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March 28, 2017
Hi all,I have been working on my Youtube channel. i have been enjoying it. My aim is to take it to another level by using it to drive traffic to my business and also using it to educate newbies. In order to become perfect before going into live on fb, i will like you guys to watch this and subscribe, like or comment so that i can adjust in area that needed.bellow is my video
February 28, 2016
Happy Sunday to all WA's. just a quick one, i have two website one of them is used to promote amazon but am wondering can i use the same affiliate link for my other website or i have to request for anothe affiliate link from amazon for the other site? pls help. thank you and see you at the top!Vincent
February 22, 2016
i understand Jaaxy can be promoted. Can some one tell me who can promote Jaaxy and if its ok for every one to promote Jaaxy where can i found my link to promote the product?Thanks
February 12, 2016
i was in different area of London today including some shpoing mall. Every where i turned was full of people. motor way was busy full of cars,roads within the city was packed with cars and people walking on the road side. shopping malls was full to the brim, there were people all an about. every where was lively fun though! the weather was not bad at all.My friend said its because Valentine falls on weekend. He was going on an on about the busiest of the city and valentine but i was completely
January 20, 2016
Big thanks to WA and WA's members. The community is a very helpful place and the people in WA are wonderful and unselfish people. To be honest i have not know any community come close to this we have here. Let us cherish and adore WA as continue to make it acommodatating for the new people we are bringing in and those who are already enjoying WA.People has been sending in trainings, ideas, blogs, articles, jokes, progres.Many have shown us some great statistics and finishing version of their we