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Been one of WA's top affiliates for over 4 years now, been doing affiliate marketing 7+ years now and love it. I went Premium within 10 minutes of joining WA my first day, because I recognized the tremendous value it brings, and that it truly does show people how to build an online business and make money, the right way. Here to help :)
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Ali-M Premium
Dear Vince, how are you?) Hope you are fine and everything is great with your business progress ). I've recently followed you in WA.

My site is about technology and since I've started to build my network, I would like to have you in my network too.
Here is my links and I would be happy to have you in my social networks too (If you like of course : ) ). Also if you leave me your social network links; I'll be able to following you back.

Here is mine:
Google: https://plus.google.com/+AliMonajemi
Facebook: http://goo.gl/Plbnhj
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ali_monajemi

Wish you great success in your online business,

PMichKt Premium
Hi Vince,
You must have missed my reply to your message from yesterday. Copied below. Thank you!!

Hi Vince,
Your timing is pretty much perfect! I'd love your feedback on an idea right now. Here's where I'm at:

My first inclination when it came time to choose my niche was, "keep it simple stupid", and therefore, I decided to choose women's boots as my niche. Simple. And I know I browse them online, even when I'm not necessarily planning to buy.

As I thought about it more, I started a list of the things that are important to me.... Boots, yes, for sure :) But also, music, science, travel, animal rights/welfare, human rights, human consciousness/spirituality, peace. You get the picture.

Animal Rights is pretty much at the top of my list. So, I have this idea about marketing/promoting companies who either sell vegan friendly products, or donate a portion of their proceeds to other organizations who provide animal education and/or animal welfare programs.

I'm just not sure what that looks like, so I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much for reaching out!

Vince OMWV Premium
Ok cool. Yeah check your private messages :)
Mariatr32 Premium
Hi Vince. Ok, I'm a little lost. I heard you can keep your original domain with siterubix. I don't want to purchase anything else just yet. Eventually I will. It clearly says in the lesson that you cannot build a website using a siterubix domain. The other thing is that I misspelled a word on my domain. How can I fix that? And last, I already used up all of my 30 free searches thru Jaaxy on the misspelled domain. Should I just keep it that way? If you're not royally confused now, can you please offer me some help?
Vince OMWV Premium
Ok let me see what I can do...what is your domain?
Mariatr32 Premium
QFIntrepid Premium
Hi Vince,

Thank a lot you for all your help. Yes I did write you a post the other day but it was in reply to yours, relative to Niches & the like. It's just that I did so directly on my Profile rather than here. I gather that's why you did not feedback sooner. I know you are a busy man, just like most of us. At any rate I was able to answer my own questions going thru the rad lessons Kyle dispenses. So problem solved there.

I bet there will be more to come & I hope I will be able to touch base on those. Good to have you close in case I run into some kind of jam, which I am pretty certain I will, given my really not funny at all rookie status in this marketing discipline area. Good to hear from you Bud. take good care now.

Thank you Vince, i am in the process of getting started and appreciate your support and offer. I am from Adelaide, Australia, the city of Churches and Festivals. I will update my profile very soon and you will get to know me as i become more active in the WA community. I will chat with you soon.
Gina :)
MattCorcoran Premium
Hey Gina, also new member from Adelaide. Have just signed up for the premium membership. Cheers