4 MONTHS here at WA - Should I keep going?

Last Update: November 14, 2018

Back on July 14, 2018, I decided to give it a try to this opportunity called Wealthy Affiliate.

4 months later I can tell you that it has been a roller coaster because there have been days that I have felt like I'm there going to make it and days that I feel like I'm right there!!!

So, you might be wondering... How much have I made? Well, my bank account hasn't received any deposit from online resources but I have made:

$26.50 through Site Comments

$7.71 Google AdSense

$5.73 eBay commission

Again, I haven't received any payment because there are minimum amounts that need to be reached before a payment is made.

MY HOPE is that I get to see this money in my back account within the next months...

My accomplishments here at WA:

59 Posts


Rank 139 (Highest 121)


Work - Work - Work... I'm been feeling a bit distracted lately but I want to make sure that I get to add content to my website and here at WA. Let's see what the busy November/December months bring to my online world!


What are your goals for the upcoming 4 weeks?

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jlclayton1 Premium
My understanding is that many people give up their websites between 4 and 6 months into it. This is such a common time frame that Google has it in it's algorithm to rank sites lower until they see that they're still active after 6 months.

In my case, I did start seeing significantly increased traffic and rankings after 7 months, so I have to believe that''s the case.

You've made wonderful progress so far, and if you stick with it, I think you're going to see great success!

sdawson Premium
Promoting the Black Friday special and writing more review posts
angela59 Premium
you have 2500 followers how did u do that? sounds like just the beginning of a great online biz to me .
VictorF22 Premium
I have tried to build a lot of friendships here at WA :)

ColleenLVSJC Premium
Congrats on 4 months in WA and on all of your accomplishments so far. You've done a lot in 4 months. Seems to me that with the momentum you've created, the best is yet to come!

I am doing some planning, but first I'm rethinking and revising goals before moving forward. :)

Thanks for the post, Victor! Keep up the good work!
VictorF22 Premium
Thanks for the encouragement
elores Premium
Congratulations! Keep on going as long as you can to reach your goal. All the best.
VictorF22 Premium
Thanks for the support!