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Last Update: January 20, 2016

Big thanks to WA and WA's members. The community is a very helpful place and the people in WA are wonderful and unselfish people. To be honest i have not know any community come close to this we have here. Let us cherish and adore WA as continue to make it acommodatating for the new people we are bringing in and those who are already enjoying WA.

People has been sending in trainings, ideas, blogs, articles, jokes, progres.Many have shown us some great statistics and finishing version of their website but some thing is missing.

What i think is missing is that we do not the share the news of our common goals. we all put all this efforts together to make profit. To improve our skills so that we can make some money. No doubt we are doing very well even though if you are not making money yet but i know you will soon be. Why are we not sharing what we have gained, our profits, sales, referral anything that followed our actions, like form of return from what we have invest our business?

It will be nice to read about stuf like that. It will motive some one if not all. I know some people may say building their website from scratch is their success. They may say they are not in for the money but i am.

All your blogs trainings have done a great job in the lives of many in this community but result will motivate too.

Let us keep up the good job.

See you at the Top!


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TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Awesome Vincent,

There are many posts here on Wa that speak volumes of success that is achieved here.

I know that in my case I have been earning an income online for just over 6 years but started with WA not quite 7 months ago and my income has greatly increased.

WA is in my opinion the greatest Business Community Online & in the World for learning, support & earning.

Thank you for Sharing & Caring my Friend,

ricardo1 Premium
Vincent, it's my passion to help as many people as I can here at WA. Since I've come back I share what I have achieved along my journey, because it is possible for them too. It's no secret to my success, 'each one teach one' and it's working for me. That's my good news!
CharlesL Premium
Not everyone has financial success to share yet. We have been struggling just to get our site up. But we do agree that posting success stories can be very motivational.
OldMCSEGuy Premium
What I think is missing is legal and ethical business training.