Celebration time- 2 Year Anniversary

Last Update: June 14, 2020

Hi WA Rock Stars!!!

I am so thrilled to be writing this celebration blog this morning to share some of my journey with you all.

June 14Th 2018

The day started out and my friend Linda rang me and asked to check out this business opportunity for her online. I went researching GAZ for Linda and very quickly came to the conclusion this was NOT a good investment of Linda's money or time. This company wanted her to load 10k and she could begin to make loads of money- YEAH Right!!!!!

What a load of rubbish - The company was a sub affiliate of the larger company trying to take peoples money. WARNING BELLS!!!!!

While I was researching I came across a review of this place called Wealthy Affiliate and read the post written by Kevin. It felt honest, real and worthy of a little look so I decided to join for free.

I told my friend, Linda what I had done and her interest was piqued as well.

When I signed up here, I had a good look around. I pushed all the buttons, went to live chat and watched the interactions of other members, I read some blog posts and then checked out the training.

3 Hours later

I knew this platform had something real to offer people and I paid $19 and became a premium member. Wow!!! Unreal!!! I knew nothing of the online marketing world, very little about website building apart from a very short build with Wix many years before, realizing once my website was built it was floating out there in cyber space not being seen by anyone. Oh ME!!!! waste of time and money.

Goals and a Plan

I set my Goals and made a plan that no matter what I would work every day learning and building a great future for myself.

I am 62 in September and 2 years ago I set myself a 5-year plan and have continued to work this plan with a few adjustments to enhance my growth online and guess what?

It works!!! Everything in WA is done for a reason and I followed the training step by step and completed all the tasks and watched my future growing before my eyes!!!


I have 2 sites. 1 in the MMO niche and it is going well - I have 3 premium referrals and loads of starter referrals and I have a lot of good information to help people on this site and continue to add 1 post per week to this site now but in the early days, I added 1 per day.

My 2nd site is relatively new however this site is who I am. I am a Personal development Coach and have worked offline for years and taking my business to the world is such a wonderful feeling and my passion grows daily as I see the results from my work.

I have written an e book for this business and will be writing more to offer my readers as I move forward.

I now do YouTube videos without laughing at myself

I have a public group on Facebook and a private group where I hold group challenges which is so much fun and really helps grow my business, plus I enjoy connecting with people live on zoom.

I am an Ambassador here in Wealthy Affiliate which to me means I have been helpful and supportive on my journey which makes me smile.

Wealthy Affiliate

has changed my life. I am no longer stuck wondering what to do and my passion has grown and I feel as happy now if not happier than when I was entertaining people as a Singer and I never thought those feelings would have happened but they have and I am so grateful to all the people who support me, encourage me and those who I have become friends with. You are amazing human beings and I am grateful and feel blessed to know you.

Thank you, Carson and Kyle and the team behind the scenes for making this platform amazing.

I know you work tirelessly updating, keeping things running smoothly and you are there when we need you so thank you.

A big shout out to Site Support- You are amazing and so quick to fins solutions for any issues.

Moving forward

plan to take my Coaching business to the next level and also write a book which I hope to publish when its complete.

I am about to publish my 2nd children s book and I am really excited about that as I know children of all ages will benefit from it.

I have 3 more years to go to complete my goals and I will be in the retirement age here in New Zealand so hope to have an income well above what my pension looks like.

Yes, it takes discipline, learning and consistent effort but for those of you who really want to achieve success online, there really are no short cuts.

Any great business is built from a solid foundation- The OEC and Bootcamp and with these 2 programs completed and consistent effort you will know success online and I wish all of you who want this for yourselves, the very best on your journey.

And remember

It is such a pleasure to write this post this morning and I hope all of you have a brilliant week ahead.

Are you loving your journey?

Do you work consistently?

Are you making excuses for not moving forward? Believe in you and get moving :)

Please like and share your thoughts.


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RuthlynB Premium
Congratulations Vicki, you stayed the course, and you have achieved so much I am happy for you, like you, I am glad to be at WA. I am not making a lot of money, but I tell my kids WA has kept me from wondering what to do with myself with me being retired. All the best Vickie.
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Ruthlyn
Good to see you my friend and I hope all is well with you and your family
Yes, I have worked consistently for the past 2 years and the results are really starting to show now and I am so happy I joined WA
Onwards we go and all the best to you along the way my friend
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Vicki,

First of all, huge congratulations on all your achievements and successes, I know you have been working hard. I'm amazed that you have only been here two years, it seems that you've been here much longer! I guess this is because you are very active in the community.

I am working consistently, although due to the success of my off-line business, sometimes this holds me back on the online business! If that makes sense.

My off-line business is slightly seasonal so I will soon be back on track with the online business as the work will peak soon.

I love the power of the Internet and the ability to work from home and to reach endless potential clients.

Wishing you even more success in the coming months and years.

Vickic3 Premium
Hi Roy
Good to see you as always my friend and thank you for celebrating this milestone with me.
I'm glad your offline business is still going well due to the world changes and Yes, having an online business sure does feel like the way to go for our futures
Enjoy your new week and thank you for always supporting my journey, Roy
You are a great person :)
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Vicki,

It's a great pleasure to celebrate this milestone with you, it's good to see people growing their business moving forward.

One of the biggest reasons my off-line business successful is due to the power of the Internet, which is great! Long term though, I want to increase the earnings from my online business to give me more freedom to work anywhere.

My wife is from Greece, so I would love to be able to spend more time in this beautiful country, however, I also love the English countryside!

Thank you for your kind words, Vicki, it's great to connect with you.

Have a great day.

CordeliaN Premium
Vicki that was great, a really good motivational post, I loved how you have “real” goals, of which I have no doubt you will achieve.

Like you I am 62 and looking to supplement a rubbish (I mean really rubbish) pension by the time I reach 66 (that’s when we retire in the UK.

Somehow reading your post makes mine seem more believable.

Thank you Vicky, happy anniversary and have a great week. 👍
Vickic3 Premium
Hello Cordelia and good to see you again.
Thank you so much for your kind comment and support.
Hey, 62 is where it's at my friend so let's do this and make retirement a blast :)

Enjoy your new week as well my friend
CordeliaN Premium
Ahh what a lovely reply 🙏❤️
JKulk1 Premium
I'm do proud if you Vicki. I've always known you to be a wonderful, caring person. You are doing well and staying on track. I think I'll change my plan to a five year one instead of three, it makes a lot of sense to give yourself enough time in this business.
There's no doubt in my mind that people can be successful at WA. I don't know of any other business where you're investment in money terms is so minimal and yet you can earn huge returns if you apply the fantastic , ongoing training that is available.
How's your singing voice? I wish all members here could have the opportunity to hear you sing. I did some time ago and must go back and have another listen. All the best. Jim
PS. Am having issues getting into my messages on my mobile.
Vickic3 Premium
Good morning my friend, Jim and I hope you are feeling better :)
Sending you lots of healing love :) You are a gentleman and always bring kindness to the table here in WA.
5 years I feel is better than 3 becasue for the 1st wee while, it's all about learning and fixing things up as we learn more and after the 2-year mark hopefully all the hard work starts to pay more and more and by 5 years, my goal is to be earning at least $10k per month so I will keep building and hopefully the fruit will ripen.
This is what I wish for you and all the other members who put in the effort.
Be well my friend and I wish you a good week ahead