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Hello my friends,I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm not longer in the Top 200 as you can see and I know that it is because I haven't been that active lately. I'm not saying that I was surprised, this was totally expected and it was just matter of time.I got busy with other things including my website and Instagram. I tried my best to promote during Black Friday and it just didn't work. I'm not giving up but I'm definitely looking at my options to be productive as much as I can.I always
FIRST COMMISSION BABY!!!!!!!! Hello my friends, I just wanted to share this amazing accomplishment after 4 months here at WA. Even though my goal was to make at least $40 a month to recover my investment, I have made $22.50 for the month of November. I know that I'm not even close to my goals but at least this is a baby step in the right direction.I can't wait to see the actual money in my bank account. I couldn't get referrals during the Black Friday week but I'm still trying to spread the wor
Back on July 14, 2018, I decided to give it a try to this opportunity called Wealthy Affiliate. 4 months later I can tell you that it has been a roller coaster because there have been days that I have felt like I'm there going to make it and days that I feel like I'm right there!!!So, you might be wondering... How much have I made? Well, my bank account hasn't received any deposit from online resources but I have made:$26.50 through Site Comments$7.71 Google AdSense$5.73 eBay commissionAgain, I
Happy Veteran's Day to everyone here in the US. Always thankful for those heroes that sacrificed their lives to protect us.Obviously the meaning of this day is to honor US veterans and victims of all wars, and the end of World War I.However, when I see the American flag, it reminds me of my college years when I was on the soccer team and the National Anthem was played before our games. I literally used to get emotional and even tears are visible. I'm not exaggerating - I miss that feeling. And
Let's not be like my little friends on this picture... MAKE SURE YOU LISTEN - WATCH - TALK!!!I just had a presentation on "the power of knowledge" and "how we acquire knowledge" and it went great. I was really happy with the participation of the members of the youth group that I regularly attend every week and how the topic was analyzed and developed. Everyone got involved! It was awesome :)So basically, we can acquire knowledge by reading, listening, and seeing things. HOWEVER, these simple ac
This is a quick post about a question that was asked by my student today: "You never wish us good luck Mr." - we had a quiz today...So I stopped them for a second and I addressed why I always tell them "Do your best!" right before a test..... Well, BECAUSE THAT'S ALL THEY CAN DO... THEIR BEST!The result will reflect their effort, understanding, and knowledge about certain topics.LUCK? Getting a good grade is not about luck, even if it's a multiple-choice-questions exam. There is no way you can
Hello WA friends, I just want to ask a quick question: When was the last time you donated something? Whether it was money, clothes, food, or blood.I think that we always have "1 too many" when it comes to pretty much everything but for whatever reasons we still believe we need one more...Well, I have been trying to get my daughter to "donate" her toys but she was always like "but I play with that daddy". Until today....She told me that she wants to give away some of her toys to those kids that
November 05, 2018
Hello my WA friends, I finally finished my soccer season with both teams and now I feel like I will have hours to invest in my website and here at WA. I used to have REALLY long days - Going from teaching 8:00am to 2:30pm, then coaching my school team 2:45pm-5:00pm and straight to my travel team's practice 5:30pm - 7:30pm. And then home for some lesson planning and grading! Let's not forget my ACTUAL life... Wife and the kids!! For almost 3 months. Tell me about your CRAZY SCHEDULE below!!Today
Hello my WA friends,I just wanted to share a quick post about "Decision vs Condition". Our situation in life is "our condition. In most cases, we don't have control of what was given to us since our first day in this world. You can never blame your condition because nothing will happen if you keep "talking about why you are who you are, why you have with you have, or why you are living the life that you are living".However, "decisions" will get you where you can POSSIBLY be in life. Decisions c
-Who wouldn't love to SLEEP/PARTY one extra hour FOR FREE!!!!??Well, New Yorkers and many others will be sleeping/partying one extra hour tonight.Clocks will go from 1:59am to 1:00am. 😊How will this affect our minds?Well, I personally appreciate this :) I prefer nighttime and now it will be dark by 5:00pm. YAY!At school, my day will feel longer for sure but, what I care the most, in the morning I will feel FRESH because it will be "8:00am" but my mind (for a few days) will think it's 9: