A 44 Day Old Embryo

Last Update: April 09, 2015

I am a 44 day old embryo in Wealthy Affiliate. My first website was conceived on 2/26/15. It is a new life for me. My previous life bears no resemblance to who I am now. And yet, I am still not fully formed. When I look at myself I hardly recognize who I am. My growth potential and my final appearance are yet to be determined. I still require the "womb" of WA. I am umbilically connected to the community. I can't really "breathe" on my own yet. I seem to be maturing everyday.

My growth seems to be guided by some pre-set plan. The growth is not chaotic but orderly. I may be a bit uncomfortable to look at right now in WA...but the finished product is yet to be birthed.

I am but a 44 day old Wealthy Affiliate embryo...

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Lazyblogger Premium
Nurture is what you need right now, and you are definitely in the right place for it. Great Synopsis.
danbarth87 Premium
Thanks for sharing. This is quite an analogy!
JeanL Premium
That is a very accurate comparison. Everyday adding on to your growth and development.
Bluette Premium
Great analogy, hope you will be fully developed 9 months rich baby. :)))))
ruthrobinson Premium
Me too!
LamontSB Premium
I like the way the setting is written, 44 day old or 365, we as a community will develop with you. When you joined WA you signed up and got a 'NETWORK' keep on growing.