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Last Update: Aug 11, 2016


Hi WA'ers,

Ever felt like you are on a treadmill and that which you aspire seems to be forever delayed? Feel like you want to throw-in the towel, because the reward seems to be fleeing from you? And that you are always falling short of expectation, by self, your significant other, family, friends, cheerleaders, e.t.c?

Don't worry, I want to encourage you, with this writing from Ralph Marston

''The way to achieve excellence and perfection is through experience. And experience is filled with mistakes. If it were not, we would not learn very much from it.

It is admirable to aspire to perfection, but foolish indeed to expect that it will come quickly or without mistakes. It certainly pays to expect the best of yourself. It also pays to be realistic and patient.

Perfection in any endeavor is an aiming point, not a starting point. Let the desire for it push you, but don't let the absence of it stop you. If you're ever going to get anything done, you must start somewhere. More specifically, you must start where you are.

Even in our world of instant fortunes, instant communication and instant gratification, it is still true that anything of true and lasting value takes time and effort. Aim for perfection, and follow the less-than-perfect road that will get you there.''

I hope this has refreshed your spirit and boosted the emotional bank account to keep you progressing ahead to your ultimate goal!

Let's keep on keeping on!


Recent Comments


Starting is key. It doesn't have to be perfect.

great motivational post thanks.

We all need to hear this sometimes. Thanks, Violet. Keep going.

Thanks found it refreshing and uplifting at the same time

Hi RoopeshG, thank for the appreciation. All the best in all that you do!

All the best to you too

Thanks for the reminder.

Hi NRosales, thank for the appreciation. All the best in all that you do!

Hi Violet, geat motivation. Irv.

Thank you Violet for this vey nice blog and everything is time related and we have to be patient maybe a year maybe two years but we will all get to where we want in the end

Hi Paulgoodwin, Yes, time is of essence to achieve any meaningful results. All the best!

Terrific post Violet and VERY helpful !



Hi Stevecox, thank for the appreciation. All the best in all that you do!

I haven't (yet) wanted to throw in the towel, but sometimes I'm wondering what I'm trying to achieve ^^ :)
This motivates me to keep on going!

Great inspiration Violet, thank you :)

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