, d/b/a My Own Business Empire (Malaysia)
MOBEProcessing.com, Inc. (US)
MOBETraining.com, Inc. (US)
•Transaction Management USA, Inc. (US)
•MOBE Pro Limited (UK)
•MOBE Online Ltd. (Mauritius)
•9336-0311 Quebec, Inc., d/b/a Business Education Training (Canada)
•Matt Lloyd Publishing.com, Pty Ltd., d/b/a Matt Lloyd Publishing, d/b/a Home Business Builders (Australia)
•MOBE Inc. (Panama)
•Matthew Lloyd McPhee, a/k/a Matt Lloyd, a/k/a Matthew Lloyd
•Russel W. Whitney, Jr.; and
•Susan Zanghi

The lawsuit, which is styled Federal Trade Commission v. MOBE Ltd., et al., case no. 6:18-cv-862, is pending in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Orlando Division. In the lawsuit, the Court has entered an order that enjoins the Defendants from certain activities and appoints a receiver for the companies listed above.

Further information can be viewed at www.bernet-receiver.com.
Kyle Premium
Yes, it has been shut down since early June, when the Receiver assumed control.
seesy62 Premium
Keep up the good work buddy. I was sued by a local creep over a little article even tough I pointed back the article to his site. He got nowhere. Thank God over 80% of this Sue business often get nowhere.
KennyLee Premium
Wow. I never realized that WA is in the thick of lawsuits and still providing top quality training and supports to members here.

All I can say is that I'm glad that WA is the first platform that I've joined in my online marketing journey.

Imagine how disastrous would it be if I've joined MOBE instead.

You can bank on my support as a member in years ahead as it's proven that what's offered here is the real deal.
Kyle Premium
We didn't make it public for obvious reasons (while we were in mid litigation), but as you know we still had a lot of time and energy dedicated to WA and improving the platform here.

That has never been unchanged and we had our amazing team working on the platform here through the course of this 3 years (and we both continued to dedicate 12 hours per day to WA).

When something like this happens, you need to adjust, and move forward.

Thanks for your support Kenny, it means a lot. :)
Winner1243 Premium
Hi, Kyle,

I think it's an INCREDIBLE story that everyone should know! If you work hard on one thing and the results aren't immediately visible, then it can be a sign of seriousness and a fair offer! Essential for WA is not to think in months until success, but in years. I've been here a little over a month and I don't know when it went so fast!
And you can see once again that being here at WA is NOT a matter of course!
THANK YOU for your courage, your seriousness and your fight for the truth. The truth will always win!!!
Kyle Premium
There are companies in this industry that teach REAL business and offer a thorough, consumer centric service (WA). There are businesses that are focused only on making money, and as much as they can (without a conscience). That was the case here, and that is the case unfortunately with a lot of companies out there.

This is one less scheme that people can lose their money too, hopefully those that are privy to this are able to get a better "scam" alarm next time they choose a business opportunity online.
Roybretton Premium
Thank you for your very informative blog post-Kyle. I actually went to an Internet marketing seminar a few years ago (with my girlfriend, who is now my wife!) She had seen this seminar advertised and she had no idea what it was, so we went.

The programme sounded wonderful as the presenter was telling us all how you been able to help many charities through his business online. He then went on to tell us about MOBE and how wonderful it was, I was highly surprised that I had never heard of this program. I have signed up to a lot of Internet marketers newsletters over the years, since 2004 in fact and I have never been invited to join Mobe, which to me suggested that it was a scam.

The more the presenter spoke I could see that it was definitely a scam and there were many many losers. There were a lot of really excited people on the seminar and I guess some of them parted with their money, I had absolutely no interest in this program as I could see 100% what it was! I have to say that the presenter made an excellent job of promoting Mobe.

I was very pleased to hear that Mobe had been shut down a few months ago, I love the power of the Internet but I don't agree with schemes where there are losers.

Enjoy your day.

Kyle Premium
Consider yourself lucky that your scam sirens went off during the seminar, those were one of the vehicles used to keep this scheme chugging along, and to keep new faces coming into the program.

There was a online warning sent out by the BBB (I believe in Charlotte) warning people about MOBE, but of course not everyone does their research online before attending an offline seminar.

This type of marketing, as you indicated, works on a lot of people and it allowed MOBE to bilk a reported $125 million dollars from people over time. It is unfortunate, it is now shut down, but now we all have a duty to protect each other from other similar scams out there (and there are lots of them).
Roybretton Premium
Thank you for taking the time to reply Kyle, I do appreciate it. Your comment is interesting Kyle as when I first started researching Internet marketing back in 2004, I saw the power of the Internet and yet I didn't know what to do, so I literally spent thousands on various products, many did not do what they said they would! I was desperate to make money online and would almost buy into anything just to get started, it actually took me until 2007 to start making money properly. I have to say that some of the products I did buy were genuine, but the majority were not!

I guess now that I have seen the light and I know what works and what doesn't work within reason, I do not want to see other people being scammed! It is very important to protect other people and to try and stop them from making mistakes that I did.

I tend to think that there are not the same amount of scam products around now, but maybe this is because I have become wiser on the Internet marketing front, possibly!

I'm so pleased that Mobe has been shut down, it also surprises me what some people will try and promote to make money, personally, like most of us, I only want to market something that works and is genuine.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for your excellent blog post.

TheGo2Guy Premium
I didn't just like this article, I LOVED IT.

This truly is the first company I have come across online that delivers more value, and goes over and beyond on the services, training, etc it provides.

It truly makes me feel proud to see truth prevail. To be a part of a tremendous company, who's sole purpose is to educate and truly help others succeed in whatever path they may chose.

It's very inspiring to now know and see, that over the last 3 years, Kyle and Carson have been facing so much stress and pressure, and despite all the injustices, never showed any of that during there posts, words of encouragement, nuggets of knowledge, and continued improvements to an amazing platform.

I personally know that, had I or many of us here been faced with this exact same situation (lawsuit), we would have been crushed, definitely overwhelmed, most likely bullied as intended and financially defeated without the resources to proceed.

It takes tremendous courage especially with all the odds, and pressure coming at you (especially from a legal perspective) to stand your ground on what you believe.

I don't even truly have the words to express how I feel inside. I felt or could feel through this article an unbelievable pressure knowing that Kyle and Carson were not just defending themselves, (but having been accused of things obviously before their time, and things they didn't actually do) and others. The anger and frustration cannot be put into words.

Today (or day this was all concluded) was a huge and awesome victory won for everyone here at Weathly Affiliate.

I'm so excited and proud to be apart of (and to have found such an amazing company/platform) Wealthy Affiliate and Kyle/Carsons leadership.

Thanks for standing up firm and strong for what you believe in.

I believe this article stands and should serve as an example, of how to push through any adversities and trials one might face to pursue ones goals and dreams in life.

STAND UP FOR TRUTH, regardless of the pressure.

Thank you both (Kyle and Carson) very much for sharing this experience, and post with us.




P.S... I'm so pumped with excitement after reading this HUGE VICTORY, that I'm finding it hard to sleep. 😕 ( Thanks Kyle And Carson) LOL.
Kyle Premium
Hey, there is no love button. Perhaps we should move in that direction, and get rid of the like (that is actually not all that far fetched).

Thanks for the kind words, this was definitely a long, drawn out and frustrating journey, but it was one where we remained very focused on what matter. The truth.

Principle sometimes is not worth arguing, many people do and get burned by it, but when you are fighting for a cause and a large subset of people (consumers, and fellow bloggers), it becomes well worth it and actually required.

Thanks for your ongoing support Tony, you are wonderful part of the family here at WA!
TheGo2Guy Premium
Thanks for making this all possible and fighting the good/great fight.
keishalina9 Premium
FYI--Update on Matt Ll0yd's next venture:

He can be found on FB -- Scale Fast Secrets Public Group apparently started a few weeks ago and already has about 800 sign-ups -- apparently in the area of [paid-ads"Scale Fast Adverstising"-- for a $5000. set-up fee for clients already making $100k-$500k per annum and already spending 10k+ / month on advertising ...

That's pretty rich! .. a starter deal for $5k ...

According to the Receiver -- he's supposed to report his 'new' businesses to the FTC -- would you think he has done this?

As Julius Caesar once said, ' keep your friends close, your enemies closer.'
*(how far along have we (humans) progressed on the evolutionary path? .. some have said -- not far enough as yet...)
Kyle Premium
I haven't been privy to this. I think what you will find is that behaviour and morals are difficult to change, and they rarely do.
keishalina9 Premium
... hey hi Kyle -- thanks kindly for your engagement -- you & Carson are both 'super-heroes!' ... for doing the right thing and sticking with it -- very tough in today's terms ...

... well curbing 'difficult behaviour or rather undesirable / dishonest behaviour' in business or industry -- there is some semblance of legal / regulatory apparatus in gear to ensure a fair level playing field -- sticky as that wedge is -- government regulations are developed & written in place to deter undesirable behaviour and to promote desired behaviour -- that's all we've got as a 'civil society' to curb 'bullying' for instance... regulations are put in place 'post-facto' -- pretty much reactionary to incidents ... after when 'harm' has been done ... versus 'preventive' such as 'do no harm' principle in medicine ...

... in Canada, we also subscribe to the notion of the 'pre-cautionary principle' however, when one is involved globally, the jurisdictional jurisprudence makes this much more challenging to apply ...

... it still remains for every individual person to be vigilant in the care of themselves & safety ...

... it's beyond words our sense of appreciation & thanks to you & Carson for your goodness of heart & mind ... of course, the WA community is right behind you in support -- that's what a true community of friends & neighbours are for!

... keep well & stay the course ... love, light & cheers ... 😊
Ray619 Premium
Thanks so much for posting this blog and even though you guys went through so much for us righteousness and truth always wins in the end because God is not blind he will always give his people the victory and I know you and Carson are believers in our creator and higher power.
and even for those that don't choose to believe when something good or bad happens in there lives what is the first thing that comes out of there mouths? oh my God.
well, anyways gbu and carson and you're families always.
Kyle Premium
Thanks for the kind words and support. ;)
JaneMahlehle Premium
OMG! Thanks, Kyle and by extension, Carson. I don't even know what to say. All I can say is sorry you had to go through such a painful process. I was defrauded by MOBE too. But I can tell you sometimes it helps to procrastinate, it helped me avoid possible bigger losses. I lost $49 plus some. That's just money, I can make it back.
I was about to go get a huge bank loan when the FTC came down on MOBE, as a result of pressure from my 'business coach'....he had told me to be "resourceful" and look for the money. Matt even promised me a full refund on one of their Masterclasses....that left me wondering...why not just let me in without me going for loans? ...

I lost good relations with some family members who warned me about MOBE and I felt like they just didn't want to see me succeed... but I am still trying to recover.
Pastordna Premium
WOW! So WA was the major instrument that God used to save me from those dubious tricks of MOBE Ltd. Thank you Kyle and Carson for being there for me and for enduring all those three years of pain for all of us even when I did not yet come in contact with the WA or know any of you guys. I was one of the victims of MOBE Ltd then that WA helped. Thank you so much! Now I know that I am a full member of WA by divine design. Thank you Lord Jesus!
Johnpavich Premium
Wow ! That's quite the story and we only got a little sample of it, way to go !!!
It reminds me of a story when I was in real estate , if you put one lawyer in a town he went make much money but put 2 lawyers in a town they both make money , the legal system is very corrupt and we are at the mercy of a judge .
Well grandi said I may be a minority of one but the truth is still the truth.
Democracy prevailed, that's what 300 Spartans died for, many years ago , they refused to be bullied !
Here here !!!
anthatron Premium
Hey Kyle & Carson, thanks for the post!
Just finished reading the content and I couldn't imagine the stress and effort that went threw with this lawsuit. To begin, I'm a fairly new member tho i'm happy to hear that we stick together as a family, as I could tell by reading this article you posted really happy that our privacy was protected!
I'm sure it was a bit of a worry or panic when the judges where swamped around with the "formerly family lawyer''.
So with going threw this experience as a business point, what would we say was the one of most important aspect we learned about going threw with this case or lawsuit?... and what are the other four different defences besides telling the "truth"?.. I'll read the article a few more times and see what other info I can gather plus I would like to read the full complaint and statements against.. because yes just getting a piece of it, it sure sounded well thought out and researched..
Tho WA won and It's really nice to here that we have a true leader that will stand up for the people rights when it comes to OUR PRIVACY, i'm sure myself and the whole community owe a thank-you to you Kyle and Carson!

Thank you,
Ultimateless Premium
Hi Kyle,

You have been the first online affiliate marketing I have ever dealt with. I am and have always been impressed by your integrity. You definitely deserved to win this case and I hope you put other fraud companies out of business. By your actions, you have probably scared a few more scam artists off of the internet, hopefully.

Well done, and keep up the good work.

Rolie Premium
Congratulations Kyle & Carson.

Because of my horrible experience with MOBE I nearly never joined WA. or any other Internet Marketing company for that matter.

You are both to be commended for the incredible stand you took against such mounting costs and be counted.

No doubt with the case behind you your energies can now be focused on making WA an even better organization.

All The Very Best,

HelenpDoyle Premium
You deserve congratulations for sticking to your guns. And yes, fortunately you had the resources to do so. Many others would have liked to do this but couldn't afford it.

Unfortunately bullies like this often get away with it.

And just think of all the other things this prevented you from doing over the last years. So much time wasted.
TimMcKinlay Premium
This is pure gold.

Good to see the truth coming out in the end and justice being served.

It's also good to have a clear cut resource to share regarding this case, because there are some absolute hacks out there who use the whole "WA got sued and lost" BS to 'prove' their lies about WA. This shows in black and white how Wealthy Affiliate clearly WON this case and that MOBE is most certainly a vicious scam.

Thanks for sharing guys.
Jim-Bo Premium
Good news. I wonder what McPhee, Chow, and the others are doing now. Promoting some other scam? Their income must have been slashed and they might be struggling now. (awwww, shame, lol)....

I love it when the underdog wins the day. Well done.

Coincidentally, I'm ranked on page one of google for "Is My Online Business Education a Scam?"

and have been for quite a while.

I was kind of waiting for MOBE to give me some grief about it. I guess they won't be able to, after all.

However, what would happen to the likes of little old me if MOBE had gone to war with me?

I wouldn't have a chance, I'm not making zillions of dollars to defend myself.
McWord Premium
I don't that this setback would deter those folks from continuing their scamming efforts. Scammers will always be there and we need to be on highest alert to combat them.

Great comment!!

keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Mitch! ... you're right! ... he's already started a new biz and is found on FB seeking big $$$ clients ...

... very sad state of his human condition ...
McWord Premium
It is sad. Whether you believe in kismet, karma, or whatever, his reward will be forthcoming. Personally, I believe that what you reap is based on what you sow.

I just hope that he wakes up in time...

All the best,

keishalina9 Premium
... yes, agree -- isn't it incredible the lengths that some will go for $$$? ...

... anyway, i just posted a brief fyi on his whereabouts on this thread as above ...

keep well, mitch, ... all the best to you in 'vigilance!' ... 😊
LTTurnerJr Premium
Congratulations Kyle & Carson! It surely doesn't sound like a smooth experience by any means, but I am so glad you two came out on top - which is where you guys were all along. So proud and happy for you both and grateful for all you continue to do for everyone here at WA (and for donating half of the monies to those who lost money in the other company). Congratulations and hats off to you two. :)
renzki1375 Premium
Wow!!! Congratulations. You stand up for the truth.

If only the FTC actions and decisions were made earlier, you could make use of its investigation reports and arguments, and file a criminal case instead of just defending yourselves since fraud and scam has no place in town.

At the time, they wanted the criminal arguments to be struck out, it was a signal that you could make use of it as a different strategy like a filing a criminal case.

Anyway, you can now sleep well and I am proud to be part of Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you for being brave and honest.
RandellD Premium
Let me add my WOW to the comments. I certainly came across MOBE's promotional influence but somehow in my gut I did not trust them or their claims. You know the old saying: What appears to be too good to be true can not often be as good as it seems to be.

Thanks and congratulations to WA for your ethical stance.
Mattking2017 Premium
Wow...! Dec 23rd 2015 to Sept 17th 2018, almost a full 3 years on this case. Thank you Kyle and Carson. Good job. There are more 'MOBE' out there. I am so glad I only chose WA and got my refunds from the other players I got hooked into. I like your statement Kyle about putting people first before the money. Naturally the money follows the peeps. Thank you for this write up. This is a strong case for WA going forward, to showcase your commitment to your customers, if and when they join WA. God bless WA and its wonderful family!
nina2018 Premium
It must be more than hard fro you, family and friends; the worst is trusted in the judicial system and had a judge who did not even know well what it was all about. But the truth always comes to light, unfortunately after many twists, the truth triumphs.
Well done. Congrats 😊
SBlandford Premium
Hello Kyle,
Wow!!!! What an experience. The insight you must have gained from all of it. I would like to thank you for standing in the gap for all of us. I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. I also would like to thank you for standing for TRUTH and HONESTY. The TRUTH will come out no matter what. I feel so blessed to be a part of this community. Thank you for all that you do even behind the scenes that we are not aware. God Bless you for giving those victims half of the money. What a remarkable Company this truly is. All the more reason to refer people to WA.
Thanks again for all you stand for. It means the world to me.
God Bless,
TonyHamilton Premium
Awesome Kyle!

I had heard so much about this case over the past 3 years but most of it was of course from the internet, also known as "The Bathroom Walls of the 21st Century"

I am in awe of the Leadership at Wealthy Affiliate in being able to not only defend and win against false claims but to also be able to continuously upgrade our platform here at the same time.

Truly excellent that the truth was brought out and that the predators were not in any way shape or form able to take this any further.

There are so many legitimate ways to earn an income online that when some aren't legit, they create a stigma for all.

Thank you Kyle, Carson and the entire Wealthy Affiliate Team for all that You have done, do and continue to do for us all here in the #1 Affiliate Business Networking Community on our planet!

NWTDennis Premium
Well stated Tony. There have been many platform improvements of the past 3 years, and life as we know it here in the community just kept getting better and better.

Is there any doubt that WA is the leader of the pact when it comes to a high quality internet marketing training platform?
TonyHamilton Premium
Thank you Dennis,

no doubt in my mind my friend!

Don64 Premium
There must be very similar set ups and operations like that out there because i think that they have been "grooming" me for a long time to give them the huge money for a coaching guarantee arrangement that sounds exactly like the article! Perhaps divine providence has led me to WA?? One thing for sure is that an organization is judged as much by its enemies as by its friends. If you guys are being sued and attacked that usually means you are doing something right!! That is actually a good sign from my perspective and experience of life!
joerice Premium
I tip my hat to Kyle and Carson for not only winning but giving $65,000 back to ripped off Mobe customer. Mope got me for $49.00, but I was lucky because they had charged $4000. to my credit card and my credit card company voided charge. This was before I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I am glad I didn't let that stop me from pursuing a on line business and education. Thanks: Joe
RobMichelle Premium
Well done guys. We were one of those that got duped out of $3,000. That was a lot of money for us. Being “little” people we just quit and didn’t even try to get our money back, because we knew their refund language would make it impossible.
WA is so ethical compared to them, it was an easy decision to go forward with WA. Our experience did make us very wary about Affiliate Marketing to the point where I got a “real” JOB, to pay the bills. We actually signed up with WA in 2015, but were frightened to get involved because we did not understand affiliate marketing. We didn’t even know we had signed up. Three years later in 2018, we had a little more knowledge and thought we’d give WA a go, only to find out we’d already been members for 3 years. You guys have put together an awesome business and I’m proud to be part of it.
We won’t make Las Vegas this year, but are looking forward to meeting you next year where ever it is.
Thanks heaps,
Rob & Michelle
JoMatt1 Premium
Absolutely hate these so called 'big' companies that are allowed to throw their weight and money around and bully what they believe to be the 'small' guy... so pleased they met their match in WA.
Well done to you for 'fighting' back and the truth came out.

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.
herinnelson Premium
Wow, an amazing write-up!--What a educational journey you had! The good, once again, prevailing over the bad! I looked at MOBE right before I found WA. I was out the $49 which was never refunded, however I saw right through them at the start of the 21 steps. You can kind of feel a company out. Thank goodness I wasn't sucked in! A small cost for a lesson well-learned! When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I somehow knew this would be the one I'd sink my time and effort into. Thanks Kyle and Carson for believing in the seemingly impossible. xo

Erin :)!
BDuncan1011 Premium
With making a claim of defamation, wasn't the burden of proof on them? Shouldn't they be required to prove that ANY of your statements were false regardless of how scathing they were?
It's a shame that it had to go on so long and I feel for your financial losses. I'm just glad that you were able to stick to your guns and hold to your principles. Fantastic job!
DGArchitect Premium
Wow! I had no idea all of this was going on. I knew about MOBE getting shut down, but I was not aware that they had an ongoing lawsuit with WA. It's crazy that our court systems make money from the required procedures in which they are supposed to make the right decision. What concerns me, is that the business model for MOBE sounds similar to another marketing system that I joined. They also just rolled out a 21-day video training for beginners that offers coaching with upsells for high commissions. I am proceeding with caution and doing more research now before taking any action. I'm proud to be a part of this platform, which teaches new entrepreneurs how to build their business the right way. Excellent work!
Crazyhaggis Premium
Good on you guys for taking a stand and persisting with it.
I attended a MOBE conference early last year in Thailand and walked out half way through. It was to me, so obviously a scam set up by a very slick con man with a super slick ‘machine’ running it.
They advertised the conference as a way to learn about internet marketing. But, it was clear after a short time it was simply a recruitment drive for people to sell MOBE’s own highly priced ‘educational’ courses.
What disgusted me was they were taking money from people in a developing country who were pretty desperately looking for a way to earn an amount of money which even at the lower end of MOBE’s claims seemed huge to them.
MOBE were also asking them to sign up and part with money there and then, that these relatively poor people could ill afford.
I thought the whole thing pretty disgusting.
DCarpenter1 Premium
I also attended a MOBE conference in Bangkok last year & totally agree with your comments.
It did not take me long to learn what their true purpose for the conference was - little to do with internet marketing.
Many attendees were local Thais & only have English as their second language. It was criminal to sign up these people.

I also left after a short time disgusted with the presentation. However getting out of the room was not easy due to the confrontational manner by the staff of the conference.

A lesson learned
SDiTullio Premium
What an amazing story. Kyle, I hold you and Carson in very high regard. After the almost three year ordeal, it is my opinion that you can be classified as nothing less than,heros .

I'm proud to call you my friends. You stand for everything that is honest ethical land truthful. Your actions make me proud and fortunate to be a member of the WA community!
BilBailey Premium
To Kyle and Carson,

To start a simple Thank You!

I've had my one-sided, unfair, bouts in court. But not an unimaginable situation like that. You went through it so I read each and every word. It was understandable. It was such a drain on me, I only imagine what 3 years can do. My only question is what happened to that Judge? She was a piece of work.

This just tells me for sure you are the REAL DEAL! I am sure I will be around awhile and I will help out, like placing a WA link on my website for no money and continue to learn first then help out where I can. I just feel at home here.

Just some little things to also stand up for the Right and Truth.

Bill Bailey
FKelso Premium
Good comment. Yes, thanks to our Fearless Leaders, we are still going strong here at WA. I had no idea WA and Kyle and Carson had gone through such an ordeal!

Thank you, Kyle and Carson, for sticking up for truth. You are the best!
Kyle Premium
People make mistakes and we cannot dwell on that, rather learn from it and move forward. Although we felt that the decisions against us initially were unjust, there are a lot of moving pieces to any case and the knowledge level is going to be different with every justice, in every location.

At the end of the day, the truth surfaced, and everything that was said from the very starting point was completely justified. It was a journey, but one that was well worth it.
ATzortzis Premium
Great move to donate so much money back to the victims. I salute you.

I know MOBE as I had reviewed them 3+ years ago and informed people that it was a scam. Additionally, I uncovered over 5 other related MOBE funnels and scam artists selling the big MOBE dream.

There were countless negative reviews of MOBE online.

I know about the lawsuit and the FTC shutdown and I've published various articles on the subject. I will continue adding some information after your testimonial.

Happy ending, there's nothing like justice!
michelemarie Premium
Oh Dear,
What a horrible time for you both and your families and WA.
Once again you absolutely amaze me, this is the most fantastic place and I know I harp on integrity, but it is the quality that continually shines through and it's because you two at the helm

Such a long haul , thanks for letting us know
MarionBlack Premium
Even though MOBE only scammed me out of a small amount of money back in February 2014 I've been following this case and the FTC investigation with much interest.

The money back guarantee depended on completing the 21 steps and most of the 21 steps would not even be revealed without paying out much more money that wasn't refundable.

I'm so glad justice finally prevailed.
Stella741 Premium
Funnily enough MLSP - My Lead System Pro is similar...I only took out a trial for $7 for a week 7 months ago and they still email and message me on FBook to join their webinars.

Yeah, Right!
RShaw1 Premium
Your incident report reminded me of a similar session held in a major downtown hotel, to promote a business plan. It too had a short multi-step procedure for acquiring wealth, with a web page. They suggested 5 websites with the drop shipment - auction type of format. They were quite convincing. Total cost was about six hundred dollars and I paid with a credit card. After I left the hotel session I had a change of mind realizing they kept my credit card. I returned to the session room and requested a refund, which took a while. They let me keep the sales binder in case I wanted in later. I'm now glad I did get that refund to apply it to Wealthy Affiliate. Nothing but praise for what you accomplished.
RachaelChr Premium
Wow. I just recently learned of MOBE shutting down by the FTC. I was one of the suckers they lured in with their $49 21 step program. I didn't invest any more than the entry fee, but I know their products were massively overpriced. And I'm not sorry that I joined because it is how I learned about affiliate marketing and what led me to find Wealthy Affiliate! Congratulations Kyle. You're one of the good guys!
johnnyfaulk1 Premium
Wow, hi Kyle, that must have been tough to go through. Thank you for standing tall and strong. In a world full lies, cheating, and dishonest, it is nice to see a beacon of truth. Good job.
I feel even more blessed and honored to be part of WA.
Thanks for caring, johnny.
Kyle Premium
There are lots of wonderful people in this world, and lots of great businesses within the online world. Unfortunately there are a few that can really hurt the entire industry as a whole.

We will continue to set out to change the perception and to give the affiliate marketing world a fair shake. These scams are not affiliate marketing, although they do try to portray themselves to be to legitimize their operations.

This won't be the last you see of the FTC takedowns, I can assure of that.
MelissaFred1 Premium
While I am so happy you prevailed, this story makes me pause...as a previous victim of the legal system I can tell you first hand how stressful it is to go through a multi-year ordeal. You are at a legal disadvantage as a defendant - ALWAYS... and I have seen countless men and women operating on behalf of LLCs or Corps who were sued for ridiculous amounts for defamation or similar- only to have to shell out thousands or hundreds of thousands to “defend” and protect their free speech. The system is flawed- egregious- immoral- in some cases unjust...but do we sit here and sell fresh fish tacos on a beach to survive or take the risk online or elsewhere? The saddest thing I see (as a former “defendant” myself) is that these criminals did not go to jail! They and their nefarious activities were shielded by entities - that although they can have hurt feelings - cannot spend time in jail... something needs to change - and soon
Kyle Premium
Things are getting better for free and truthful speech. The days of trying to muffle people are moving to a distant past. In Canada, there are many provinces that are starting to consider adopting the ANTI SLAPP legislation (or similar) to what many states in the US implement.

If you run a defamation lawsuit that has no merits, you are punished by a multiple of the defendants total legal expenditures. This will prevent baseless defamation and bullying lawsuits from starting in the first place and save the courts a lot of time and money.
jeooms Premium
Thank you so much for being a quality person running a quality organization, out to help those who look up to you. I am so proud to be part of this community. I never had a doubt one moment since I joined, and reading this cemented that even further.

Thank you!
Kyle Premium
It's all we know and we will continue to behave with the utmost ethics. We hope to set the gold standard for the industry as time goes on.

In a world of "fake" everything, it is nice to be able to speak the truth and to not be reprimanded for it. This is a win for authority bloggers worldwide.
BabsieRocks Premium
Wow, Kyle, that had to be one of the most stressful things you've ever gone through. I have to say that I applaud you and Carson for following through to the end, and God is good. Thank you for protecting us, protecting the industry and standing for what is right. Donating half of your money to the Mobe customers was pretty cool, also.
Kyle Premium
Absolutely, and we will continue to do so. We are and will always side with what is right.
DebbieRose Premium
I really appreciate you taking the time to share all these details. Lesser men would have crumbled so I have so much admiration and respect for you and Carson. Congratulations on the outcome.

Also, Thank you for Wealthy Affiliate....a company with integrity that gives so much value to its members. Its such fun to be part of this community.

Kyle Premium
We can't afford to crumble, if we do, then what will the cause and effect be for the rest of the ethical bloggers, and even worse, the consumers in the industry. Things would be much worse if we didn't defend what was right.

It is amazing to have people like yourself as part of the community/family here at WA.
JayBrazen1 Premium
What a crazy scenario to have to be in. I tried the $1 trial they had and did not like the pushy sales tactics they used.

One question though. What do you think about some of the companies operating right now with similar systems? I am thinking of The Super Affiliate Network, Legendary Marketer, AWOL Academy, etc. I know that after the fall of MOBE many of them tooks steps to ensure they are FTC compliant. They do not really have the mlm aspect, just a high ticket ascension model. But you do need to "recruit" people into the system for it to work. Which makes it seem scammy.
Kyle Premium
My suggestion is if it looks and walks like a rat, it probably is. All of the companies in the industry that are motivated purely by money act in a certain why. They have a low entrance cost, they have "coaches" or a phone sales team that get you to join at a higher price, usually in the several $1,000's. Then they get you to do the same to others.

They are almost certainly being advertised through ads on Facebook, or fabricated positive reviews within Google. Those that tend to promote them, tend to hype you up as to what your life will look like, rather than what the product actually is (they are usually elusive about that).

Those are some of the tell tale signs, not all of them, but with the most recent marketing and coaching schemes that the FTC has taken out ,these are common traits.
johncruz Premium
I feel like I just won my case against all my "cease and desist" letters from these scammers. Just like you guys, I never give in to a scammer out of fear (because that's what they want), especially when I know they are not just taking innocent people's money but mentally ruining their thoughts of actually making money online. Thanks for standing up for everyone here at WA and others running legitimate operations. Cheers!
Kyle Premium
Blanket C&D are a common muffling approach instituted by companies that don't like the reality of what they are doing to people, and rely on these to continue operating without the truth being published out there.

Fortunately there are some really hard nosed folks out there that are willing to stand up to people.
John Dough Premium
Wow! You guys are awesome. I’ve always liked WA and always believed it to be a place with caring helpful people and still do. No one has had to prompt me to promote WA when I comment on newcomers’ sites. I do it because I believe it! There are amazing, helpful and talented people here who are willing to take time with newcomers and seasoned veterans alike. I’m so glad you took the time to share what you have been through. I want to thank you because the fight you just took on will help all of us for future blogs we may write. I knew this place was special and now I’m learning it comes from the top! Again, thank you for making WA the special place it is!
BillandSue Premium
Hi Kyle,
Sue and I have been in "Scam City" several times before we found Wealthy Affiliate.

Most of these companies were not as aggressive as MOBE as they scammed us for smaller amounts of $$. But nonetheless, we were parted from approximately $9,000 of our savings.

There were several MLMs which weren't true scammers but we received in commissions less than 5% of total investment.

Some companies were poor imitations of WA that usually started at step #50 instead of step #1 where they should have started for beginners.

But you can't get out of these deals once you get into them in spite of their "money-back" guarantee. (none of these were MOBE or MOBE affiliates that I am aware of).

We are so grateful for the opportunity to be dealing with a Wealthy Affiliate who has such high ethics, standards, and fairness.

Congregations on your victory over "evil".

Bill & Sue
MKearns Premium
What a rendition Kyle. I'm glad justice prevailed. Looks like the US FTC took the wind out of their sails and uplifted WA's
Kudo's to you and Carson in forging on ahead in a stalwart manner in spite of these would be wreck artists.
You should emerge from this stronger than ever!!!
Stella741 Premium
Kyle, I was doing some calculations on my phone when I got notified about the "Sue"...

I have just read it through from beginning to end and feel very fortunate to work with a company that stands on its ethical grounds.

This really made me THINK! I understand and totally agree that the legal system can have some serious flaws and affect people's lives adversely.

I also believe that standing your ground through thick and thin has plenty of merit and attracts favour. Which is what happened here.

Congratulations and WELL DONE!

All the best,

kpercival55 Premium
Thanks Kyle & Carson!

What an amazing story, real life is truly stranger than fiction.
Thanks for taking the high road, standing up for what is true and ethical, and protecting all of us from these internet bullies.

And BRAVO for the donation to aid in the restitution to those who were scammed, what an honorable action on your part.

I am bursting with pride right now at being a part of the Wealthy Affiliate organization.

Continued success to us all!

With gratitude,
LesBlythe Premium
We Were Sued. We Stood Up. We Prevailed.

The title of your post says it all. A fascinating read and truly inspirational to all who believe that the TRUTH will prevail.

Well done on donating 50% of the escrowed funds to the poor sods who lost out. Obviously a calculated risk by MOBE (1% of what they scammed). I can only imagine the devastation caused the victims and their families.

Yet again (and again, and again) - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Thanks for your honesty and steering a steady ship at WA.
CravenATAT Premium
This is a great article and I am happy justice was served in the end, even though you and Carson had to go through so much to get there. I feel bad for all the MOBE customers who lost their money, but there is happiness in the few who got the money you donated.
Marley2016 Premium
Kyle, Truth should always be known and prevail in all court
rooms around the world. Thank you for sharing I am very
proud to be a member of this team and plan to keep it that
way as long as I can. You and Carson's generosity will come
back tenfold have the faith :)
hanley Premium
I want my $49 back, LOL. MOBE was a slick operation and sold well by Mat loyde and there will be many more in the future.
Thank you for taking the time to explain this and I appreciate the three years taken from your life to defend the truth.
Peter H
rosieM Premium
Even though I may not appear to be very active...due to a LONG list of "troubles"...I am always checking in..etc...This is proof positive that Wealthy Affiliate IS "the real thing"...I am soooo proud and honored to be even a small part of WA!!!
Thank you Kyle and Carson for being exactly who you say to be...a true rarity these days!
Bald Eagle Premium
Phew - that's an awful lot of (negative) stuff going on behind the scenes. Of course sitting here in little old New Zealand I am totally unaware of how much of this case was public knowledge, so for me it is "behind the scenes".

Pleased for all concerned that the truth prevailed - it always does.

How you manage to contend with this, as well as continue with the daily tasks of keeping and improving WA, is just incredible.

Will anyone be held responsible for this and possibly go to jail or do these characters just walk away to scam another day?
Spellcry7 Premium
Kyle and Carson, gentleman!

Congrats on the win, congrats for sticking up to the scammer, and most of all congrats to the WA community for having such a truthful, dedicated operator for a leader.

I read the whole article, excellent work you 2, thanks for showing us we are in the right place, and putting our money into a platform that will help achieve our goals moving forward.

MOBE and others are the reason most people shy away from our business, they are the people hurting us, and I want to say thanks for all the time, money and hard work you put in.... Truth always prevails (it has karma on it's side).

CHEERS Kyle and Carson!!

You will always have me as a member here at WA...
It was very respectful of you to give back to those people scammed... this is why I choose WA...honesty!
SondraM Premium
Oh....this explains why I didn't see you respond to someone's question a month or so about whether WA was sued by MOBE and lost. That is when the FTC's ruling came first came to my attention. After reading the FTC's action against MOBE, I didn't want to waste my time researching it any further.

Thank you for proving the link to the article and the details about the frustrations you had to deal with. Your post gives us the information to respond appropriately if we are asked about it.

Personally, I am especially grateful that WA has been managed in a way that allowed you to have the assets to fight this incredibly long, frustrating lawsuit. It allowed you to have the resources to and not just settle.

Lastly, I am amazed at what all WA has accomplished within the last couple of years in spite of having to deal with a very time consuming, stressful and expensive legal challenge. Thank you and Congratulations!!!!

p.s. That was an extremely kind gesture to donate funds to the pool to help people that were scammed.
DShensky Premium
I remember taking their free program back in 2016 and then when they told me I had to pay $10,000. to complete the program I told them good bye. The whole concept of their program is that once you pay for the program and then complete it you can sell it and they hype up how much you can make.

Matt Lloyd the owner of the company keeps hyping up how much money his sales force has made and how you can make boo coos of money too. You have to invest in each peogram and take it yourself before you can sell it.

On my website I wrote a review of the program and called it a scam
Kelly42 Premium
This is what attracted me to WA! The honesty and sincerity of all the people within this community to help each other. Now you've both won a 3yr long case and even donated your monies to fraud victims. This is beautiful and I am feeling super proud. Thank you for sharing your experiences and inspiration!
MLorenz1 Premium
Good for you, Kyle and Carson! What an ordeal you both went through. Sorry you had to go through that, but I'm glad you stuck it out to the very end. It is such a shame that there are people like that in this world. And MOBE isn't the only scammer out there. I have had my share of unscrupulous "business" endeavors.

Thanks for being so trustworthy and watching our backs.
Tirolith Premium
When I first started using the internet I got involved with Matt Lloyd as he is from West Australia. I made a comment about the site on Facebook and he saw it and abused me for saying it in public.
Twice I joined but not having any money I had to pull out and was told to go and find a teenager to teach me how to use a computer as I am an old bugger with poor computer skills.
Nearly three years ago I wrote a blog about corruption on the internet and I have been pushing for more honesty on the internet.
It is good to see that we are now growing honesty through the internet with the likes of Wealthy Affiliate and other new Entrepreneurs.
Most so-called entrepreneurs are pretenders and not true to the meaning of the word.
Thank you, Kyle and Carson, for standing up to the bullies of the internet.
Tom Short.
Igor13 Premium
Hi Kyle!

First of all congrats for your victory and having the strength, resources, and endurance to overcome such long and difficult litigation.

Secondly, I need to say that I am truly glad the case is over for you and you can go on with your company. It seems that sometimes justly and law are not the same category!

Besides, it is incredible what you, Carson and WA have been going through in such close time and still worked on improving the WA service, platforms, new layout of the WA portal, etc. and at the same time be there for the members all the time.

Thanks for sharing with us this story we weren't aware of so far!

Furthermore, the great gesture on your part of paying back half of the awarded amount to you shows your ethics, empathy, and compassion versus people being in need.

It is great to know that WA is now even more established and recognized company in the online and affiliate marketing arena.

Best regards!
YanFellow Premium
Nightmare! And going on for so long!

It reads like a movie script for a legal drama!

When I hear of such cases, I actually like to know what the criminals look like so I looked him up. I'm afraid I'm absolutely no good at spotting the bad guys :-( One report says that he's gone into hiding. Let's hope he gets what he deserves.

Thank you Kyle & Carson for persevering with this for all of us.
TopAchiever Premium
I salute you Kyle and Carson!

From the beginning in 2013, I could see from the way you dealt with people in Wealthy Affiliate that you are honest, truthful, upstanding and ethical people!

I've seen it proven time and time again when something suspect comes up like the Akismet saga, you were there with the truth.

The truth will always prevail, and you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free!

Thank you for your abundantly evident heart to pay if forward to those who've been robbed of their last pennies! May you be blessed in return for your kindness and generosity for rest of your lifetime!

Thank you for believing in us and protecting us!

The least we can do is promote and embrace your pay it forward attitude with gratitude!

Warm regards

AlexEvans Premium
Thanks for sharing your experiences, that would have severely tested your metal, Kyle, much respect for you and Carson, when we are up against the wall it can be hard to find a way forward.

Sticking to our core values can be one of the best starting points, even when the flow is going against us. The legal systems in any jurisdiction can have their inconsistencies, Judges like anyone are subject to drawing the wrong conclusions and making wrong decisions, based at times on personal or professional biases.

I am actually quite touched from reading your account of what transpired over the course of the three years, that this case played out. You guys have displayed such strength of character in your defense of this case, both in the reasoning behind it and how you conducted yourselves through the journey, definitely a case of walking the talk.

Many of these platforms kind of operate in the shadows, and ply there trade using misleading and confusing tactics and rhetoric, preying on the inexperienced. It is good that bodies like the FTC pursue and weed them out, from listening to the chatter online MOBE may be the tip of the iceberg.

You will be pleased to put this one behind you and to be able to get back to focusing on WA. Looking forward to and proud to be part of the continuing journey.
Visiondancer Premium
WOW!!! I'm more impressed with you and who you are more than ever. TY for taking a "Stand" for Truth, Integrity, Freedom and Justice. What an enlightening outcome from what would appear a VERY painful experience.

In 2006, my Spiritual Community in the USA joined our Spiritual Community in British Columbia in an HYIP Investment Opportunity. Friends of friends introduced us and we were all told it was risky.

Yet, we trusted and believed it was good. There were some signs - in the personalities of the scammers which I ignored. There is nothing worse than trying to help people and instead leading them off a cliff. It took a decade to over come that experience if ever.

Lessons learned. I applaud you Wholeheartedly, and I will do my best to represent myself and my company the way that only honest people with integrity can. Eventually, the Truth will set us free.

Many Blessings to you and your family and I toast you with my afternoon tea.

In gratitude for YOU Kyle and Carson!!!
Sftat Premium
Good to see the truth prevail for WA.

I hope someone is investigating that judge to see if she was simply incompetent, or on the MOBE payroll. Her actions are hard to understand simply from well-meaning ignorance. I do hope she pays a high price for the damage, pain, and expense she caused to the defenders of truth in service to a scam.
CEllison2 Premium
Kyle and Carson
I am glad that Mobe is no longer in business, I did the 21 step they start with but fortunately did not go any further. I am sorry for all that you have been through but someone needs to look out for the scammers. As you said Truth is always the way to go. I am thankful that I joined WA. When I did my research, I found nothing negative about the program or either of you.
NatNiches Premium
I'm so pleased to hear the full story and that truth prevailed... I was so pleased when I heard of MOBE coming to an end. Having witnessed so many people falling for that - and I see some very similar programs still out there. Hopefully not for long!
It must have been a difficult time, congratulations on pulling through... Justice prevailed! Brilliant!
JHarwood1985 Premium
One thing I would suggest is to get certified by the Better Business Bureau here in the United States, if you haven't already. Doing so would go a long way towards building consumer confidence in Wealthy Affiliate, as BBB certified businesses are always considered safe, especially in terms of the online world. I only give this advice because I really have grown to love this community and your ethical standpoint. Keep up the good work Kyle, you guys are a ray of sunshine in the bleak and gray world of online businesses
Noraffiliate Premium
Fantastic. Truth and justice will prevail.
You guys are my Heroes..
So many scams and shiny objects online..
Before joining WA I almost joined another similar scheme.
It appeared to be very legit.
However, the "application fee" of 29$ was only the beginning..
You only get access to some video of almost zero value.
First upsell is the basic membership of 297$
Upsells after that were up to 20 000 $ !!
It's MLM and the only ones enjoying any financial reward are the top maybe 1-2%.
Actually it was a couple of WA reviews of this scam that saved me from getting into the program!

The polished videos of successful members travelling the world, working (checking their bank accounts) at the beach were very convincing.
Some bells should have rung.
The only training they offered was on promoting their own program.
As you advance you have to pay more to get the training.
Affiliate marketers should never have to pay for the promotion of products. It's just wrong. 20 000$!

Thank You Kyle, Carson and WA for
being the complete opposite of such MLM schemes and scams.

I'm so glad I have come to the right place!
DonnaPa1 Premium
This is crazy stuff! Glad you guys stood up for what you believe in. Honesty is always the best policy, can't go wrong.
Calmkoala Premium
I am so proud to belong to this community. Huge thanks to you both and your team for consistently being such positive role models in this business and for sticking to your principles to support us.

I have said this before, but here I go again! This is the most supportive, positive and invigorating work environment I have had the pleasure to work in.

So kudos to all who work here every day and keep WA the fascinating community it continues to be...

Keep smiling, Sue :)
jghwebbrand Premium
Thank you for sharing and thanks for standing up for the truth and exposing the corrupt. As time consuming and financially draining as it is to stand up for what is right, it is true that the inner self of someone who is honest keeps them strong to see truth prevail.

Thanks for your heart of wanting to help other people. I hope you get a chance to take a little breather. My guess is that helping others motivates you to the point that it brings relaxation, inner peace, joy and satisfaction.

Thanks for all of your hard work.
firstlearn Premium
I am very glad the truth won in the end. Being one of those caught up with MOBE I thoroughly agree with what has happened.

I managed to get a full refund because I used my credit card for the purchases and they were shut down prior to receiving any training materials.

1signbanner Premium
Wow! Your story will be burnt into my memory Kyle. I would be intimidated and hide. WA did not do that. That is great.

Mobe, hmmmm....I hate what they did to WA, these criminals should be put in prison. So much lives have been damaged financial by this scammers.

I appreciate you sharing this with us. You and Carson are awesome people. So glad I'm affiliated with you guys!


Like I said I love you guys and your family for what you have done and represent. You have my deepest respect.