Transferring From GoDaddy to WA

Last Update: March 21, 2018

What a horriable day, have spent every bit of 3 and 1/2 hours trying to transfering a domain to WA, they are so hard to navagate through, Or maybe it is just me, but finaly got it done Thank you WA for making it easy on your end VickiG.

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MozMary Premium Plus
There was no need to transfer it, you just needed to point it to the servers here
HowardJaros Premium
VickiG Premium
Yes I did the reading on hoe to transfer but GoDaddy but when I did it they would tell me I had to do this then send me warning's my account was going to be blocked, then as I tried to transfer they kept sending the code to e-mail I haven't had in 12 years.

I had updated my info many times through the years, but for some reason it never updated the info in the domain manager, which I did not know I had too, thought if you updated the e-mail in the account that would be sufficient, It was just a mess, They knew I didn't have that e-mail because I contacted them before about this.

Oh well guess I just learned something new, and all is well now. VickiG